Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 35 Nov23057 Built on the foundations of ‘innovating medical devices for today, tomorrow, and what’s needed next’, InCurA is a medical device manufacturer that is two steps ahead of the game. It strives to democratise access to high quality medical devices, while simultaneously filling the market’s most notable gaps. InCurA knows that it can make this change occur, and has committed itself to continuous growth in order to see this goal realised. Join us as we delve into the brilliance of InCurA’s CEO, Wesam Sarhan - a woman whose ambition knows no bounds. Co-Founder and CEO of InCurA, Wesam Sarhan, has spent the majority of her life dedicated to the art of translating innovative ideas into tangible products with the potential to shape the Middle East’s future. Equipped with over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship within the healthcare field, multiple competition awards, and the funds to make a start on realising her dream, Wesam took all that she had learned – and earned – to fashion the new age of medical devices. By leveraging her PhD in nanotechnology, her master’s in microbiology, and her bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, she has managed to cause quite the stir within the community, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Truly, Wesam is a genius with the ability to adapt thoughts into reality. Not only has she co-authored multiple papers and four international patents, but she has also played a part in the creation of an international book – one surrounding the concept of commercialising Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturing CEO 2023: Wesam Sarhan nanotechnology and facilitating its assimilation into varying industrial sectors. Additionally, her experience in cofounding two separate startups – namely NanoEbers and NCTech – placed her in the perfect position to develop a company of her own. Wesam’s experience is second to none, and, thanks to her prowess, Egypt was able to see the construction of its first local lab scale electrospinner via her work with NanoEbers. Wesam has an impressive track record of heralding success, which paints an incredibly clear picture of the sort of woman she is when it comes to the medical world. She holds an immense passion for bringing in new, neverbefore-seen technologies, all in the hopes that the medical device industry will exponentially grow as a result. There is so much potential just waiting to be explored, and no mind is more attuned to this fact that Wesam’s. She has a vision that she fully intends to bring to life, and InCurA is already acting as the conduit for this venture. As the outcry for technologically advanced medical devices grows with each passing day, it’s becoming increasingly evident that someone must step up to answer the call. It so happens that Wesam Sarhan is the one who took the initiative for the benefit of patients and health workers everywhere. With her immense levels of ingenuity, her innovative ideas find themselves coming to life time and time again, ultimately allowing the industry to take a bigger step forward than it ever has before. Wesam is a shining example of someone who has expertly channelled their vision into something that’s going to make a true difference, and InCurA is definitive proof of this very notion. Guided by Wesam’s gentle hand, InCurA is in full pursuit of innovating advanced medical devices in the hopes of completely reforming patient care and progressive treatments throughout the Middle East. At its heart, it seeks to save lives, and its brilliant CEO is at the centre of it all - using her expertise to lead the company into a new era of prosperity. Wesam Sarhan has long since earned herself a place among the industry’s greats, and we can’t wait to see how this award empowers her to go even further than she already has for the sake of others. There’s no doubt in our minds that 2024 is going to be a superb year for InCurA, its team, and its award-winning CEO alike. Contact Details Contact: Wesam Sarhan Company: InCurA Web Address: https://incura-med.com/