Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 37 Mehdi El Amine Fichtali is the founder and CEO of FinaMaze, a company of expert asset managers who utilise the power of AI solutions to expertly build, balance, and oversee the investment portfolios of clients around the world. Built on an approach that is equal parts simple and effective, these proven methods work by providing clients with “Smartfolios”, bespoke portfolios that can be invested in simply and reflect their own unique investment strategies in order to maximise success. With a firm footing in Abu Dhabi’s global market, this fully licensed and regulated business works with AI that uses Nobel Prize-winning financial models, all guided by humans to keep things safe, secure, and identifiable at all times. olstered by expertise stemming from a host of experience working in London, Paris, and Dubai, with global industry giants such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, and Credit Agricole Calyon (CACIB), FinaMaze CEO Mehdi Fichtali has amassed the perfect résumé since commencing his career journey more than 20 years ago back in 2001. Combining this experience with academic prowess, such as a Grande Ecole Master’s finance degree from HEC Paris and international relations from Sciences Po IEP Paris, Mehdi also has experience teaching about the private sector in the Middle East in Washington, underpinning his expertise in this area of industry. It was the blending of this experience with an array of academic research that resulted in FinaMaze being established more than 5 years ago in 2018, where Mehdi served to assemble a stellar team comprising of data scientists, software and design engineers, and finance experts who worked together to craft a powerful AI model that services investors with unrivalled mastery. As Mehdi explains, his duties as CEO involve leading this highly experienced team of individuals, who have decades of success between them and have established a fantastic track record navigating both the capital markets and asset management industry. Mehdi has made it his personal mission to democratise access to high-quality investment solutions, thus empowering investors with the personalised, transparent, cost-effective portfolios necessary to promote their thriving in the landscape. Further adding to this is the offering of a smooth, streamlined online onboarding process that is complete with a pleasing, easyto-use interface and dashboard. Through its efforts, the firm is proud to today manage more than 100 portfolios, with its human/machine hybrid spanning a multitude of classes, regions, sectors, and strategies, including crypto and private equity. The priority for FinaMaze is the targeting of safe, controlled returns, even in times of tumultuous marketing conditions. Leveraging the power of AI across its systems, a series of automated risk controls are implemented swiftly in response to market trends and shifts, with the funds of investors quickly being rebalanced and diversified in order to counteract rapid downturns or crises. Clients can remain rest-assured however, as the company does more than just rely on artificial intelligence, with all portfolios being regulated and managed by professional asset managers, carried out under the close supervision of the firm’s board of directors, all of whom are prominent, established, and successful investment professionals. Through FinaMaze’s uniquely tailored Smartfolios, prime and elite investors alike are afforded the opportunity to choose from an extensive range of currency, commodity, and sectors from which to partake, while keeping minimal transaction fees and a low overall portfolio management cost. All investors are then provided with more detailed information regarding their Smartfolios as the process begins, as well as being greeted with the promise of optimal diversification, which comes as standard. Smartfolios can take the form of single stocks, futures, or ETFs, with the firm selecting the most beneficial securities for each of these options. Retaining independence has also been key throughout FinaMaze’s journey, and this means that Mehdi and the team are able to align the interests of the company entirely with those of its investors, and the firm does not receive any commission nor benefits from brokers and ETF providers. Pricing is done in a competitive and transparent manner in the form of an up-front yearly fee, and with low structural costs and a straightforward pricing model to boot, the savings made on commission contribute only towards customer’s investors, for the purposes of optimising returns. It is clear to see that, under Mehdi El Amine Fichtali’s direction in his role as CEO, FinaMaze has established itself as a frontrunner in the Middle Eastern asset management landscape, impactfully leveraging the power of AI and future technologies to offer investors an expert, all-in-one solution and a truly personalised experience. Contact: Mehdi El Amine Fichtali Company: FinaMaze Web Address: https://www.finamaze.com/ B Asset Management Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Mehdi Fichtali