Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023

MEA | Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023 24 PV Systems Cleaning & Inspection CEO of the Year 2023 (Cyprus): Michalis Papageorgiou At its core, WORKBEE Operations Ltd (WORKBEE) in Cyprus specializes in providing highly tailored operation and maintenance (O&M) inspection services. The company directs its focus towards stakeholders in the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors who possess a comprehensive understanding of the significant impact that each gained or lost kilowatt per hour can have on financial objectives. Internally, there is a distinct emphasis on employing stateof-the-art technology and tools. This emphasis serves to demonstrate to clients the inherent connection between the costs associated with cleaning and implementation services, the resultant enhancement in energy generation, and consequently, the imperative need for consistently maintaining renewable energy assets. In our conversation with CEO and award recipient Michalis Papageorgiou, we delve into his journey and achievements in steering WORKBEE towards success. Offering an array of services that encompass solar panel cleaning, dronebased inspections for solar and wind energy assets, scanning and mapping for large PV plants, as well as independent energy and consultancy services catering to designers, owners, developers, investors, and financiers, WORKBEE Operations Ltd is positioning itself as the leading PV cleaning and inspection company in Cyprus. The company aspires to gain international recognition and establish itself as a trusted voice in the industry. This vision is underpinned by a commitment to develop an innovative, reliable, and quality business, with a focus on agility and profitability. At the helm of this endeavour in a largely untapped market is CEO and award recipient Michalis Papageorgiou, whose extensive industry experience, gained through various roles, has significantly contributed to the establishment and success of WORKBEE. Michalis brings hands-on expertise in engineeringprocurement-construction (EPC) of PV assets, product development, and technology transfer, forming the foundation for WORKBEE’s specialization in PV systems. With a career spanning across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Michalis has developed a global perspective on industry dynamics, honing business development skills and technical acumen crucial for thriving in the renewable energy sector. His customer-centric approach, cultivated through essential client interactions, enables him to adeptly foster and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues alike. As Michalis progressed in his career, he took on roles involving management, mentoring, and team building, showcasing his ability to lead diverse teams effectively. Steeped in the solar PV industry since 2006, Michalis remains abreast of significant developments, allowing him to make informed strategic decisions and navigate the dynamic challenges of the solar industry. Leadership, deeply ingrained in Michalis from childhood experiences and his tenure in the Special Forces, is defined by a directing style emphasizing clear orders and execution for team safety. According to Michalis, leadership transcends titles and is defined by individual actions, adapting roles based on the team’s needs. The future trajectory of WORKBEE anticipates substantial success, envisioning significant growth in the global solar operation and maintenance market, projected to reach €4 billion by 2026. While initially focusing on Cyprus, strategic expansion plans include countries around the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East. Michalis aims to invest persistently in enhancing WORKBEE’s core competencies, positioning the company strategically to outshine competitors while staying true to fundamental values. In the ever-evolving field of PV cleaning and inspection, Michalis Papageorgiou and WORKBEE Operations Ltd stand as a beacon of excellence, navigating niche industry areas with the latest technologies to ensure client satisfaction across the board. Contact: Michalis Papageorgiou Company: WORKBEE Operations Ltd Web Address: www.workbeeops.com