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News For much of its history, the UAE was almost completely dependent on its rich Oil and Gas sector, but over the course of the past few years the country has experienced an unprecedented period of growth. The UAE now has the fourth largest GDP across the MENA region and is consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This rapid expansion is thanks to a successful diversification strategy and the government’s ongoing major investments into various industries. The United Arab Emirates also benefits from its advanced infrastructure, pro-business policies, and free trade zones, which are essential factors attracting businesses and entrepreneurs to the region. Under the visionary leadership of the Emirati government, the UAE has managed to successfully diversify its economy and is now home to multiple booming industries. From Tourism, Retail, to Construction, Real Estate, and Healthcare – the UAE is quickly emerging as one of the world’s top business destinations. It is expected that the UAE’s economy will continue to expand into 2024, with rising numbers of tourists, ambitious development projects, and access to advanced technology driving this market growth. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor MEA Markets is excited to announce that we are set to host the UAE Business Awards for an eighth consecutive year! The 2024 programme will look to recognise the top performing companies across the various key sectors that make up the UAE’s diverse and evolving industry market. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

News Contents 4. NorAlign Specialist Medical Center: Best Specialist Medical Rehabilitation Centre 2024 & MEA Healthcare Excellence Award 2024 6. Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC: Best Marine Fuel & Lubricants Supplier 2024 - Middle East 8. Topland: Best Accessibility Products & Services Company 2024 - Dubai 10. Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC: Best Diamond Cut & Polish Factory 2024 12. Dogwalk Pets Nursery: Best Premium Pet Care Provider 2024 13. RightsHero: Best Anti-Piracy & Cybersecurity Platform 2024 & MEA Technology Innovation Award 2024 14. Fidelity Fitness Club: Luxury Fitness Centre of the Year 2024 15. Heritage Brass: Best Brass Switches & Door Hardware Supplier 2024 - GCC 16. Repair Pro Technical Services: Best Facility Management Company 2024 - Dubai 17. Black Coral Consulting: Luxury Hotel Consultancy of the Year 2024 & MEA Client Service Excellence Award 2024 18. Design Confidence Consultancy: Most Comprehensive Building Regulatory & Engineering Company 2024 19. Pic Consulting: Best International Tax Specialist 2024 – Middle East 20. Warrior Group: Best Adventure Destination Company 2024 & MEA Hospitality Excellence Award 2024 21. AEON Clinic: Best Wellness Clinic 2024 - Dubai & MEA Innovation Award for Stem Cell Treatments 2024 22. EduTech Global: Best EdTech Enterprise 2024 MENA & MEA Client Service Innovation Award 2024 23. Strengths Space: Strengths Based Performance Coaching Enterprise of the Year 2024 24. Royal Migration Solutions: Immigration Consultancy of the Year 2024 - Dubai 25. Maverick Business Academy London: Best Transnational Higher Education Institution 2024 &MEA Excellence Award for Corporate Training Courses 2024 26. EZONE Business Setup: Best Business Set-Up / Corporate Service Provider 2024 27. INTADR DMCC: ADR Practitioner of the Year 2024: Leonora Riesenburg C.Arb FCIArb CArb.FAIADR CMed.FAIADR 28. Offbroadway Entertainment: Best Family-Run Entertainment Production Company 2024 29. Modern Freight Company LLC: Customs Clearance Experts of the Year 2024 30. Pawsome Pets LLC: Best Pet Relocation Company 2024 31. Peace of Cake: Best High-End Bakery 2024 32. Masterminds Education: Best Early Years Education Centre 2024 33. Drypskin Poly Clinic LLC: Most Dedicated Aesthetic & Wellbeing Clinic 2024 - Dubai 34. Little Diamond Nursery: British Nursery of the Year 2024 - Dubai & MEA Education Excellence Award 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 Based in Dubai, NorAlign Specialist Medical Center is a physical therapy clinic specialising in bespoke rehabilitation treatments. The NorAlign team understands that every individual and every body is different and customises treatments to patient’s unique requirements. With its suite of high-quality healthcare services, the clinic examines every case from a holistic perspective. NorAlign Specialist Medical Center is a dual winner at this year’s UAE Business Awards for its commitment to helping patients lead a happy, healthy, and pain free life. Whether working with a child, adult, professional athlete, or senior, NorAlign provides individuals with tailored rehabilitation treatments to support their healthcare needs. Its extensive range of services include Functional Rehabilitation, Manual Therapies, Postural Alignment, Spinal Therapy, Gut Biome Analysis, and Micronutrition consultation. This all-encompassing approach ensures the centre delivers high-quality care that not only treats the symptoms but also finds the root cause of the complaint. Nora Sträter, Founder of NorAlign, sadly passed in June 2022 but Warren Vincent, her husband, is passionate about continuing the legacy she built throughout their 15 years together. Warren Vincent says, “The principles laid down by Nora Sträter were the product of her own experiences from a formative age, up to and including her journey as a clinician. Nora’s education inspired her interest and passion in movement and the many ways in which the body functions. “NorAlign is focused on informing patients about the root of their medical circumstances and how they can take better control of their lives. Treating the cause and not just the symptoms typically leads to better patient understanding, a stronger commitment to treatment prescription, faster and often permanent improvements, and a pain free life.” Throughout her career, Nora amassed a strong following in spine therapy. Orthopaedic spine therapy is a physical therapy treatment for patients with spine-related conditions such as scoliosis, kyphosis, herniated discs, sciatica, and other conditions relating to structural change to the spine, disc, or tissue. Although symptoms vary from case to case, back or neck pain is a common result of these disorders. NorAlign has developed a non-surgical treatment that combines spinal/pelvic movements and breathing techniques to improve patients’ muscular alignment, balance, flexibility, strength, and postural aesthetics. The expert team incorporates several effective methods such as the ‘Schroth Method’ and the Best Specialist Medical Rehabilitation Centre 2024 & MEA Healthcare Excellence Award 2024

5 ‘Rigo Concept’. NorAlign also utilises Pilates in its clinical form, which differs from the modern definition of gym Pilates. If patients are in pain, the team will address this symptom first with physiotherapy techniques such as manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, mobilisations, hooking, and taping. Once the pain has been reduced, the team can begin focusing on stimulating the muscles, joints, and spine. Working in partnership with Intus Bioscience, a revolutionary microbiome research, discovery, and testing company, NorAlign provides patients with an accurate and thorough picture of their unique gut microbiome. Intus’s longread sequencing technology, GutID, can identify even the most obscure bacterial strains, providing patients with a holistic understanding of their gut health. When working with a new client, the team begins by gaining a thorough understanding of a clients’ objectives, needs, and desired outcomes. NorAlign explains the expectations and success criteria to the client to ensure that everyone is on the same page. The NorAlign team creates a detailed project plan which outlines the milestones, timelines, and responsibilities. Each plan is broken down into manageable tasks to help patients focus on their specific goals. NorAlign is committed to quality assurance and has implemented processes to ensure it consistently achieves high standards throughout a project’s lifecycle. This involves conducting regular reviews, testing, and quality checks to ensure its services meet clients’ requirements and industry and regulatory standards. The clinic is also dedicated to continuous improvement and has fostered a culture of learning by reflecting on past projects and integrating best practices into its operations. NorAlign incorporates feedback from clients and team members in order to continue optimising its quality services. Warren Vincent shares, “When we need to hire, we ensure that the hiring process attracts candidates who not only possess the required experience but also demonstrate ambition, drive, and alignment with the company’s values and long-term vision. NorAlign offers continuous training and development programs to enhance employees’ skills, expand their knowledge base, and prepare them for future leadership roles within the organisation. There is also an industry regulatory requirement, where registered clinicians must achieve certain continuing education points to retain their personal medical licensing.” NorAlign has fostered a supportive culture that emphasises collaboration, inclusivity, and diversity. Employees feel empowered to share their ideas and perspectives in order to create positive change within the business. Management encourages open communication and collective decision making to create an environment where employees can grow and realise their full potential. In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, NorAlign has encountered challenges such as the UAE’s complex regulatory environment, competition, talent acquisition, and rapid technological changes. Despite the challenge of the UAE’s stringent regulations, the region is fast becoming a hub for medical tourism and attracting international patients seeking exceptional healthcare services. The UAE population is continuing to grow, which provides healthcare businesses with access to a diverse and expanding market. By collaborating with local and international healthcare providers, technology companies, and research institutions, NorAlign has turned the challenge of competition into an opportunity to expand its network, reach new markets, and inspire transformation within the industry. Over the coming year, NorAlign aims to increase awareness of the treatments available for Best Specialist Medical Rehabilitation Centre 2024 & MEA Healthcare Excellence Award 2024 scoliosis. To achieve this objective, the centre has collaborated with the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) as its exclusive treatment and education partner in the Middle East and South Africa. The NorAlign team will also be running education training courses and have created a dedicated comic book to explain the misconceptions and treatment options available through the eyes of a young patient named Nora. Lastly, the clinic will also move beyond last year’s pilot study and begin to rollout Intus’s GutID biome testing technology. The innovative technology will help doctors provide patients with highly personalised tests, reports, and suggested nutritional and lifestyle prescriptions. The NorAlign team have adopted a holistic approach to supply patients with a thorough understanding of their condition. By combining several innovative therapies, the clinic can tailor its services to meet patients’ objectives, needs, and desired outcomes. NorAlign’s acquired knowledge and expertise enables its team to support and manage clients’ conditions with the right action plan for them. Thanks to the passionate work of Nora Sträter, Warren Vincent, and the team, NorAlign has become an acclaimed business within its industry and received two awards in this year’s illustrious UAE Business Awards. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for NorAlign Specialist Medical Center as the clinic continues to strive for excellence, transforming healthcare for years to come. Company: NorAlign Specialist Medical Center Web Address:

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 Since business commenced back in 2019, Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC has steadily grown to be one of the most respected, in-demand suppliers of marine fuels and lubricants across the Middle Eastern markets, the Indian subcontinent, and Singapore. Specialising particularly in bunkering services (the process of supplying the fuel that is used by ships) for cargo-carrying vessels, this multifaceted business effortlessly helps the industry to manage risk and ensures consistency and effectiveness across the board. Thus, from its UAE headquarters, Axiom has carved out a reputation for itself as a consistent, trustworthy supplier and an allround shipping logistics master. or several years now, Axiom Global’s exemplary marine division has proven to be instrumental in the success of oil and gas trading, with this team managing energy transportation for vessels on a global scale. With such a diverse client portfolio, a number of fuels are on offer that exceed the demands of an array of vessels in the field, and whether it be low-sulphur marine fuels or highquality bunker fuels, Axiom’s reliable solutions are the right choice for every journey. This simply scratches the surface of its offerings, as the company also possesses expertise in chartering, efficient route planning, and safety measures, making it the one-stop-shop solution for a secure and seamless maritime transportation experience. Operating across Singapore, as well as in two of the principal markets in this space, namely the Indian subcontinent and the Middle Eastern region, Axiom Global has a corner on the sector that has allowed it to expand a great deal in a relatively short amount of time. Regarding the Indian subcontinent specifically, the business is today an undisputed market leader in the territory, possessing a strong presence across all of the country’s ports, big and small. In a similar vein, Axiom Global is becoming an increasingly prominent force in the Middle East, working out of the likes of Khor Fakkan and many of Dubai’s other leading ports, and in the process, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner and a worthy recipient of this award. When it comes to defining exactly what it is that Axiom Global stands for, its primary aim is quite simply to fuel the shipping industry, in every Best Marine Fuel & Lubricants Supplier 2024 - Middle East F sense of the word. It achieves this by managing the ever-expanding demand for energy across the multitude of markets that make up this interconnected sector. To help it in achieving this overarching aim, the company has at its disposal a dedicated team of expert professionals who have been serving the oil and gas industry for decades between them, with these on-shore and off-shore specialists dedicated to getting stuck in, fortifying the business’ presence in existing markets while conquering new ones, and finally, affording all an equal and uniform standard of quality. This pledge is also present in both the company’s vision, “to lead the race for better global bunker operations and meet the growing demand for energy across key markets in the Indian Subcontinent, Gulf, Middle East, and West of Suez”, and its mission, which is, “to fuel the global shipping industry and build strong relationships through honesty, trust, and respect.” To this end, Axiom Global lives by the meticulously selected motto, “our word is our bond”, and it is this more than anything else that has helped the business to anchor itself at the very top of its industry, and in the process, establish itself as a reliable bunker expert whose increasing impact is felt in territories around the world. It is refreshing to see a company motto adhered to as rigorously and in as unwavering a manner as Axiom Global’s is, with it transcending mere slogan status and instead standing as the guiding light that is present across every aspect of this multi-talented organisation. As further proof

7 of this, the definition of the word “axiom” is a principle that is widely accepted to be true, and by adopting this, in the very title of the business no less, one can clearly see that the team of professionals behind this venture take the strength and quality of their word incredibly seriously. It is this which ultimately unites them under one common goal, to offer customers a tremendous service that will keep their operation afloat. CEO and Managing Director Praveen Jaiswal tells us, “In the bunkering business, products and services are entirely based on customer specifications, and with the combined knowledge of the team, Axiom Global is able to provide best-in-class services where trading is based on commitments.” Serving as much more than just an empty promise, this striving to go above and beyond at every turn can be witnessed in the company having constantly streamlined its processes since embarking on its maiden voyage five years ago. For these tireless and ongoing efforts, the business has been awarded the coveted ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems standard for its marine fuel trading and other related services. As both Axiom Global’s CEO and Managing Director, Praveen’s impact on the business cannot be overstated. It is his belief that integrity and operating transparently are the backbone of any business that has led to Axiom Global drawing in and retaining the wealth of satisfied customers that it has, many of whom are leading figures in this sector and know exactly what it is that they require from a supply firm. Thus, in a sector where customer confidence is paramount in forging a successful business empire, Praveen strikes the balance between managing stakeholders, recognising his fellow colleagues as the most valuable asset that the business has, and ensuring that the company’s vision in woven into the very fabric of its being. Beyond this, the business has willingly embraced the necessary corporate social responsibility that comes hand in hand with working with fuel, particularly in this time of crisis where there is a worldwide appeal to curb the impacts of climate change. This had led to somewhat of a role redefine for the company, which has recently begun to implement biofuels and alternative energy sources across its services to yield a better outcome for future generations. Luckily, turning challenges into opportunities for prosperity is one of the company’s most notable strengths, and it remains determined to manoeuvre the industry towards a future defined by safer methods, steady supply, and the mitigation of risk. Another challenge that Axiom Global is seeking to transform into a growth opportunity has seen it take to the skies, as through the lens of Axiom Aviation, a division of Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC, the business is venturing into the similar and yet totally different world of aviation services. Again, it is seeking to redefine excellence by bringing its signature touches to airborne operations around the world. Much like with its marine operation discussed above, there will be a pronounced effort relating to sustainability and meeting the evolving needs of those operating in one of the busiest industries on the planet, combining a visionary approach with a track record of dependability in order to deliver on greatness. All of the above can ultimately be traced back to the company seeking to give back to a society that has afforded it so much success. In many ways, this UAE Business Award is a testament to the remarkable leading figure that is Praveen Jaiswal, without whom, the business’ famed holistic approach and impactful business management strategies would not exist. Had Praveen not been at the helm, it is difficult to imagine that Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC could have garnered all of the accolades and acclaim it has over the past several years. Best of all, there are no signs of slowing down in the future, with Axiom Global continuing to fuel global trade, unlock niche markets, and steer the ship towards great things. Contact Details Contact: Praveen Jaiswal Company: Axiom Global Oil and Gas Trading DMCC Web Address:

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 Best Accessibility Products & Services Company 2024 - Dubai Topland is a leading supplier that specialises in providing assistive products and services for people of determination (those living with both visible and hidden disabilities). Driven by the overarching aim of helping businesses and the wider community become accessible for all, Topland strives to create environments that are inclusive and welcoming. From cuttingedge visual and hearing assistance through to mobility aids and Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyards, this team thinks about the needs of everyone to celebrate our differences. Sales and Marketing Director Tanya Faulkner shares more. Ever since it was established back in 2012, Topland has delivered creative, pioneering solutions that support its overall goal of furthering accessibility for those living in Dubai and across the wider United Arab Emirates. By significantly improving the quality of life for people of determination, staff here are setting a new gold standard for accessibility and support, a testament to their unrelenting dedication to the cause. Collaborating with both the government and those in the private sector, Topland’s client portfolio is as diverse as the people it serves, and inclusive of everything from airports to fashion brands and even banks. Leveraging a commitment to using only state-of-the-art products of the highest quality, any project that Topland takes on usually begins with a series of detailed discussions with a customer that allows this team to fully comprehend their needs and provide the equipment and service that is best for them. Following on from this, a tailored proposal is made that encompasses all of these elements and aligns with any objectives and timelines set by the organisation. In essence, Topland can be described as the one-stop-shop solution for any and all accessibility needs in this region. As Tanya herself explains it, “We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes product and accessibility consultations, site assessments, design, training, supply of high-quality products, installation and maintenance, assistive equipment rentals and full-service rentals.” A comprehensive suite of solutions such as this has proven incredibly useful in an assistive technology market that Tanya tells us is estimated to be worth more than $2.2 billion in the MEA region alone. After all, countless businesses and venues across this space need such technology to bring them into the modern day and ensure they do not get left behind. There are a number of factors contributing to the increased demand for accessible products and services, but first and foremost is an aging population. With people around the world living longer and better due to the significant medical advancements that have been made over the past several decades, there has been a spike in demand for devices that can enhance mobility and aid in the day-to-day activities of seniors and other people living with physical conditions. Then of course, there has been an influx of government policies and initiatives introduced backing this, and this is particularly true of the UAE. Tanya tells us, “In April 2017, the UAE ramped up its mission to become an inclusive, barrier-free society through a number of initiatives such as the ‘My Community …A City for Everyone ’ programme, , the inauguration of the term ‘People of Determination’, and a 5 year Abu Dhabi Strategy for People of Determination . Through these initiatives, the government is seeking to ensure that people of determination feel welcome and integrated into society, through means as simple yet important as ensuring that all new buildings are accessible or retrofitting existing buildings for the same purpose. Despite such leaps forward, the market is still facing a number of challenges. Whilst there may have been a wealth of significant technological advancements in the field that can change lives (Tanya mentions Contacta hearing assistive technology, NaviLens codes, Immersive Reality spaces and the SEATRAC Mover by name), the primary challenge is a general lack of awareness from people about such products. To remedy this, Tanya explains, “We are doing a lot of groundwork in raising awareness about new assistive technologies emerging

9 in the global market.” This includes engaging with customers online and offering free trial installations. Another issue is the cost of such devices. Since many of them are only at the beginning of their lifecycles, the technology is still very expensive, and it may be a considerable amount of time before cost comes down as some of the initial kinks are straightened out. The cost factor of such technology can be incredibly limiting for those in need of these solutions. Determined not to let this stop them, Tanya tells us, “we have partnered with Zayed Higher Organisation in Abu Dhabi to manufacturer some of the advanced assistive products locally in the UAE, produced by people of determination and made affordable for the wider population.” Starting or growing a business in the UAE the way that Topland has done over the last decade and counting comes with a number of advantages. Tanya comments further on this strategic location, citing economic stability, steady growth, strong geography, access to a number of neighbouring markets, and the aforementioned government initiatives as all having positively impacted Topland’s success. The UAE is also doubling down at present on accessible tourism to further revenue, and Topland intends to capitalise on the more than $200 billion total that is expected to be brought in as a result. By focusing on both visible and hidden disabilities, Topland is not only distinguished from its competitors in the market, but it also stands out in an employability sense. This undercurrent of accessibility that runs throughout its products is also present across its internal structure, which prioritises diversity and inclusion. More than 100 nationalities currently call the UAE home, and this team is comprised of many of them, all with different abilities and backgrounds. For Topland, it matters not where a person comes or their cultural values, so long as they possess a positive attitude and are a team player, responsible, and respectful. With the strengths of this team in tow, Tanya tells us that Topland expects to finish 2024 on the same high which it started, as a significant increase in demand has already been experienced across its products in Q1 of this year compared to Q1 of 2023. There are a number of projects currently in the pipeline for this team, many of which align perfectly with the government’s strategic plans. Beyond this, Tanya states, “We are also working on starting manufacturing hearing assistive products in the UAE within 2024 to reduce the gap between supply and demand and to release innovative, affordable assistive products to the market.” This is far from the first time that Topland’s unrivalled efforts in this space have been recognised, and it is particularly proud to have received the Ma’an Certificate of Social Enterprises, which is the UAE’s first recognition scheme for organisations whose mission is to address social challenges. Then there are the numerous awards that Topland has won, these being primarily for customer happiness, and the region-specific projects it has proudly undertaken at the likes of EXPO 2020 Dubai, COP 28 UAE, and at the King Khalid International Airport Saudi Arabia. To summarise, Topland is determined to be the creative mind that leaves a smile on the faces of its customers, building lasting and meaningful relationships with those that it assists. With its peerless knowledge, relentless client focus, and commitment to innovation close at hand, the business’ unfaltering passion for accessibility, inclusion, and equality make it a beacon of excellence. On the back of this sustained success, we are privileged to name Topland as the Best Accessibility Products & Services Company 2024 – Dubai. Contact: Tanya Faulkner Company: Topland Web Address:

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC is a rapidly expanding company on the cusp of making waves in the global jewellery industry. Established in the UAE back in 2006, the 18 years since have seen this business fortify its presence in the areas of sales, purchasing, and marketing, all while developing a deeper understanding of the local and global market. A particular highlight came in 2010, when the visionaries behind this enterprise noticed a gap in the market for polished diamonds, so opened a diamond cut and polish factory in the heart of Dubai to remedy this. 14 years later, we celebrate the ongoing triumphs of the factory and wider company with this UAE Business Award. uilt on such qualities as integrity, prestige, and social responsibility, Dubai’s Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC is a proud member of the wider Royal Cut Group, which operates predominantly in Dubai but also in London and South Africa. Specialising in the supplying of well-sourced, highquality, and expertly cut diamonds, Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC (Royal Cut) boasts a sizeable inventory that features diverse diamonds in a number of colours, sizes, and shapes, with its skill in this area also extending to an ability to source pairs and match layouts, highlighting an encompassing approach to managing the needs of clients. At the helm of this incredibly successful operation are Chairman Humaid Mohamed Ali Rashed Alkalbani and CEO/Founder Franklen Henry Owens, both of whom have proven to be invaluable players in the overall success of the business in its journey thus far. Humaid Mohamed Ali Rashed Alkalbani draws from his seven years of experience and an unabashed passion for this sector to empower Emiratis like himself to get involved in the industry. Franklen Henry Owens is also a certified diamond expert, and he has been serving the sector since day one of Royal Cut, continuing to innovate right through to today. Leveraging a robust international network of suppliers from such diamond-rich countries as Sierra Leone, Guinea, South Africa, Botswana, and Angola, Royal Cut has both the necessary infrastructure and resources at its disposal to serve small, medium, and large speciality retailers, meeting each of their needs seamlessly at any given point. This expansive network is defined by the close relationships that have been forged with all of the clients that comprise it, with its partners choosing Royal Cut for its ability to source exceptional diamonds and other stones of any size, colour, or shape, as individuals or as part of a bulk purchase. B Best Diamond Cut & Polish Factory 2024 Having carved out these means, the end goal for Royal Cut is to be the top brand for gold and diamond jewellery across the UAE retail market today. Taking full advantage of the visionaries that head up this enterprise, the world-class, pioneering, and progressive nature of the organisation makes it one of the country’s most sought out jewellery manufacturers, and represents it being well on the way to achieving its ultimate aim. Yet another way that the business is seeking to solidify its presence in this space is by developing its online sales platform, reaching not only local customers, but cracking the European market also. Instrumental in the business attaining the level of success that it has so far has been a strict adherence to the core values that serve as its very foundation. A trio of smaller values contribute to the overarching value that has defined the business for the better part of two decades, this to radiate honesty and ensure that all of the stones in its portfolio are unrivalled in terms of quality and complete with a remarkable cut and polish. Trust is the first of these values, with an unwavering client focus and positive thinking then close behind. Combined, these elements make Royal Cut an industry frontrunner and a true beacon of excellence. Besides its ethics and values, Royal Cut is of course aided immeasurably in this space by the state-of-the-art cutting and polishing factory for which it is being celebrated with this award. Empowering this team to maximise the beauty of every stone that they bring through its doors, this facility expertly navigates the complexities of the industry through a specialist team and innovative technology that streamlines the cutting and polishing process no end. The results of this award-winning combination speak for themselves, with an unmatched level of precision achieved that has resulted in Royal Cut’s stellar reputation. “We pledge that all of our diamonds are responsibly sourced, masterfully crafted to maximise beauty and value, and handled with utmost passion and love throughout the entire crafting process.” Every diamond that leaves Royal Cut’s factory comes complete with a grading report that has been undertaken by a laboratory with an international distinction. Because of this, the company is proud to stand firmly behind its promise of quality for all of the diamonds and gemstones leaving its factory. Thus, in an industry where the risk of being scammed is growing exponentially all of the time, this as a result of online trade and more illegitimate businesses seeking a cut

11 of the action, Royal Cut’s safe, secure, and quality promise will see competitively priced stones that exceed every expectation of value and finish. With the immense quality of this factory to boot, Royal Cut’s comprehensive suite of services see it offer polished diamonds from 0.01 carats all the way up to 10 carats plus, as well as certified diamonds with grading reports from the likes of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), and the International Gemological Institute (IGI). This is in addition to its range of bespoke jewellery items – which are set with either white or other naturally coloured diamonds – as well as numerous other stones from the premium right through to the value cuts, in all shapes and sizes. Offering luxury at its finest, Royal Cut’s unrelenting promise has always been anchored in the areas of trust, maintaining of the highest standards, possessing of a peerless knowledge of both its products and the broader industry, and the providing of its customers with a fair price and the best value for miles around. Thanks to its global network, this business is able to spot shifts in the market and respond rapidly to them, and it is this which will serve as the foundation of the company’s planned expansion that is set to take place alongside its building of brand awareness and ongoing dedication to continuing to pioneer in this space. In essence, Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC serves as the meeting point of beautiful diamonds and painstaking precision, a feat that has only been made possible through its utilising of a wonderful cut and polish factory that successfully sets it apart from others operating in this sphere. With this in mind, the company is a worthy recipient of the award for the Best Diamond Cut & Polish Factory 2024, and it is sure to continue to achieve great things as it furthers its empire and the impact that it has on the national and international diamond industry. Contact: Royal Cut Diamond and Gold Team Company: Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC Web Address:

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 12 Best Premium Pet Care Provider 2024 Family-run pet care business, Dogwalk Pets Nursery, was initially founded as a veterinary and rehabilitation clinic almost 15 years ago. When an increased demand for high quality and diverse pet services in the Emirate was identified, Dogwalk expanded its offerings and relocated to a bigger facility - a move that is this year celebrating its tenth anniversary. Now as one of the most established and renowned pet care providers throughout the whole of Dubai, Dogwalk is proud to offer an array of bespoke services for pets all under one roof. Leveraging the skills of a qualified and professional team, with far-reaching experience ensures that its guests are healthy, happy and round-the-clock cared for! roviding a family-feel atmosphere unlike any other, the boutique services on offer at Dogwalk include their fundamental daycare and boarding, alongside expert training, grooming and pet transport. Within their listed offerings, a few notable ones stand out: Rehabilitation (namely hydrotherapy solutions) - carried out in collaboration with affiliate veterinarians and physiotherapists, and Dogwalk’s proud status as the only independent rehabilitation referral centre in the whole of the UAE. They have spent many years nourishing strong relationships with other exceptional pet service providers in Dubai so that anything and everything is possible for their clients, with convenience and peace of mind always at the forefront. The attentive and skilled team ensures the safety and happiness of those pets under its care, with every service on offer able to be specifically tailored to the diverse and individual needs of pets of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. The driving force behind the ability to provide such individual care, lays in the transparent and trusting relationships that are formed - not only with the dogs and cats themselves, but with the owners also. Dogwalk’s all-encompassing service approach is vital in a landscape such as Dubai’s. The UAE boasts an incredibly diverse population with many of its inhabitants working long hours. This combined with a huge increase in the UAE pet market in recent years (now estimated at 1.5 million owners), popular apartment-style living for expatriates, and unfavourable weather conditions for 6 months of the year, mean that many pets require additional care and facilities to thrive. Making the most out of these difficulties by providing exceptional levels of service - Dogwalk is the answer to many pet owners’ problems. With a climate controlled and spacious environment that offers the opportunity to run around at any time of the year, Dogwalk’s indoor play areas also offer an abundance of natural light to promote physical and mental wellbeing. With additional options available in the form of add-on menus for both dogs and cats, a stay can be even more personalised to the needs and requirements of each pet. Since this team are, first and foremost, pet owners themselves, those dropping their pets off can rest easy, sound in the knowledge that their pet will be treated in the same way this team would expect their own to be. Firm believers in the holistic nature of their offering, this fully trained and qualified team strive to constantly improve, streamlining their existing services and adding new ones. They have also pushed to provide more non-chargeable, ‘value-added’ services to their members which is achieved further through the strong connections with other providers touched on above. Continuous staff training and professional development also adds yet more elements to the levels of exceptional service that Dogwalk can turn over to their end clients. An unwavering commitment to methods such as these has resulted in the business solidifying its status in the industry, something it plans to double down on further over the next several years. Having recently completed 24 months of refurbishments and renovations to its facility, Dogwalk Pets Nursery now has a 40% greater capacity, and is better able to manage the ever-growing demand for its services. Samantha Vince, the General Manager at Dogwalk tells us in closing, “we are focusing on maintaining our boutique and personalised offerings in Dubai and may even look at venturing over to the capital, to help more pet parents a little further afield. Let’s see where the rest of 2024 takes us!” P Contact: Samantha Vince Company: Dogwalk Pets Nursery Email: [email protected] Web Address:

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 13 Established in 2016, RightsHero specializes in Anti-Piracy and Cybersecurity solutions as well as a suite of media rights and online protection services. A spin-off company of DigiSay, a leading UAE media-tech group, RightsHero was the first business to develop an Anti-Piracy solution in the MENA region and has been fighting content piracy since its inception. With its comprehensive technological solutions, the company is uniquely positioned to help companies detect and take down illegal content. For its contributions to MENA innovation, RightsHero has been honored with two awards at this year’s UAE Business Awards. DigiSay was founded in 2010 and is currently one of MENA’s largest media tech enablers with over one thousand content partners including Coca-Cola, Disney, Netflix, TikTok, YouTube, and many more. The business has evolved into a prominent media-tech company that focuses on shaping the future of the creator economy. As a subsidiary of DigiSay, RightsHero provides media companies with innovative content protection and AntiPiracy solutions. The company has formed partnerships with major social video platforms and search engines that provide RightsHero with access to digital fingerprinting. This technology helps the company to detect and swiftly remove illegal content. The RightsHero system possesses a userfriendly interface and robust security infrastructure running 24/7 on theAmazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Its comprehensive database can identify all types of infringements and is completely scalable, able to seamlessly accommodate clients’ growing number of campaigns. The system’s agility enables it to facilitate various crawling instances and protect multiple assets within a cost-effective framework. Since the system’s recent relaunch, RightsHero has improved its infringement detection by 172% and achieved a success rate of 92% on several platforms and 100% on others. By leveraging automation, embedded AI, and machine learning technology, RightsHero has implemented a new system, created entirely by its Arabic team of technology experts. The RightsHero system utilises several innovative technologies to detect, monitor, report, and take down pirated rights online for media video, audio content, advertisement, live streaming, and much more. Its advanced technology provides protection across multiple platforms, including search engine de-listing, App Stores protections, live streaming disruption, content monitoring and analytics, and cyber security services and auditing among others. The RightsHero IPTV testing lab possesses the technological and human capabilities to monitor and audit more than 20 STBs (set-top boxes) and 50 IPTV APPs (internet protocol television applications). Its cutting-edge technology can record IPTV streams for client watermarking detection and generating technical investigation comprehensive reports based on its findings. With its monitoring system software, RightsHero can scan each consumer node to collect information on who watches, downloads, or uploads content for its clients’ campaigns. This consumption data takes the form of a global heat map that shows where the most consumption is for each specific campaign. RightsHero has become renowned for its cost-efficient solutions across all types of content piracy, which combine human verification with embedded AI and machine learning algorithms. Boasting fully scalable architecture, RightsHero’s systems can grow to match its clients’ growing campaigns volume. The business is a MENA innovator as the only regional Anti-Piracy vendor with an offering to serve broadcasting media companies. With its Anti-Piracy and Cybersecurity solutions, RightHero strives to help companies protect its assets and takedown illegal content within an economically efficient framework. We have bestowed on RightHero two awards at this year’s UAE Business Awards and cannot wait to see what new innovations the company will develop in the future for its esteemed network of partners. Contact: Alaa Ali Company: RightsHero Web Address: rightshero/ Best Anti-Piracy & Cybersecurity Platform 2024 & MEA Technology Innovation Award 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 14 Jul23190 Luxury Fitness Centre of the Year 2024 Exclusivity and excellence are the two defining elements of what is surely the best gym in Dubai, Fidelity Fitness Club, which has been the city’s ultimate luxury fitness centre since its doors opened back in 2011. Located in the famous Almas Tower, this is the go-to destination for those as passionate about health, fitness, and wellbeing as the members of this vibrant community. Delivering a remarkable member experience through the use of next-generation facilities, unrivalled views, and all of the amenities that connote luxury, standard workouts are transformed into extraordinary experiences with Fidelity. We catch up with General Manager Mark Di Sotto for more. All 17,000 square feet of Fidelity Fitness Club’s fitness centre is catered towards one thing – helping a member to be their best self. With best-in-class fitness equipment in abundance and facilities that have been expertly designed to cater to every aspect of fitness, this peerless experience starts as soon as a new member walks through the door, where the business’ staffing team and personal trainers will immediately make them feel at ease and confident with the journey they are about to undertake, even if it is their first time having a gym membership. To promote the best results, a wellestablished and meticulously thoughtout process is adhered to, sprinkled with personalised recommendations and tailored solutions. As Mark tells us, “we maintain a dedicated follow-up system to track progress and offer continuous support, adjusting plans as necessary to meet evolving needs.” It is this dedication, coupled with the inclusive atmosphere created, that truly set Fidelity Fitness Club apart and solidify its frontrunner status, more so than any of the luxurious touches that it has deployed throughout the centre. Operating with distinction in one of the most competitive and fitness-focused business environments on the planet is no easy task. However, by leveraging the wealth of opportunities stemming from the increasing awareness of the importance of health and fitness across the UAE, Fidelity Fitness Club has succeeded in both expanding its client base and enhancing its suite of available services, all while upholding its mission of helping every person be their best self. Commenting further on these aims, Mark explains, “we champion that regular exercise is an essential element of a happy lifestyle, perfectly in sync with Dubai’s progressive approach to wellbeing.” The city’s methods encompass such initiatives as the 30 x 30 Dubai Fitness Challenge, and for Mark, “this cultural synergy positions us as not just a luxury fitness club, but also as a community hub where the importance of regular exercise is embraced and celebrated for enhancing life’s quality.” This community feel is something that is wholeheartedly embraced by Fidelity Fitness Club’s team of friendly and attentive staff. On hand for every stage of a client’s journey are a number of dedicated personal trainers, who make it their mission to help with anything and everything, whether this be providing guidance with equipment, personalising a fitness plan, or simply lending an ear between sets. Beyond just the gym team, similar distinction runs throughout the facility, with the reception team specifically having won an award this year for providing customers with the best front of house experience. “At Fidelity Fitness Club, we’re not just a team; we’re a community dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive, and engaging workplace where everyone can develop, grow, and contribute to the wellness of others.” Staff are able to embody such excellence largely as a result of the internal culture that has been fostered at Fidelity Fitness Club, with Mark describing this as thriving on, “dynamism, vibrancy, and a strong sense of community, reflective of the fitness industry we are proud to be a part of.” More than this, there is a chief emphasis placed on nurturing staff and encouraging their growth, providing them with a number of opportunities and recognising their achievements. As for what the rest of 2024 has in store for Fidelity Fitness Club, Mark speaks candidly about an exciting journey that is set to include renovations and the integration of advanced technology fitness equipment, the end goal being to provide members with a rejuvenated and increasingly modernised experience. In closing, Mark summarises, “with our renovated facilities and integrated technology solutions, we aim to elevate the fitness experience for our members and solidify our position as a leader in the industry.” Contact: Mark Di Sotto Company: Fidelity Fitness Club Web Address:

Jul23121 MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 15 Feb24545 Best Brass Switches & Door Hardware Supplier 2024 - GCC Heritage Brass is a premium supplier of high-quality luxury brass door hardware and electrical wiring accessories. Let’s take a closer look as the company wins its prestigious title in our UAE Business Awards 2024. eritage Brass is the market leading brand of M. Marcus Limited, a sophisticated 80 year old British family run company. Heritage Brass Building Materials Trading LLC is the exclusive supplier of M. Marcus architectural hardware & electrical wiring accessories in the UAE and wider GCC market. Heritage Brass Building Materials Trading LLC was established in Dubai in 2013, and now, 11 years later, it has built a reputation for excellence. Heritage Brass supplies superior quality products and has developed a wide ranging list of clients from high end residential villa communities & mansions to hospitality and commercial projects such as Versace Pallazo Hotel Dubai, & Ritz Carlton Beach Resort Ras Al Khaimah & Dubai Mall. Always ensuring an accurate and complete product presentation for each of its new clients, Heritage Brass invites new clients to fully experience what is on offer. From electrical switches and sockets to door and cabinet hardware, Heritage Brass’ diverse portfolio of products helps its clients to create an air of elegance throughout their property. Working hard to understand exactly what each client is looking for, the business starts with seamless communication and a no-pressure approach to its clients. Heritage Brass understands that each interior has its own story and character. With this in mind the company offers door hardware, cabinet hardware and electrical accessories in a variety of designs and finishes to suit all projects. Of course, advancing the world of interior design is no small task. However, with Heritage Brass’ dedication to its products, there is something for everyone to benefit from. No matter what you’re looking for, for all of your electrical switch and hardware needs, Heritage Brass’ products are made to last, they’re of an extremely high quality, and they result in an elevated look across any property. A spokesperson for Heritage Brass tells us, “The UAE market is ideal for premium products as customer’s are looking for high end and high quality products which are not widely available.” Working so closely with its partner, and ensuring it is properly certified, the business makes it possible for the UAE market to gain access to products which offer the highest form of style and class. Awarded with Best Brass Switches & Door Hardware Supplier 2024, GCC, Heritage Brass has gained recognition in our UAE Business Awards 2024 for its sheer dedication to supplying premium products of contemporary design and spotless manufactured quality. Furthermore, the team is committed to providing the best customer experience available in its realm. The spokesperson reveals, “Our team can provide the additional service of site visits upon request, assist in product selection, sample and order delivery and after sales support in the UAE. All products sold by Heritage Brass LLC will include the full technical support of the Heritage Brass team in the UAE. We are specialists in electrical wiring accessories, door hardware and cabinet hardware.” This level of devotion to customer satisfaction, alongside the premium products served to its clients, has pushed Heritage Brass to the forefront of its industry – and we’re sure to see the company continue to exceed expectations. Contact: Sonam Trehan Company: Heritage Brass Web Address: H