UAE Business Awards 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 32 Best Early Years Education Centre 2024 At Masterminds Early Learning Center, the team understands the critical importance of education in a child’s early years. Children are eager to learn, and with Masterminds’ individualized care and guidance, this innate desire is nurtured to help them achieve intellectual, physical, and social excellence. We speak with Co-Founders, Shamail and Tania Siddiqi, to discover more about the center’s long history of child empowerment. or children aged 15 months to 6 years, Masterminds provides comprehensive education that focuses on nurturing the whole child. With an emphasis on joyous learning, the centre offers engaging lessons that address children’s desire to understand the world around them. Shamail and Tania Siddiqi were first inspired to establish Masterminds after conceiving their daughter, Athena. Tania shares, “Like every parent, we wanted to provide our child with every opportunity in life. This triggered a global quest to find the most pioneering thinking in early childhood development. We finally came across globally renowned child development experts with over 60 years of experience.” After witnessing the exceptional development of their daughter through these programs, Shamail and Tania resolved that all children should have access to this high-quality learning, and the concept of Masterminds was born. With its combination of traditional wisdom and six decades of cuttingedge research in child development, Masterminds has become a globally recognized institute for its dedication to developing excellence in each child. The centre encourages children to learn English, Arabic, and French with daily lessons and offers a dedicated daily sports program as well as integrated music and violin lessons. Its various enrichment programs are designed to ensure that all children can read fluently, do math, and possess exceptional intellectual, physical, and social awareness. Masterminds is passionate about making learning fun for children by tapping into their natural curiosity and innate desire to play. Joyous learning at a young age sparks a love that will remain with children for the rest of their lives. Tania Siddiqi says, “Children have within them the capacity to learn virtually anything from birth to the age of six. What they can learn without any conscious effort at age two, three, or four years of age can only be learned with great effort, or may not be learned at all, in later life. We simply harness this innate desire through personalized attention and provide opportunities, experiences, and guidance to develop intellectual, physical, and social excellence within each child.” Shamail Siddiqi, Co-Founder and CEO, adds, “My path to education was a pivot from a successful career in business. The realization that traditional education models were insufficient for the world’s rapidly changing demands fueled my desire to create a superior learning model. This led to integrating research in neuroscience with education, resulting in a curriculum developed in collaboration with global experts.” At Masterminds, children are guided by talented teachers who love to teach the centre’s pioneering programs. All staff undergo extensive training in the centre’s curriculum and share a passion for innovation in early years teaching. Additionally, every member of staff is certified in paediatric first aid in order to create a safe environment for children and infants. Masterminds is distinct in its educational approach with continuous professional training for staff. This approach utilizes the research and thinking of leading experts in the field of child development. With its meticulously crafted curriculum, Masterminds provides children with the building blocks they need to achieve success in school and beyond. For this critical period in a child’s life, there are few institutes more qualified and experienced than Masterminds Early Learning Center. Supported by Shamail and Tania Siddiqi and an expert team, the centre has become a beacon of excellence in early education and is dedicated to fostering a love of learning in generations to come. Building on this success, Masterminds Education is excited to expand its pioneering philosophy through the VIP Micro-School Program. This program offers highly personalized primary education via microschools, combining small class sizes of 5-6 students with a curriculum that integrates global best practices. The VIP Program emphasizes academic rigor, creative thinking, and adaptability, nurturing each child’s unique talents and intellectual capabilities. Looking ahead, Masterminds envisions becoming a transformative force in the global educational landscape, democratizing access to high-quality personalized education through technology and microschools. Our goal is to empower students everywhere to achieve their fullest potential, preparing them for a rapidly evolving world where adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking are crucial. For more insights and to connect with us, please visit our websites: Masterminds Education and Masterminds VIP Program, or connect with Shamail Siddiqi and Tania Siddiqi. Contact: Shamail Siddiqi Company: Masterminds Education Web Address: F