UAE Business Awards 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 33 When one imagines aesthetic treatments, it isn’t uncommon for them to envision copious amounts of needles, chemicals, and unpleasant procedures. However, there are those who are more concerned with focusing on providing non-invasive – and minimally invasive - aesthetic and wellbeing treatments. One such entity is the award-winning Drypskin Poly Clinic – a Dubai-based healthcare facility that specialises in dermatology and IV Therapy. Join us as we delve into how, through gentle means, Drypskin Poly Clinic presents patients with a chance to be the version of themselves they’ve always wanted to be. Before even opening its doors to its now impressively broad clientele, Drypskin Poly Clinic wanted to ensure that it would – no matter what – be able to offer the very best services currently available within the UAE. Fast forward to the present day, the clinic now boasts an exceptional reputation – one that not only highlights its hard work, but also its immense level of expertise. Specialising in dermatology and IV therapy, Drypskin Poly Clinic aims to provide comprehensive care focused on enhancing both the physical appearance and overall wellbeing of its patients, while adhering to minimally invasive procedures. Drypskin Poly Clinic offers a vast array of services, each tailored to improving an individual’s aesthetic features – be it their skin health, body contouring, or facial rejuvenation – while simultaneously playing a crucial role in promoting general wellness. These wellness practises take the form of Drypskin Poly Clinic’s IV Therapy and Ozone Therapy. Delivered by a team of highly qualified experts, Drypskin Poly Clinic’s treatments have managed to champion the market in every plausible way, allowing it to stand as Dubai’s most personalised clinic to date. To further explore Drypskin Poly Clinic’s services, we believe it only fitting to share some words from Clinic Manager John Michael Laurio – “We focus on improving various aspects of physical appearance through nonMost Dedicated Aesthetic & Wellbeing Clinic 2024 - Dubai invasive or minimally invasive procedures. This may include treatments for skincare, hair restoration, weight management, and cosmetic enhancements – such as Botox or fillers – or Machine treatments, like laser hair removal, body contouring, facials, Face Lifting and more”. With such a comprehensive range of services to choose from, it comes as no surprise to learn that Drypskin Poly Clinic has ranked among the Top Six Aesthetics Clinics of the Year. Promising to act as a sanctuary within which innovation, expertise, and a passion for beauty come together in perfect harmony, Drypskin Poly Clinic represents an everlasting pursuit of absolute perfection. Only once it’s capable of offering patients exactly what they want - however they may want it - will the clinic be satisfied, and it’s this very notion that inspires its experts each and every day. In an age of social media, where looking your best seems to come at the cost of your natural beauty, Drypskin Poly Clinic is dedicated to enhancing what’s already there through holistic, technologically empowered procedures. For far too long, the aesthetics industry has been mischaracterised as one that looks to change what makes you you, and it’s this very notion that Drypskin Poly Clinic has tirelessly worked to overcome. Instead of demanding treatments that are set on stripping away the personality of various patients’ skin and bodies, the clinic hopes to boost the wellbeing of its clients through gentle procedures that have been specifically crafted by some of Dubai’s greatest aesthetic experts. It’s for this very reason that Drypskin Poly Clinic has been recognised by MEA Markets, and we hope that its place in the UAE Business Awards 2024 will further dismantle the uncertainties surrounding aesthetic treatments for the foreseeable future. Contact: John Michael Laurio Company: Drypskin Poly Clinic LLC Web Address: