UAE Business Awards 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 34 Jul23190 British Nursery of the Year 2024 Dubai & MEA Education Excellence Award 2024 Childhood. It’s where we learn the fundamentals of how to flourish, interact with others, and find whimsy in the wider world around us. It’s a time where we’re both at our most vulnerable, and our most curious, sometimes leading to a mixture of chaotic and wonderfilled experiences. However, in order to thrive in childhood, youngsters should have access to spaces that eagerly encourage exploration of both their surroundings and their identity. Enter Little Diamond Nursery – the UAE’s award-winning nursery who uses play-based learning to provide premium quality British EYFS education. Established in 2018, Little Diamond Nursery is a Dubai-founded early learning environment in which play-based learning and EYFS come together to foster creativity and wonder within youngsters. Following the seven areas of early education, the nursery presents children with a variety of opportunities that are characterised by its holistic approach to learning. By focusing on a child’s physical, personal, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, in addition to the ever important cognitive aspects of learning, Little Diamond Nursery promises to enrich the education experience for every youngster in its care. In doing so, it’s developed a reliable framework upon which parents can depend when it comes to their child’s education. What distinguishes Little Diamond Nursery from other nurseries is how it flawlessly combines play-based learning with activity-centric education to cultivate an interactive approach to schooling. As expressed by the centre – “Play underpins the EYFS and all the learning aspects of a child’s development. Through play, children can develop a multitude of skills, for example: language, emotions, creativity, and social and intellectual development.” As such, Little Diamond Nursery has created an inclusive environment in which children can build upon a myriad of aspects of their personalities. Composing this environment was, from day one, Little Diamond Nursery’s priority, and this is reflected through its defining ethos – “At LDN, we believe in providing an environment that maximizes each child’s development and learning opportunities through a safe and nurturing setting – one that is supported by our qualified, experienced, and caring early years educators. Little Diamond Nursery has long since identified just how crucial freedom of expression is for a little one’s learning adventure, and has specifically tailored its centre to ensure children never feel isolated from their true selves. Additionally, Little Diamond Nursery prides itself on how it has tailored even the smallest aspects of its classrooms to encourage the intrinsic curiosity of each child. By selecting resources and furniture pieces that match the height of its little learners, its environments inspire youngsters to explore all areas of learning however they may prefer. Whether they’re visual learners, or excel in tactile learning, Little Diamond Nursery’s kids have full access to a range of spaces that honour their individuality. In short, the centre has compiled all manner of methods to encourage children to experience their senses, while still upholding an effective EYFS learning programme. In Little Diamond Nursery’s own words – “Our vision is to scaffold and empower young learners by fostering a positive, stimulating, and exciting learning journey of the highest quality, promoting a love for lifelong learning.” In a world where we’re becoming far more reliant on technology for education, it’s a refreshing change to see a nursery fostering an environment that focuses on the sensory elements of the world around us. In doing so, it’s able to consistently grant children access to education that’s bound to stick with them for a lifetime. Though many of us may not remember our younger years, the moments we cherish are the ones that embody the whimsy of learning. – ones that, through its exemplary educational programmes, Little Diamond Nursery will continue to create in the years to come. Contact: Pauline Dias Company: Little Diamond Nursery Web Address: