UAE Business Awards 2024

Jul23121 MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 31 Feb24550 Best High-End Bakery 2024 When celebrating special events, the last thing you want is to purchase a cake that doesn’t harmonise with your chosen atmosphere. Existing to remove this concern altogether is Peace of Cake, a luxury bakery in Dubai whose knack for producing delectable, yet stunning, cakes is simply unmatched. Whether you’re looking for a centrepiece for your wedding day, or are hoping to punctuate your birthday party with a showstopping piece of edible art, Peace of Cake promises to please the eyes and taste buds all at once. Join us as we explore how. riding itself on creating sensational cakes fit for any occasion, Peace of Cake is a custom cake designer that has impressed clients time and time again. Be it for a corporate event, wedding, birthday, or a fun get together between friends and family, this Dubai-based bakery seeks to impress in more ways than one. Not only are its cakes meticulously crafted to exceed the expectations laid out by its clients, but it has a certain mastery over concocting flavourful combinations that never fail to amaze any who are lucky enough to try them. Drawing all of these elements together, Peace of Cake has become notorious for excellence in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s high-end bakery sphere. As an expert in baking stylish cakes for special occasions, Peace of Cake has long since mastered the process. From the moment it’s approached by a client, it promises to listen intently, all in the pursuit of presenting an end result that far transcends what they could have ever envisioned. Understanding a customer’s vision and cake design preferences is an integral part of the process, and it’s one that Peace of Cake takes very seriously – even going as far as to conduct thorough consultations in order to gather as much information as possible. From flavour preferences to dietary restrictions, event theme, and budget, Peace of Cake takes the time to ensure it creates something truly special. Luckily, thanks to its position in the UAE, Peace of Cake has had access to a wonderfully diverse clientele, allowing it to gain experience in areas that other bakeries simply cannot. Though there are many bakeries across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Peace of Cake differentiates itself through its innovation, quality, and starkly unique designs. Partnered with its intricate creation process – beginning with a consultation, continuing with samples and sketches alike, and ending with the delivery of a masterfully crafted piece of edible art – Peace of Cake has certainly made its presence on the market known. In doing so, it’s quickly become the definitive choice for custom cake designs, with clients clamouring to experience its services for themselves. Since opening its doors, Peace of Cake has wowed and amazed its clients with its impeccable designs, delectable flavours, and exceptional customer service capabilities. No matter the event, it has proven time and time again that it’s beyond capable of delivering a product that will bring an unforgettable atmosphere to any occasion. Not only are its cakes attractive, but they’re treated with the utmost care and respect from the moment the initial design is approved. No tier is ignored, nor fondant ruffle applied with a heavy hand. Never again will event hosts need to fret about receiving a cake that doesn’t meet their criteria - from start to finish, Peace of Cake promises peace of mind. In short, Peace of Cake’s uniqueness lies in its combination of personalised services, quality ingredients, innovative designs, and incredible customer service. Together, these factors have played a crucial role in helping it stand out among other bakeries within Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it’s clear that this is only the beginning for this exceptional high-end bakery. We look forward to seeing what outstanding custom birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and event cakes Peace of Cake creates next. Contact: Tsoler Shekherdemian Company: Peace of Cake Web Address: P