UAE Business Awards 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 16 Best Facility Management Company 2024 - Dubai Recognised as one of Dubai’s fastest growing total facilities management and renovation companies, Repair Pro Technical Services is a multi-award-winning entity (2022, 23 and 24) whose range of 24/7 FM solutions promise tangible results in record times. From residential lots, commercial premises, towers, and highrise buildings, to offices, factories, warehouses, worker accommodation, schools, colleges, hospitals, and much more, the company extends a dependable helping hand that has alleviated the strain from its clients time and time again. Join us as we explore how Repair Pro Technical Services’ commitment to quality has earned it a place among the UAE Business Awards Programme. roudly distinguishing itself as a multicultural company that actively encourages diversity and originality throughout its workforce, Repair Pro Technical Services is an award-winning facilities management company whose input has already assisted a wealth of clients in abundance. By establishing an internal structure within which individual team members are free to express their creativity and innovative ideas, the company has managed to champion the art of bringing an endless flow of excellence to its clients. Repair Pro Technical Services is characterised by this very structure, allowing it to consistently work towards its common goals, while simultaneously doing everything that little bit differently. The structure allows any clients to reach easily the top management to address any specific issue. Offering on-call services for AC, electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, masonry, renovations, pest control, and pool maintenance, Repair Pro Technical Services reflects its innermost desire to be the most comprehensive entity of its nature. This drive has resulted in a myriad of accolades, each recognising the company’s dedication to excellence and pleasing all manner of clients. In addition, it also provides clients with a selection of maintenance packages to suit their requirements, with its unique and fairer AMC solution allowing it to address and calculate maintenance contracts not by the number of rooms, but by the number of ACs on a single premises. Around a year ago, Repair Pro established a renovation division to address the growing demand for high-quality refurbishments in Dubai, prompted by the aging infrastructure of apartments and villas. In short, Repair Pro Technical Services has devised its breadth of services and solutions with the sole purpose of alleviating any FM struggles a company may be presently, or potentially, facing. In doing so, it’s cultivated a clientele that greatly benefits from the business’s reliability. Where most may second guess their decision to leave their FM needs in the hands of another, Repair Pro Technical Services promises to be a loyal companion – one that always adheres to the needs of the customer, while adding its own flair that has consistently exceeded the expectations laid out by the wider industry. In short, Repair Pro Technical Services has quickly become the face of Dubai’s FM scene, with its diverse range of talent merely elevating its capabilities, while simultaneously empowering the team itself. To Repair Pro Technical Services, ensuring the client is satisfied is key, but the only way to guarantee that outcome is to continuously uplift the ones bringing the great ideas to the table. And so, the company has spent its years honing its craft, allowing it to strike an impressive balance between external and internal brilliance. It’s for this very reason that Repair Pro Technical Services has been recognised by the UAE Business Awards, and we’re eager to see where the company goes next. You can reach Repair Pro 24/7 either by their toll free number 800 777 687 or their app repairpro-dxb. Contact: Daniel Saison Company: Repair Pro Technical Services Web Address: P