UAE Business Awards 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 17 Led by award-winning industry veteran, Judith Cartwright, Black Coral Consulting helps clients to optimise their profits with pioneering commercial solutions. By leveraging clients’ profit potential across all income streams, the consultancy empowers businesses to grow in even the most challenging conditions. Recognised in this year’s UAE Business Awards, Black Coral Consulting’s transformative solutions help clients to effectively manage their assets and realise their full potential. Black Coral Consulting acts as a consultant for operators, owners, and asset managers of luxury hotel groups, individual properties, F&B establishments, spas, and attractions. Its esteemed global clientele includes Atlantis, One&Only, Four Seasons, Boutique Group, Luxury Escapes, Global Hotel Alliance, and many more. The dynamic team works with clients to help them discover opportunities to increase revenue across all their assets. Black Coral Consulting is dedicated to developing innovative and long-term commercial strategies to help businesses unleash their potential and maximise profits. With over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Judith Cartwright has worked alongside owners, asset managers, and leadership teams at some of the most renowned hospitality companies in the world. Through her disruptive approach to traditional asset and revenue management, Judith has gained a distinguished reputation as a trusted strategic advisor. Since establishing Black Coral Consulting, Judith has received numerous awards and become Chair of the HSMAI ME Revenue Optimisation advisory boards. Judith Cartwright says, “When working with a new client, we always have a discovery phase where we get to know the client, the team, and the culture. Then we start peeling back the layers to identify gaps and opportunities. We review these with the team in a workshop with the client and collectively set action plans to support the implementation. We take a handson approach. When you work with us, you get to work with me 100%.” Black Coral Consulting offers new development advisory, collaborating with developers at the early stages of their project. The team conducts feasibility studies, selects a suitable operator, and identifies structural considerations for total revenue optimisation. Additionally, the company advises owners on how to maximise their ROI during the operational phase. In times of crisis, Black Coral Consulting offers vital support, developing short- and long-term commercial strategies to help companies overcome unforeseen circumstances such as the effects of the pandemic, negative press, and natural disasters. Asset management and asset optimisation are areas in hospitality with huge untapped potential. While most asset managers typically focus on evaluating performance through profitability, Black Coral Consulting assesses revenue from the top down including the hotel’s commercial plan. The team breaks down top-line revenues to ensure they align with commercial planning and considers whether the returns generated match up with money being invested in marketing, sales, and PR. When returns do not correlate, the company makes the necessary adjustments to rectify this. If companies want to do asset management right, hiring an external commercial expert is essential to set them apart in a competitive market. Black Coral Consulting is launching an e-book on asset management with a commercial lens to help clients unlock their full potential. With Judith and the team’s deep understanding of the industry, Black Coral Consulting provides unparalleled value to organisations across all industries, not only the hospitality sector. The company is part of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC), the leading source of global hospitality expertise, which gives the business access to the best talent in the industry and many opportunities for growth. Moving forward, Black Coral Consulting looks forward to supporting new and existing clients on their journey to revenue success. Judith Cartwright is particularly proud to have completed the CHBA certification with HSMAI and to be launching an e-book this year. Black Coral Consulting is dedicated to developing innovative commercial solutions that empower businesses to thrive. Spearheaded by Founder Judith Cartwright, the team possesses a wealth of experience to help companies grow and succeed in even the most challenging conditions. Black Coral Consulting’s transformative services and ability to recognise the untapped potential in every company has earned the business two awards at this year’s prestigious UAE Business Awards. Contact: Judith Cartwright Company: Black Coral Consulting Web Address: Luxury Hotel Consultancy of the Year 2024 & MEA Client Service Excellence Award 2024