UAE Business Awards 2024

Jul23121 MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 27 Mar24303 ADR Practitioner of the Year 2024: Leonora Riesenburg C.Arb FCIArb CArb.FAIADR CMed.FAIADR Leonora Riesenburg is a Chartered Arbitrator, Accredited and Certified Mediator, and a Dispute Resolution specialist who established her own private and independent practice, INTADR DMCC, back in 2020. Located in the heart of the DMCC, often referred to as the world’s premier destination for businesses, this practice sits atop a commitment to provide neutrality in the fields of arbitration, adjudication and mediation, working with global leaders in this space to secure its future across the MENA region and further afield. We speak with Leonora to find out more. eonora Riesenburg is a luminary in the international ADR arena, epitomising vision, integrity, and an unwavering passion for justice. Her relentless commitment to the highest ethical standards, exceptional legal acumen, and distinguished expertise are nothing short of extraordinary. With an uncanny ability to navigate the most intricate disputes, Leonora’s mastery spans across investment, infrastructure, construction, real estate, and financial sectors, both domestically and globally. Her meticulous approach and unparalleled skill have made her a revered figure, presiding over landmark cases in investment, energy, and construction. Her affiliations with prestigious arbitral institutions like the ICC, LCIA, SIAC, and DIAC highlight her status as a leading figure in international arbitration. Moreover, her honourary appointments with ADR institutions worldwide, including in emerging markets, are a testament to her stellar reputation and unwavering dedication to advancing ADR practices globally. In a dynamic environment where arbitration, mediation, and expert determination are increasingly favoured over litigation, Leonora asserts, “We are exceptionally well-positioned to serve the market with top-tier dispute resolution services. We are witnessing robust growth in international arbitration across key business sectors and anticipate continued momentum in facilitative mediation for commercial disputes. The rise in demand for dispute resolution boards in construction and government sectors is notable, and we foresee sustained growth in our offerings to meet this burgeoning demand.” Leonora extols the many advantages of being based in the UAE, citing its strategic geographic location and steadfast commitment to creating a safe and stable environment for private dispute resolution. She explains, “Together with London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore, the UAE ranks among the world’s elite arbitration hubs.” While the UAE boasts a world-class pool of ADR professionals, INTADR DMCC stands out for its rigorous adherence to international standards and unwavering commitment to integrity and excellence. In today’s ever-evolving ADR landscape, INTADR DMCC’s unmatched experience, expertise, and proven track record make it a beacon of reliability and trust, consistently delivering its signature exceptional service to both local and global communities. “Our passion is matched only by our dedication to ethical practice and true excellence. This commitment distinguishes us and reinforces our position as leaders in the field of dispute resolution.” Moreover, INTADR DMCC recognises that its growth hinges on the relentless optimization of its operational framework. To ensure this, the firm continually invests in its infrastructure, resulting in streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and an elevated customer experience. As Leonora aptly puts it, “By prioritising the enhancement of our infrastructure, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of disputing parties and navigate the modern complexities of the ADR landscape with ease.” In recent years, INTADR DMCC has embarked on ambitious global expansion. Starting with a robust presence in the UAE and GCC markets, the firm has steadily extended its influence into neighbouring MENA countries. Asia has also become a focal point, with significant inroads made in India, Pakistan, and Malaysia. This strategic growth is set to continue, with a comprehensive expansion plan that fortifies INTADR DMCC’s UAE home base while extending its reach across the GCC and Asia. In conclusion, Leonora affirms, “We remain committed to delivering excellence in ADR services and contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of the region.” With this unwavering dedication and her sustained brilliance in the field, it is our pleasure to name Leonora Riesenburg as the ADR Practitioner of the Year 2024. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for her continued success. Contact: Leonora Riesenburg C.Arb FCIArb CArb.FAIADR CMed.FAIADR Company: INTADR DMCC, HDS Business Centre, Jumeirah Lake Towers, United Arab Emirates Web Address: L