UAE Business Awards 2024

MEA | UAE Business Awards 2024 Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC is a rapidly expanding company on the cusp of making waves in the global jewellery industry. Established in the UAE back in 2006, the 18 years since have seen this business fortify its presence in the areas of sales, purchasing, and marketing, all while developing a deeper understanding of the local and global market. A particular highlight came in 2010, when the visionaries behind this enterprise noticed a gap in the market for polished diamonds, so opened a diamond cut and polish factory in the heart of Dubai to remedy this. 14 years later, we celebrate the ongoing triumphs of the factory and wider company with this UAE Business Award. uilt on such qualities as integrity, prestige, and social responsibility, Dubai’s Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC is a proud member of the wider Royal Cut Group, which operates predominantly in Dubai but also in London and South Africa. Specialising in the supplying of well-sourced, highquality, and expertly cut diamonds, Royal Cut Diamond and Gold LLC (Royal Cut) boasts a sizeable inventory that features diverse diamonds in a number of colours, sizes, and shapes, with its skill in this area also extending to an ability to source pairs and match layouts, highlighting an encompassing approach to managing the needs of clients. At the helm of this incredibly successful operation are Chairman Humaid Mohamed Ali Rashed Alkalbani and CEO/Founder Franklen Henry Owens, both of whom have proven to be invaluable players in the overall success of the business in its journey thus far. Humaid Mohamed Ali Rashed Alkalbani draws from his seven years of experience and an unabashed passion for this sector to empower Emiratis like himself to get involved in the industry. Franklen Henry Owens is also a certified diamond expert, and he has been serving the sector since day one of Royal Cut, continuing to innovate right through to today. Leveraging a robust international network of suppliers from such diamond-rich countries as Sierra Leone, Guinea, South Africa, Botswana, and Angola, Royal Cut has both the necessary infrastructure and resources at its disposal to serve small, medium, and large speciality retailers, meeting each of their needs seamlessly at any given point. This expansive network is defined by the close relationships that have been forged with all of the clients that comprise it, with its partners choosing Royal Cut for its ability to source exceptional diamonds and other stones of any size, colour, or shape, as individuals or as part of a bulk purchase. B Best Diamond Cut & Polish Factory 2024 Having carved out these means, the end goal for Royal Cut is to be the top brand for gold and diamond jewellery across the UAE retail market today. Taking full advantage of the visionaries that head up this enterprise, the world-class, pioneering, and progressive nature of the organisation makes it one of the country’s most sought out jewellery manufacturers, and represents it being well on the way to achieving its ultimate aim. Yet another way that the business is seeking to solidify its presence in this space is by developing its online sales platform, reaching not only local customers, but cracking the European market also. Instrumental in the business attaining the level of success that it has so far has been a strict adherence to the core values that serve as its very foundation. A trio of smaller values contribute to the overarching value that has defined the business for the better part of two decades, this to radiate honesty and ensure that all of the stones in its portfolio are unrivalled in terms of quality and complete with a remarkable cut and polish. Trust is the first of these values, with an unwavering client focus and positive thinking then close behind. Combined, these elements make Royal Cut an industry frontrunner and a true beacon of excellence. Besides its ethics and values, Royal Cut is of course aided immeasurably in this space by the state-of-the-art cutting and polishing factory for which it is being celebrated with this award. Empowering this team to maximise the beauty of every stone that they bring through its doors, this facility expertly navigates the complexities of the industry through a specialist team and innovative technology that streamlines the cutting and polishing process no end. The results of this award-winning combination speak for themselves, with an unmatched level of precision achieved that has resulted in Royal Cut’s stellar reputation. “We pledge that all of our diamonds are responsibly sourced, masterfully crafted to maximise beauty and value, and handled with utmost passion and love throughout the entire crafting process.” Every diamond that leaves Royal Cut’s factory comes complete with a grading report that has been undertaken by a laboratory with an international distinction. Because of this, the company is proud to stand firmly behind its promise of quality for all of the diamonds and gemstones leaving its factory. Thus, in an industry where the risk of being scammed is growing exponentially all of the time, this as a result of online trade and more illegitimate businesses seeking a cut