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We welcome this quarter with open arms as we greet our summer time. The summer brings forth ideas of fruition which are echoed throughout this edition – we are celebrating concepts and designs that have come into a phase of completion for us and the businesses involved. Offering insight into some innovative, revolutionary, and down right brilliant ideas, we are here to showcase some trail-blazers in their industries. With a positive mindset and the passion to dream, we come across news ways to progress – especially with influences from companies such as these. We would like to provide you with opportunities to be impressed and motivated towards exceeding all expectations and new discoveries. As more businesses branch out – after the various waves of the pandemic – they are truly worth sharing with the world. We are proud to present this collection of leaders as they win some of the most prestigious awards. We look forward to the next quarter and, in the meantime, we hope you all enjoy reading through this incredible issue. We would also like to wish you a very happy few months ahead. We will welcome you back soon. Sofi Bajor, Editor Welcome to the Q2 issue of MEA Markets Magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all of the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News: - Carbon Bank launches the future of payments for Africa with Zero Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) - Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, receives the “Inspirational Role Model” Award from IATA 6. Huriya Private FZ LLE: Best Corporate Structuring & Wealth Management Firm - Middle East 7. Brainy n Bright: Best Global STEM Institution 2022 8. Plan Digital DMCC: Most Innovative Content Creation Company 2022 9. Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics: Best Organic Personal Care & Wellbeing Brand 2022 10. DICM, Dubai International Content Market organised by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions: Best Annual Media Industry Event - MENA 11. IQ Fulfillment: Best eCommerce Technology Company 2022 - MENA 12. Al Kalema Productions: Best Film Production Company 2022 - Abu Dhabi 14. Arabian MEP Contracting: Best Construction & Carpentry Services Provider - Harare 15. Aluminium Products Company: Best Extrusion Manufacturing Company 2021 16. Nova Energia S.A.L.: Solar Solutions For All 17. Jumo Coffee Roasters Seoulkool Egaila: An Artisan Approach 18. Pegasus Automotive Group: Best International Luxury Automotive Dealership 2021 19. Connect Resources: Leading Workforce and Manpower Company - Dubai 20. Takya Food Company: Best Contemporary Dining Experience - Riyadh 21. Guildhall: Retained Search Headhunting Firm of the Year 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 22. Green Gardenia Landscaping LLC: Most Trusted Landscaping Company - DubaiAward 2022 Contents 7. 10. 29. 26. 24. market-i: Market Research Agency of the Year 2022 26. Vivaah Weddings: Best Bespoke Wedding Planning & Management Service 2022 27. Sopranos: Best Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant – Abu Dhabi 28. Masterminds Education: Most Dedicated Early Years Education Centre 2022 22. Marcoso Trading: Best Global Steel Trading Company 2022

News Carbon Bank launches the future of payments for Africa with Zero Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Carbon, a credit led Pan-African digital bank released Carbon Zero, a buy now, pay later web app which helps customers spread the cost of purchases into interest-free instalments, in-store or online. Since its inception in late 2021, Carbon Zero has generated ₦2.3 billion in requests from 41,000 customers who have applied for a spending limit. Instant Approval Using proprietary technology Carbon has been developing and improving throughout their 10 years as a credit provider, Carbon’s decision engines can automatically assess affordability and give accurate credit decisions in seconds. By simply sharing their BVN and bank account number, millions of people can make purchases with interest-free credit seamlessly. Market-Leading Spend Amounts Based on affordability, Carbon Zero allows customers to spend up to N2.5m with Carbon Zero. This is far higher than the spend limits offered by competitors, with most being somewhere between ₦150,000 and ₦500,000. This of course makes Carbon Zero the de-facto choice for customers with higher purchasing power. The Best Interest Rate: 0% This one’s easy to explain. Carbon Zero literally charges ZERO percent interest on all purchases which are repaid on time and in full in 3 instalments giving Carbon Zero an edge over competing BNPL providers that charge interest for short tenors. “We believe that having access to credit and good financial services is a fundamental human right. The costs of basic goods and services are rising and increasingly out of reach for customers, so it’s natural that people need help with financing what we consider everyday modern necessities.” Chijioke Dozie. CEO, Carbon Carbon Zero literally charges ZERO percent interest on all purchases.

News Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, receives the “Inspirational Role Model” Award from IATA Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, was awarded the “Inspirational Role Model Award” at the 2022 IATA Diversity & Inclusion Awards. Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, was awarded the “Inspirational Role Model Award” at the IATA Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2022 organised by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Güliz Öztürk, who carries out many activities on gender balance, both institutionally and individually, received this special award, which aims to recognise and celebrate the great work that is being done to ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The Award was presented at the 78th IATA’s Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Doha by IATA’s Director General Willie Walsh and Qatar Airways Group CEO His Excellency Akbar Al Baker. Speaking about the “Inspirational Role Model Award”, presented to women leaders who have a significant impact on the aviation agenda through their strong contribution to business delivery, as well as their ongoing support of the diversity and inclusion agenda, Güliz Öztürk, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, said: “It is a great honour to receive such a significant and special award. As Pegasus Airlines, we are a company that places great importance on diversity and inclusion. We have been at the centre of the struggle for gender equality in particular for many years and have been carrying out a lot of work in this field. We are proud of the fact that our female employees have made their mark in every field in our company from pilots to senior management.” And she continued: “We will make every effort, institutionally and individually, to contribute to the equal participation of all individuals, regardless of gender, in all areas of social life and to enable women to express their full potential, and we will continue to work with all our strength with the aim of achieving a more equal future.” Pegasus’ work on gender equality Pegasus Airlines, the first airline in the world to join the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles platform, is a member of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Commission for Development of Gender Balance and supports initiatives such as the Yanındayız Association, Wtech Women in Technology Association, and the Women in Sales Network (WiSN) social project. Pegasus, who made a pledge for the achievement of gender balance within the company by signing IATA’s “25by2025” initiative in 2019, continues to review its target every quarter in this context. Pegasus also sets targets to increase female representation and leadership in senior management within the scope of the UN Global Compact’s Target Gender Equality programme and takes decisive steps towards achieving these targets through performance analysis, workshops, and shared learning among participating companies. Indicative of its thoughtfulness towards gender balance, Pegasus Airlines continues its tradition of naming the new aircraft joining its fleet after the daughters of its employees.

MEA / Q2 2022 6 Feb22665 Best Corporate Structuring & Wealth Management Firm - Middle East Over the past few turbulent years, many have turned to wealth management firms in order to bolster their finances and secure their futures. One of these many firms is Huriya Private FZ LLE, a luxury firm that offers its bespoke services to some of the wealthiest families and individuals throughout the GCC. Henceforth, for a premium wealth management that you can trust, Huriya Private is the number one option. eadquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Huriya Private FZ LLE has been providing bespoke strategic management support to international clients since 1996, focusing on private equity, immigration, multi-family offices, and corporate structuring. In essence, Huriya Private provides exclusive advisory services to a select number of families and private entities. In addition to decades of professional financial services experience, the firm has cultivated an international network of contacts, resulting in a deep understanding of the needs of modern high-net-worth clients and families. Indeed, Huriya Private boasts extensive experience in advising some of the GCC’s wealthiest individuals. As the world becomes increasingly complex, the firm provides an array of services that focus on assisting clients in protecting, maintaining, and enhancing their private wealth. The overarching goal at Huriya Private is to provide its clients with freedom of movement – to travel visa-free to a range of locations and, ultimately, to access and repatriate their wealth, in the most commercial, tax-efficient, and cost-effective manner possible. Simply put, Huriya Private is the one-stop-shop for high-net-worth clients who are looking for safety and security for their wealth and families through second citizenship, corporate structuring, and wealth management. For over three decades the company has been serving such clients, offering them a wholly transparent and streamlined service. Huriya Private prides itself on its client-centricity, developing a company and, subsequently, services that get to the heart of what the client needs. Much of this approach stems from the company’s devoted team. The team is equipped to provide a plethora of bespoke services that have been tailored to the client’s needs in the most effective manner. After all, providing a service experience that meets and exceeds its clients’ expectations is the top priority at Huriya Private. Huriya Private views its team as its most valuable asset. Of course, its team is the foundation on which it has built its success. Their dedication and commitment to thrive and improve the overall quality of Huriya Private’s services inspires the firm every day. As its success story continues to unfold, their enthusiastic effort fuels the firm to reach new milestones and overcome any potential obstacles. Moreover, the team conducts itself in a manner that has, consequently, set the company apart from its industry companions. Huriya Private is known for its excellent customer service – an element that has proven to be a benefit on numerous occasions. In the wake of the pandemic, many people were confronted with radically different definitions of business instability and lack of mobility. This led them to rethink their priorities. In turn, they started to search for options to secure a better and more protected future, not only for themselves or their families but also for their businesses. Specialising in this area, Huriya Private saw an influx in business, which was further bolstered by the rise in demand for second passports. Furthermore, many have begun to prioritize the security of wealth over everything. Due to this, numerous of Huriya Private’s clients have started to reassess their corporate structures and are working to find safe lands to expand their business and repatriate their wealth through second citizenship benefits. As a result, the company swelled, and was able to facilitate the necessary growth to secure its future. Henceforth, the upcoming year will see Huriya Private continue to provide a range of services that keep its clients safe, free, and most importantly, satisfied. Its main priority? Adaption. Huriya Private’s services are constantly being refined to correspond with the world’s ever-changing regulations and policies whenever possible. Contact: John Hanafin Company: Huriya Private FZ LLE Web Address: Email: [email protected] H

MEA / Q2 2022 7 Mar22411 Best Global STEM Institution 2022 Launched with the aim to bring a new sense of innovative independence and learning to children around the world, Brainy n Bright has been internationally renowned for its educational efforts, changing the lives and minds of people as young as five and upwards to 14. Regarded as the Best Global STEM Institution of 2022, Brainy n Bright is dedicated to changing the future of the world’s children and is led by the motto ‘Ideate Innovate and Create,’ as its essential and core founding principles and educational structure. With its incredible recognition as the Best Global STEM institution of the year, Brainy n Bright is established as a Center of Science and Technology based in several locations such as Dubai, the UAE, and the USA. Additionally, due to its impressive offerings within the educational sector, Brainy n Bright have been described as the Educational Partner of Accure Inc, which is conveniently located in Reston, Virginia. Brainy n Bright conducts several services throughout these locations, such as classes, activities, and research sessions for students from FS to Year 13/ KG to Grade 12. In addition to this, Brainy n Bright also prepares its students for interactive and intellectual competitions, developing teams to collaborate in sessions such as World Robot Olympiad, FIRST Lego League, FIRST Global, and MakeX, to name a few. Moreover, Brainy n Bright offers online internships to students in various disciplines, reaching out to those who are passionate about their educational upbringing. Furthermore, Brainy n Bright takes its role in the educational sector very seriously, as its innovative efforts for the youth of tomorrow are entirely in the hands of its industry professionals. Therefore, the organisation conducts frequent seminars on various topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Cyber Awareness for its clients, staff, students, and parents. This way everyone is up to date and can benefit from its services. At Brainy n Bright, students and clients alike can learn from various professional members of staff who are well trained and gifted in their own rights. These trainers enable individuals to learn from them and gain the best experience and expertise. They are also highly regarded throughout the company as qualified academic scholars from some of the best universities in the world. Each skilled trainer is reputable worldwide and are described as game changers in technology – handpicked for their unparalleled intellect, drive and passion in this niche area and put through rigorous training and timely tested pedagogy to become qualified and unmatched engineers. Students can be mentored by the top academicians and industry experts at Brainy n Bright while being in a thoroughly safe and respected environment that encourages independence, growth, innovation, and intellectual freedom. Throughout the organisation, students will be able to expand their knowledge and train with the best experts in their field in areas such as AI, Coding, STEM, Space, Graphic Designing and Animation, just to name a few. As the Best Global STEM Institution of 2022, Brainy n Bright is shaping how children learn, grow, and live their lives, encouraging intellectual expansion through a wide variety of educational classes, seminars, and hands-on activities one-of-a-kind learning experience for one-of-a-kind children. Company Name: Brainy n Bright Web Address:

MEA / Q2 2022 8 Mar22629 Most Innovative Content Creation Company 2022 Premium digital creative solutions are Plan Digital’s speciality. Creating magnificent campaigns for renowned clients, the company’s portfolio is filled with a diverse range of pleased customers. Consequently, 2022 will be a big year for the agency as it begins to explore the world of content creation in social media and the metaverse. Plan Digital DMCC is a leading digital creative agency based out of Dubai. The company has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury fashion and hospitality brands, for whom it undertakes a range of services, including social media marketing and management, content creation and animations, NFTs, online campaign and digital screen production, influencer marketing, and much more. Indeed, Plan Digital’s expertise and penchant for cultivating exceptional results has attracted brands such as Richemont Group, Marriott International, and Al Masaood Group. Effortlessly combining talent with experience and agility, Plan Digital prides itself on its ability to continuously innovate and, ultimately, subvert the status quo. Further, the company has become well known within its niche thanks to its values – it prioritises client-centricity, professionalism, and strategy. Its creative solutions are, therefore, supported by a strong background of research and planning, with a particular focus on collaboration with the client. Simply, everything that Plan Digital does has been designed in a manner that will ensure efficacy and customer satisfaction. One incredibly popular service that the company offers is the provision of a ‘Glambot.’ This savvy piece of technology takes events to the next level – it provides event holders and guests with the opportunity to perform dance sequences, show off their outfits, or strike a pose for a personalised social media video. Utilising the Showbolt, the world’s fastest camera bot, the Glambot is able to shoot up to 1000fps. As such, the product has been used by esteemed brands for their events – including Binance, IIFA, Roberto Cavalli Perfum and Vacheron Constantin during the GQ Man of the year event. These services and values are some of many elements that make the company unique; however, its stand-out trait is its ability to connect with its clients. Operating as a boutique agency, Plan Digital is equipped to work closely with its customers, taking their requirements and wishes into consideration. Henceforth, it has established itself as a leader within its niche throughout the UAE. Keeping this position has been one of the main challenges Plan Digital has faced over the years – within a fast-paced market it is imperative to keep pushing the boundaries in order to maintain the premier position. Moreover, scalability can be a large issue as the constant evolution can impact the sustainability of quality and performance. The Covid-19 pandemic was an enormous challenge for many – but for Plan Digital, it was an opportunity to acquire further success. During this period, many companies and brands were focusing upon digitisation and marketing, and as a result, Plan Digital saw a flurry of new customers. Inevitably, some small issues arose, like supply chain delays leading to the postponement of product launches and businesses putting a hold on their marketing budgets. Navigating Plan Digital through both its successes and challenges is Ahmed Salem, Founder and Managing Director. He boasts over 16 years of experience working for some of Dubai’s top agencies with a plethora of household names – Mastercard, Nivea, Coca Cola and Adib Bank, for example. Furthermore, with a young, agile, and adaptive team, Ahmed has built a strong foundation of people who can make a huge difference to the industry and customer experience. Ahmed has big plans for Plan Digital, as in 2022, the company will be heading in a new direction. With Covid-19 restrictions easing and events coming back in full force, Plan Digital will be enhancing its digital and content creation team to cover the luxury brands during red carpets and events. On top of this, Plan Digital is working towards developing its expertise in blockchain technology as Dubai is the new hub for crypto – it is in the middle of creating new content for the blockchain technology, Plan Digital is working hard to develop more for brands in Dubai. Watch this space. Contact: Ahmed Salem Company: Plan Digital DMCC E-mail: [email protected] Web Address: The company has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury fashion and hospitality brands, for whom it undertakes a range of services, including social media marketing and management, content creation and animations, NFTs, online campaign and digital screen production, influencer marketing, and much more.

MEA / Q2 2022 9 Apr22183 Best Organic Personal Care & Wellbeing Brand 2022 Providing organic aromatherapy for emotional wellbeing using the power of colours and essential oils, Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics’ concept reimagines the ordinary – through science and holistic approaches. It is a big year for the company as it celebrates its twenty-second year in business, in addition to achieving extraordinary success within the UAE Business Awards 2022. n Greek mythology, ‘Altea’ or ‘Althaea’ is defined as the Beacon of Healing who embodies kindness, love, and compassion. ‘Rah’, in ancient Egyptian cultures, was known as the Pharaoh of Light. These two powerful beings combined represent the core of Altearah: the meeting ground of emotional wellness and colour, the very fabric of the company. Additionally, ‘bio’ is the French abbreviation for the word ‘biologique’ which translates to ‘organic’ in English – This is in the company name as a signifier of its entire mission, and its commitment to wellness through colour, in its very identity, is organic. Altearah Bio aspires to be a personalised tool on the journey towards wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul, and to do so whilst upholding the highest standards for ethical and responsible production and process. A woman-led company, it wholeheartedly believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally-conscious living and embodies this value on both ends of its supply chain. The company has found a unique way to merge the psychological impact of colours with the emotional, physiological, and skin benefits of essential oils. Its cosmetic range ethically and innovatively combines 100% natural, organic ingredients to create 14 unique colour synergies, each of which promise wellness. Its products are Parfums de Soin, Concentrates de Soin, and Huiles de Soin –meaning ‘Perfumes of Care’, ‘Concentrates of Care’, and ‘Skincare Oils of Care’. Colour is everywhere you look, and everywhere you don’t look – and it has the power to reflect or guide our behaviour. Warm colours like red, yellow, and orange have been found to arouse emotions such as love, passion, happiness, and anger, while cool colours such as blue, green, and purple can evoke calmness, sadness, or indifference. The link between colours and moods is intrinsic, and at Altearah, the ability of colour psychology to illuminate emotional truths is championed. Colour is a wavelength that reflects, bends, and deflects through all kinds of particles, molecules, and objects to reveal to us the colours that we see, and they fall in the 390 to 750 nanometre range. Aromas are also a wavelength; anything you smell has a vibration, including essential oils. When you inhale an essential oil, the odour molecules vibrate through the nose at a certain wavelength and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, one of which is the limbic system, or the ‘emotional brain’. What sets Altearah Bio apart from other personal care and wellness brands is that since its establishment over 20 years ago, its focus has been on using the wavelength of colour and scents to help individuals to feel positive, in harmony, and confident – through which their beauty can radiate. Altearah views wellness products as more than just skincare, but as something that should be personalised and offer a 360-approach for all levels of experience. Through the balancing act of colour, emotion, essential oils, and smart formulation, Altearah offers a curated selection of personal care products that work at both the physical and skin level, but also beyond – at the emotional level, for a positive outlook, and a truly holistic approach to wellbeing. For example, Altearah’s Turquoise range features a blend of ylang-ylang, palmarosa, and bergamot, among other essential oils, and was created to be relaxing and stress-reducing. Furthermore, the skin and physiological benefits of this range of products are robust, offering hydration, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Together, this range targets mental hyperactivity, but also the various effects on the skin that can be caused by stress. With 14 synergies, 14 emotions, and 14 colours, Altearah offers an organic and customisable solution for specific needs in the moment. Altearah is not just some skincare or beauty brand, but it comes with a purpose – grounded in emotions and colour for healing and wellness of the mind and body. When we are stressed, our skin breaks out or becomes dry, our digestion is impacted, and we feel scattered. By targeting emotions through Altearah’s synergies of aromatherapy products, dual-action is possible: bringing clients towards positivity, as well as nourishing the skin and body with deeply beneficial ingredients. Altearah’s Business Manager, Aheem Siddique commented, “As humans, we tend to view a skin problem or physical problem as just that – but at Altearah, we know that beauty and radiance is a result of emotional wellness and how we’re feeling within.” Everything that Altearah is today has been a team effort, powered by the creativity, dedication, and hard work of all the women who have stood under its banner since 2000. The team is a family affair, consisting of individuals who have either been there since the beginning, grown up with it, or have fallen in love with the concept and the company. They are passionate and wholeheartedly believe that the brand can better the industry and wellbeing of clients. They value collaboration, think outside of the box, and are mission-driven – a mindset that gives a unique quality of a shared vision instead of just shared work. Company: Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics Contact: Aheem Siddique Email: [email protected] Website: I

MEA / Q2 2022 10 Apr22092 Dubai International Content Market (DICM) is MENA’s (Middle East and North Africa) biggest gathering of media professionals, this year to be held on 23rd and 24th November at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Conference Centre. ubai International Content Market is the leading and only event specially designed and structured for content producers looking for development opportunities in the region and willing to connect with broadcasters and all media and entertainment platforms in order to expand their distribution network. With loyalty being a core value of DICM, it strives to build and nurture long-term partnerships with its participants. It is the basement of a rich legacy, which allows DICM to run high-quality events and to deliver a memorable experience to all visitors and exhibitors. DICM’s objective is to drive international selected content in the Middle East, as well as to highlight regional specialised productions by allowing them to present their library to buyers and get pre-selected into the acquisition process. DICM provides a variety of solutions in terms of visibility, communication, and business connections. Its aim is to successfully support the expansion of diverse selected content into the region facilitating contacts with broadcasters, OTT, and VOD platform operators. Since its rebranding in 2018, DICM has been dedicated to the Middle East and Africa content community and its development, gathering together content sellers and buyers. While it remains focused on its core values and main objectives, the event has enhanced its geographical outreach and developed new services to better support its customers. Its skilled team is made up of experts in their field with a deep knowledge of the media and content industry and regional specificities. While the event aims to identify and bring together international content producers and distributors to its regional buyers, this further ensures the quality of buyers and refines the core audience that attend. Furthermore, the team liaises closely with all customers to identify the requests and interests from both buyers and sellers. This gives DICM an edge amongst other players in the market. DICM is constantly adapting and enhancing the way it operates to ensure it meets its clients’ needs through innovative and pioneering solutions. The Content Business Hub is its focused platform, which allows browsing and previewing of 10,000+ hours of content in order to preschedule meetings well before the event with qualified buyers by its expert team. Being based in Dubai has always been an asset for DICM. It is located in the heart of a wide flourishing region for the content industry and in a city that facilitates connections between various stakeholders. In addition, the past two years have proven Dubai to be one of the unique places worldwide for hosting live in-person events since December 2020. Despite the covid-19 challenges faced by the event industry globally, Dubai has managed to ensure a safe environment to host international events and welcome all participants. During this period, to keep its audience engaged and updated, DICM initiated a series of webinars, now an integral part of the DICM ecosystem, The Content Market Webinars, which are run on the third Wednesday of each month. The best content from each region of the world is presented to buyers to enable them to discover new trends, novelties, and opportunities before they meet at DICM. Also, two years ago, DICM introduced a unique and niche online event focusing on specific content aired during the holy month of Ramadan, called E-Ramadan Content Market. Its third edition is scheduled to take place 6th-7th December 2022. The event presents specialised Middle East productions as well as international content and attracts buyers from all global broadcasters and platforms airing a dedicated Ramadan programme. Now focused on the future, DICM will this year welcome Türkiye, Guest of Honour. Turkey is a very dynamic and prolific producing country and with the support of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Turkish content will be under the spotlight. Screenings will be introduced for the first time at the event in November, giving the opportunity to content producers and distributors to showcase their latest titles to DICM buyers. Indeed, DICM is a globally-known event that has proven within a short period of time to be the must-attend market for Middle East and Africa. Speaking about its success within the UAE Business Awards 2022, Irina Deaconu, Marketing and Communication Manager at the company said, “We are very grateful our event was recognised as the Best Media Industry Event in MENA. We look forward to welcoming all media executives to DICM in November.” Company: DICM, Dubai International Content Market organised by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions Contact: Irina Deaconu Email: [email protected] Website: D Best Annual Media Industry Event - MENA

MEA / Q2 2022 11 - Feb22653 Best eCommerce Technology Company 2022 - MENA Specialising in various services within its niche market, IQ Fulfillment develops several offerings to clients and business professionals in the region of eCommerce and AI robotics. Established as the Best eCommerce Technology Company 2022, IQ Fulfillment was launched to respond to the increasingly demanding fulfilment industry of the MENA region. IQ Fulfillment was launched as the first robotics fulfilment centre in 2019 in Dubai within the MENA region. With that, the company established significant founding principles that intend to support the needs of SMEs, incubators, accelerators, and eCommerce players. By supporting this vast range of clients across these sectors, the company’s developments enable it to expand and increase its business growth in a timely manner. In addition, based on a mission to eliminate the separation between customers and businesses, IQ Fulfillment uses tech-enabled fulfilment centres under a unified platform to address this issue. These platforms have a 99.9% picking accuracy rate. Because of this, the company works each day tirelessly to ensure it can continuously provide efficient and effective innovative solutions to its range of customers – allowing them to focus on what really matters, their company. Described as the first AI and robotics powered warehousing and fulfilment solution within the MENA region, IQ Fulfilment specialises in several services such as cash on delivery, robotic picking, packing and protection, branding services, sorting, cross-dock, kitting and bundling, customised value-added services, storage, labelling and Tagging, Dimensioning, and quality check process, to name a few. IQ Fulfillment was established to develop a solution that supports companies filling the logistics industry gap by providing eCommerce businesses with the edge needed to distinguish themselves in the market and build a strong reputation against competitors and compete and thrive in the fast-evolving and everchanging industry. IQ Fulfillment does this by bringing together cutting-edge technology and industry experts worldwide and creates the most advanced and intelligent robotic solutions with the highest quality and innovative software platforms to ensure the most efficient and innovative revolutionary solutions for a business. One of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide is the eCommerce industry, and with great reason too – for it changes just as fast as the individuals who run it. Moreover, the MENA region has been highly regarded as one of the most significant areas connected to this sector because of its ability to keep up with global trends. Run by CEO Fadi Amoudi, his journey toward leading a successful company began when he moved to Dubai in 2018 and branched out into the eCommerce industry within the MENA region. With an extensive background in FMCG combined with his passion for technology and robotics, Fadi dabbled with the idea of establishing an e-grocery platform. However, as he noticed the increasing challenges within the fulfilment and logistics industry, Fadi decided to put his drive and effort into something else, and thus, IQ Fulfillment was born. Fadi took on these problems that riddled the industry and utilised his experience and expertise to create a successful business by supporting other companies to create effective solutions that render the original challenges down. With Dubai being the quinticental location to begin this business, with its cutting edge and technological advances in robotics, Fadi discovered that his move not only changed his zip code but his career path. Thus, he began developing solutions that could cope with the growing demands of the eCommerce business – now a hub recognised worldwide for being the Best eCommerce Technology Company in the MENA region. Company Name: IQ Fulfillment Web Address: Contact name: Joelle Beyrouthy

MEA / Q2 2022 Best Film Production Company 2022 - Abu Dhabi With deeply ingrained values of respect, creativity, and boldness, Al Kalema Productions is one of the most well-renowned and well-respected production companies in the Middle East. Having made a name for itself both within its region and in the international market, this company sets itself apart with its creative integrity and team spirit, creating each piece of film and media with an unparalleled passion that pushes the envelope of what is possible in modern cinematography. A United Arab Emirates company with an international pedigree, Al Kalema Productions has managed to gain accreditation across a wide cross section of heavy hitters in its market. With an office in the United States, partnerships all over the world, and the title of the most prominent independent production house in the MENA region, Al Kalema Productions boasts an in-house roster of talent that has secured its place at the top. From producers to directors, screenwriters, camera operators, video editors, animators, and sound mixers, its team are well-educated, well-trained, and enthusiastic, each with their own individual artistic flair that breathes life into any project. Nominally, with one of the largest in-house production inventories in the country at its fingertips, Al Kalema Productions puts some of the greatest innovations in film to use. By putting this equipment in the hands of the people who can make the best use of it – its team – it is able to create some of the most beautiful and well executed artistry made possible by the medium of film. Thus, it appreciates its clients, stakeholders, and audience, each of whom put their faith in its creative and logistical acumen at every stage of the process, and who appreciate its proven ability to deliver the best results on a reliable basis. Furthermore, this company is one that admires nature. By capturing the natural beauty of landscapes and people, it hopes to bring an audience a greater appreciation of the world they live in by showing them it through a variety of different perspectives, both in terms of character and creative context. In this manner, it lets its products speak for itself, the message it shares being one of ambition and diligence; with each film it creates, it gets one step closer to its goal of making the United Arab Emirates a media hub not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world. From development to post-production, Al Kalema Productions provides a well-fleshed out and comprehensive pipeline that will take a project from start to finish. Always paying attention to the details as well as remaining cognizant of the bigger picture, its diverse and dynamic team are experts in finding the synergy between ideas, pulling them together to form a beautiful tapestry of world-class media, infused with a variety of opinions and experiences. Fundamentally, this infusion of such a myriad of different viewpoints into a work ensures that each project leaves as the best version of itself it can be, a version that is respectful to all and meets a client’s vision. Critically, in the past, this attitude to film making has allowed it to create some of the best works in major events, film, TV production, and even marketing campaigns for high-end clientele. Further to this, with an upcoming pivot towards VFX, it promises that its distinctive style will only be developing further as it moves forward towards the bright future that its surely in store. Moreover, this future will be built atop the deeply integral principles and values that Al Kalema Productions has infused into the very foundation of the business. These values speak to opening the door for new creatives, to delivering new content and pushing the envelope when it comes to what is possible for film, media, and visual content creation. Its expert team work hard to listen to the client at every turn, incorporating their voice, ideas, and commentary into the media itself so that the final product is truly reflective of what the customer wanted; moreover, when it receives feedback, this is something it addresses with the utmost seriousness. With an office in the United States, partnerships all over the world, and the title of the most prominent independent production house in the MENA region, Al Kalema Productions boasts an in-house roster of talent that has secured its place at the top. Mar22719

13 Best Film Production Company 2022 - Abu Dhabi Crucially, when it receives a review from its clients – no matter the issues raised – it will always seek to try and analyse and learn from the comments, concerns, and critiques. It thrives by receiving and responding sensitively to constructive criticism, using it to construct the pillars that will allow it to reach greater heights of success. Although – due to changes in its industry and in the world at large – it has had to change elements of its processes or ways of working time and again, its core value of listening to and valuing customer feedback has remained ever-consistent. This, its other values of fostering new ideas, and pushing for further innovation, has created a company that will never rest on its laurels, instead dedication itself to always finding out how it can be better, create something more hard hitting, or reach new audiences. Its independent feature films, documentaries, and TV shows have therefore become examples of some of the best of modern film making. Able to create both Hollywood style movies and regional Arab content, its corporate videos, TV commercials, and promotional content isn’t restrained by borders; indeed, it is able to create content that appeals to the global market, with a history of taking initiative in the production of its own content. By not waiting for the market to come to it, it creates the new content that will satisfy the market’s hankerings for the uncharted and unexplored, developing a reputation for originality, pizzaz, and a singularly prestigious flair. Stylistically, its relentlessly ambitious and front-running ability to develop the latest and greatest hits is made possible through its incredible team. Each of them is talented, dedicated, and hardworking, with an ethos of family that follows them throughout their career right from day one. No matter the department, each person will find themselves fully ingrained in the business as an integral part of the greater whole, an indispensable element of the production process with their own highly valued talents, passions, and experience. The energy and ambition of these people is what has put wings on the feet of Al Kalema Productions’s success. Having developed a project called ‘people of determination’, a three-part TV mini-series and drama, with a crew of people with special needs and disabilities from all over the world, this series has been made by the people it is about, allowing Al Kalema Productions to tell the stories of people who are seldom seen in media. It looks forward to developing many projects like this going forward, and is excited to see where it can takes its clients – and its industry – in the future. Company: Al Kalema Productions Contact: Mansoor Al Dhaheri Website:

MEA / Q2 2022 14 Jan22257 There are numerous reasons why German Construction is Harare’s leading construction and carpentry services provider – for example, it prioritises safety, quality, and the customer. Over the years, the company has curated a diverse portfolio that features a range of projects within both the commercial and residential sectors, with numerous customers returning to the company time and time again. Stemming from Harare, Zimbabwe, German Construction is an energetic and dynamic construction company that has cultivated a diverse portfolio since its founding. It has established a reputation for creating and adding value to property portfolios for both property owners and tenants, which has pushed the company towards a leading role within the construction and carpentry industry. With numerous services under its belt – including construction and repairs, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing – the company has worked on a vast range of projects. German Construction has cut its teeth working in bricklaying, plastering, and tiling. One project that it undertook was the construction of the 1812 Harvey Brown Arlington Estate, which resulted in the production of multiple luxurious, spacious houses. German Construction engages in a collaborative approach, communicating effectively with stakeholders in order to completely understand its client’s business objectives and, ultimately, create projects which best cater for their needs. Moreover, the fledgling company vows to provide quality, boasting a statement on its website in which it states that it, ‘provides quality infrastructure development in the form of building of housing projects, office facilities and community centers.’ Within the same statement the company clarifies that, ‘It accesses and transforms policy into tangible, yet accessible information, which is disseminated to all tiers of government and local community structures.’ Consequently, the company has established a loyal clientele, and has formed long-term bonds with each of its clients. This has further been bolstered by the company’s mission to produce projects at competitive rates that still exceed the client’s standards. Furthermore, German Construction endeavours to deliver work within the predicted timeframe and within the budget. Of course, this must be to a premium standard – there’s no room for a lack of quality or rushed work. It hopes to provide its clients with a trustworthy experience whilst executing their projects, and therefore, German Construction places an emphasis on clear communication. On top of this, it follows through stringent procedures that ensure that the client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all its processes. This would not have been possible without the team. German Construction states that its ‘people are crucial in the delivery of our services and solutions to our clients.’ In addition, it takes a great amount of pride in the team’s ability to supply an efficient and high-quality service to its clients. Of course, this primarily stems from the company’s focus on training – it believes in providing training, accredited certifications, and practical knowledge to its staff, in order to facilitate a qualified, confident, and safe workforce. As such, this further ensures that the team understands how to interact with customers, and how to embody a client-centric service. It is abundantly clear that this approach has worked, as the company has received a plethora of positive reviews. For example, the company has amassed a 4.3-star rating through Google Reviews, in which multiple pleased customers have left glowing testimonials. Retzvad Tsigo, a customer that enlisted the company’s services for drywall repair, commented, ‘The best construction company around.’ He further went on to praise the company’s professionalism, punctuality, quality, and responsiveness. Contact: Witness Muchakata Company: German Construction Web Address: Best Construction & Carpentry Services Provider - Harare

MEA / Q2 2022 15 Best Extrusion Manufacturing Company 2021 As one of the jewels in the crown of aluminium extrusion products, Aluminium Products Company has been working hard to learn, grow, and create. With exemplary lines of offerings that are sure to increase the environmental sustainability of a building, benefitting its structurally as well as benefitting the people who use the space, its international service has earned it repute across a variety of borders. In short, with friends across all areas of its industry vertical, it has built its reputation out of simple extrusions tailored to fit customer demand. eing a Saudi Joint Stock Company, Aluminium Products Company has grown up based on market co-operation. Fundamentally, by forging good will with its peers and market segment, it has been able to secure itself as one of the leading companies in aluminium extruded profiles; each of its product lines boast different shapes, surfaces, and treatments, from mill finish to powder coated, adonized, wood finished, and polished. Despite the differences in style, what remains constant is the quality. Aluminium Products Company has cut its teeth on developing and maintaining an impeccably high standard of product throughout its growth as a company, standards that are confirmed by the relevant governing bodies. By compliance with the regulations of bodies such as European, German, American, and Saudi quality assurance, it ensures that a customer never has to simply take its word for it when it comes to its results. Instead, they can turn to the amount of industry clout it has accrued by proving the excellence of its products to the right people. Furthermore, as it moves forever forward towards energy sustainability and goals of ecological balance, it continues to change its own internal processes to better help with this, forming strategic partnerships with companies like ALUK and ALUBOND in order to learn from the existing innovations in its industry. By showing respect, interest, and an insatiable hankering for learning, it has made itself a gem amongst its peers, one that its sector is happy to work with. Thus, ALUPCO has been able to use the knowledge gained over time to develop its architectural thermal break systems with this company, allowing windows and curtain walls to minimize heat loss from inside a building. This has earned notoriety in its industry for the quality of innovation that has gone into every part of its ideation, and its sales offices in Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, UAE, and Egypt ensure that customers can be talked through all of this and more before they commit to buying. Serving clients all over the world – past and present – it looks forward to the developments it will be able to bring to them in the future, promising that it is just getting started. Company: Aluminium Products Company Contact: Khaled Abdel-Moneim Website: B Jan22377 AluminiumProducts Company has cut its teeth on developing andmaintaining an impeccably high standard of product throughout its growth as a company, standards that are confirmed by the relevant governing bodies.