MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 Mar22253 Nov21612 Market Research Agency of the Year 2022 The market-i journey began in Germany in 2007 when a team of seasoned research professionals came together to create an agency that could deliver and inspire clients by answering marketing questions in a way that is intelligent, insightful, and actionable. arket-i is a boutique consultancy where highly experienced professionals tailor solutions to uniquely address the needs of clients who are focused on leadership and growth, ultimately creating strategic value. By developing innovative research solutions, the team is able to support clients with the critical stages of the business process, with every project they undertake being a collaborative journey. The market-i ecosystem consists of three distinct divisions working together to service its clients. These are as consumer research, public diplomacy and strategic communications, and technology. Consumer Research Division market-i tailors its solutions using a combination of traditional and technology-based research techniques to assist clients in generating meaningful insights that drive business decisions. It develops innovative research solutions that support critical stages in the business process. Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communications Division Within this division, market-i assesses public sentiments and attitudes to support development communication strategy which addresses strengthening civic participation, strengthening national unity, countering VEO (violet extremist organisations), and countering malign foreign influence. The agency develops communication strategies that create resilience amongst vulnerable target audiences. Regions in which it offers expertise in this area are Western Europe, Central Eastern Europe, West Africa, and Middle East and Africa (not GCC). Technology Division market-i’s tech lab, buzzParade was created in 2013 with the sole purpose of developing solutions that would enable the collecting of m