MEA Q2 2022

23 Most Trusted Landscaping Company - Dubai Green Gardenia Landscaping takes a wholly client-centric approach, basing its services on the fact that no two clients are the same. Green Gardenia Landscapes work closely with its clients in order to gain an understanding of the brief and, ultimately, make the clients’ dreams a reality. Consequently, within each project, the company communicates with the client to guarantee efficacy. By the end, it should have a wealth of information surrounding the client’s goals and ambitions. For both large and small projects, the company handles complexities with a rich toolset of technology and sheer enthusiasm for the entire landscaping process. It firmly believes in pushing its team to unlock hidden potential through a search for solutions which requires patience, repetitive efforts, and exploration. It is the company’s internal culture that sets it apart from its competitors. It brings together dedicated and passionate individuals from various cultures and backgrounds with fresh ideas and a desire to make a sustainable difference to the environment. As such, its team have played a fundamental role in its success. Working collaboratively, the team thrives within a workplace that offers relaxation, support, and the freedom to be creative. There are regular meetings which unite the entire team – meaning all departments, office, and site team, operating at all levels, come together. Within these meetings, the staff are encouraged to be open. This is the team that has enabled the company to blossom within a highlycompetitive industry, utilising creativity to push Green Gardenia Landscaping into a leading market position. Dubai is a bustling city that holds a plethora of opportunities for upcoming and established businesses, and in turn, it is constantly evolving as a productive business sector. Thanks to its openness to industry from across the globe, Dubai has cultivated a range of benefits, including brand recognition, excellent infrastructure, improved economy, tight security and safety, support from the UAE government, and the presence of free zones. Capitalising upon the current atmosphere within the city, Green Gardenia Landscaping is transgressing the pre-existing industry limits. It vows to think outside the box in order to innovate and develop the business without boundaries, with much of this being bolstered by the implementation of new technologies. Such technologies are set to make a large difference in how the company operates, from customer service all the way to workforce development. Contact: Murad Saleh Company: Green Gardenia Landscaping LLC Web Address: