MEA Q2 2022

25 Market Research Agency of the Year 2022 customer feedback, opinions and experience data. With research methods extending from traditional quantitative and qualitative research methods to advanced analytics, the agency utilises mobile survey platforms, social media surveys, online research panels, and QR code activated surveys to gather all kinds of data, enabling its clients to listen to and understand their target markets. Being a boutique agency, market-i is able to focus on business problems, not industries. As such, it has the opportunity to help clients solve business challenges across a wide variety of industries – and with a personal approach. Clients have access to senior members of the team at any time, with the tailoring of research solutions, their marketing issues are addressed rather than force fitting black box solutions. This enables the agency to form an agile working relationship with the client. A flat organisation, this means there is no hierarchy among the team at market-i, and the atmosphere is therefore a friendly, congenial, and very informal one. It is a comfortable space where junior members of the team are encouraged to express themselves and constantly pushed to up their game. market-i is very particular about who it hires, seeking individuals who have smart confidence, who are thinkers, and who have talent to troubleshoot. It is abundantly appreciated when team members are willing to put in the extra effort without management having to push them. Indeed, market-i has handpicked a highly passionate team consisting of individuals who don’t rest until the job gets done – and always to the highest standard. They go above and beyond to provide solutions to clients, not hesitating to work beyond normal working hours as and when needed. This devotion leads to inspired thinking and great decision making, which is all driven by intelligent insights. They are always keeping themselves abreast, shifting market dynamics by constantly collecting consumer behaviour and changing attitudes. This allows the team to plan future growth in terms of product solutions as well as new markets. Also, the MEA region is on an upward growth trajectory, especially the UAE, in which market-i is based, which means it benefits from being within a truly enriching and ambitious business community. COO at market-i, Nisha Chandy Kumar tells us, “The UAE is leading the way for many firsts, recently successfully landing on Mars, hosting the World Expo, as well as being the first country to introduce a 4.5 working week for federal government. Most importantly, UAE has also adapted the working week to Monday to Friday to be in line with global markets. All of this is positive change that impacts businesses such as ours.” Then, when covid-19 hit in 2020, market-i was quick to take action in terms of providing its clients with important insights around consumer sentiments. The pandemic affected consumers around the globe in more ways that one. Nisha explains, “Keeping our ears close to the ground, staying in regular touch with consumers helped us provide clients with much-needed insights to help drive business decisions. We adapted our processes as per the clients’ changing needs which have led to an evolution of new types of consumer research ideas and methodologies. 2020 set the groundwork for many positive changes in our overall business model which took better shape in 2021. “Moving further into 2022 and beyond, we will continue to drive this change with the hope that we achieve sustainable positive growth. To do this, we are looking to open up offices in new markets.” Company: market-i Contact: Nisha Chandy Kumar, COO Email: [email protected] Website: