MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 29 Best Global Steel Trading Company 2022 Marcoso Trading is a steel trading company that has long-term goals dedicated towards helping the betterment of its industry and to be one of the best in the international market both to buy from and work for. Looking to expand its efforts to additional markets in the future, for now it plans to maintain its top of the range service to steel stockists, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, giving them all access to some of the best products and through the most empathic, efficient customer service channels. Since being established in December of 2015, Marcoso Trading has made itself a professionally managed and highly specialist steel trading organisation. Moreover, with a combined experience of over 50 years amongst its team of highly professional and talented steel workforce who have gained experience from international operations, but presently with a current emphasis on South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Sourcing quality and specific grades of steel – including specialist products like electrolytic tinplate, tin free steel, backplate and laminated steel from its internationally renowned steel production partners it supplies a personalised service to its client base. Nominally, it also provides general purpose flat rolled steel as well as steels specifically fabricated for the packaging industry in order to help them serve their own customers by ensuring deliveries reach their destinations safely. In recent years, it broke the milestone of having transacted over 150,000 metric tonnes of various steel products and is on course to soon achieve a sales turnover of $100 million, all of which has been made possible by Marcoso Trading’s dedication of time and resources to ensure a personalised quality performance from start to finish. This ‘boutique commerce’ approach has allowed Marcoso Trading to provide a leading value added service that sets high standards for its industry. Furthermore, the nature of its partnerships allows it to improve its performance by way of the strong client relations it cultivates, as its intention is to honour commitments, execute orders, maintain trust, and continue to invest in its own innovation to mitigate risk. With these being its prevailing attitudes, it is evident how it has maintained a benchmark of the highest possible standards and a worthy reputation for steel trade. Unfortunately, like so many industries, the steel industry was hit hard by Covid-19. With supply lines being disrupted at every turn, and production and manufacture faced with burgeoning costs and expanded timelines, Marcoso Trading had to adapt quickly and efficiently, which it achieved through a pragmatic and lean approach. After all, when serving such a range of stockists, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, it has had to learn to think fast in a variety of situations, and the pandemic was, and for the time-being still remains as a challenge. Working closely with its affiliate offices has allowed many of its customers issues to be promptly resolved with minimum disruption. Therefore, looking ahead, it will be continuing to reward and motivate its staff for their hard work by maintaining the strong platform base it has created from which to professionally flourish in bettering the industry for peers, partners, and customers alike. Company: Marcoso Trading Contact: Hafeez Ahmed Website: Apr22213