MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 9 Apr22183 Best Organic Personal Care & Wellbeing Brand 2022 Providing organic aromatherapy for emotional wellbeing using the power of colours and essential oils, Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics’ concept reimagines the ordinary – through science and holistic approaches. It is a big year for the company as it celebrates its twenty-second year in business, in addition to achieving extraordinary success within the UAE Business Awards 2022. n Greek mythology, ‘Altea’ or ‘Althaea’ is defined as the Beacon of Healing who embodies kindness, love, and compassion. ‘Rah’, in ancient Egyptian cultures, was known as the Pharaoh of Light. These two powerful beings combined represent the core of Altearah: the meeting ground of emotional wellness and colour, the very fabric of the company. Additionally, ‘bio’ is the French abbreviation for the word ‘biologique’ which translates to ‘organic’ in English – This is in the company name as a signifier of its entire mission, and its commitment to wellness through colour, in its very identity, is organic. Altearah Bio aspires to be a personalised tool on the journey towards wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul, and to do so whilst upholding the highest standards for ethical and responsible production and process. A woman-led company, it wholeheartedly believes in the importance of responsible and environmentally-conscious living and embodies this value on both ends of its supply chain. The company has found a unique way to merge the psychological impact of colours with the emotional, physiological, and skin benefits of essential oils. Its cosmetic range ethically and innovatively combines 100% natural, organic ingredients to create 14 unique colour synergies, each of which promise wellness. Its products are Parfums de Soin, Concentrates de Soin, and Huiles de Soin –meaning ‘Perfumes of Care’, ‘Concentrates of Care’, and ‘Skincare Oils of Care’. Colour is everywhere you look, and everywhere you don’t look – and it has the power to reflect or guide our behaviour. Warm colours like red, yellow, and orange have been found to arouse emotions such as love, passion, happiness, and anger, while cool colours such as blue, green, and purple can evoke calmness, sadness, or indifference. The link between colours and moods is intrinsic, and at Altearah, the ability of colour psychology to illuminate emotional truths is championed. Colour is a wavelength that reflects, bends, and deflects through all kinds of particles, molecules, and objects to reveal to us the colours that we see, and they fall in the 390 to 750 nanometre range. Aromas are also a wavelength; anything you smell has a vibration, including essential oils. When you inhale an essential oil, the odour molecules vibrate through the nose at a certain wavelength and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, one of which is the limbic system, or the ‘emotional brain’. What sets Altearah Bio apart from other personal care and wellness brands is that since its establishment over 20 years ago, its focus has been on using the wavelength of colour and scents to help individuals to feel positive, in harmony, and confident – through which their beauty can radiate. Altearah views wellness products as more than just skincare, but as something that should be personalised and offer a 360-approach for all levels of experience. Through the balancing act of colour, emotion, essential oils, and smart formulation, Altearah offers a curated selection of personal care products that work at both the physical and skin level, but also beyond – at the emotional level, for a positive outlook, and a truly holistic approach to wellbeing. For example, Altearah’s Turquoise range features a blend of ylang-ylang, palmarosa, and bergamot, among other essential oils, and was created to be relaxing and stress-reducing. Furthermore, the skin and physiological benefits of this range of products are robust, offering hydration, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Together, this range targets mental hyperactivity, but also the various effects on the skin that can be caused by stress. With 14 synergies, 14 emotions, and 14 colours, Altearah offers an organic and customisable solution for specific needs in the moment. Altearah is not just some skincare or beauty brand, but it comes with a purpose – grounded in emotions and colour for healing and wellness of the mind and body. When we are stressed, our skin breaks out or becomes dry, our digestion is impacted, and we feel scattered. By targeting emotions through Altearah’s synergies of aromatherapy products, dual-action is possible: bringing clients towards positivity, as well as nourishing the skin and body with deeply beneficial ingredients. Altearah’s Business Manager, Aheem Siddique commented, “As humans, we tend to view a skin problem or physical problem as just that – but at Altearah, we know that beauty and radiance is a result of emotional wellness and how we’re feeling within.” Everything that Altearah is today has been a team effort, powered by the creativity, dedication, and hard work of all the women who have stood under its banner since 2000. The team is a family affair, consisting of individuals who have either been there since the beginning, grown up with it, or have fallen in love with the concept and the company. They are passionate and wholeheartedly believe that the brand can better the industry and wellbeing of clients. They value collaboration, think outside of the box, and are mission-driven – a mindset that gives a unique quality of a shared vision instead of just shared work. Company: Altearah Bio Emotive Cosmetics Contact: Aheem Siddique Email: [email protected] Website: I