MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 6 Feb22665 Best Corporate Structuring & Wealth Management Firm - Middle East Over the past few turbulent years, many have turned to wealth management firms in order to bolster their finances and secure their futures. One of these many firms is Huriya Private FZ LLE, a luxury firm that offers its bespoke services to some of the wealthiest families and individuals throughout the GCC. Henceforth, for a premium wealth management that you can trust, Huriya Private is the number one option. eadquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Huriya Private FZ LLE has been providing bespoke strategic management support to international clients since 1996, focusing on private equity, immigration, multi-family offices, and corporate structuring. In essence, Huriya Private provides exclusive advisory services to a select number of families and private entities. In addition to decades of professional financial services experience, the firm has cultivated an international network of contacts, resulting in a deep understanding of the needs of modern high-net-worth clients and families. Indeed, Huriya Private boasts extensive experience in advising some of the GCC’s wealthiest individuals. As the world becomes increasingly complex, the firm provides an array of services that focus on assisting clients in protecting, maintaining, and enhancing their private wealth. The overarching goal at Huriya Private is to provide its clients with freedom of movement – to travel visa-free to a range of locations and, ultimately, to access and repatriate their wealth, in the most commercial, tax-efficient, and cost-effective manner possible. Simply put, Huriya Private is the one-stop-shop for high-net-worth clients who are looking for safety and security for their wealth and families through second citizenship, corporate structuring, and wealth management. For over three decades the company has been serving such clients, offering them a wholly transparent and streamlined service. Huriya Private prides itself on its client-centricity, developing a company and, subsequently, services that get to the heart of what the client needs. Much of this approach stems from the company’s devoted team. The team is equipped to provide a plethora of bespoke services that have been tailored to the client’s needs in the most effective manner. After all, providing a service experience that meets and exceeds its clients’ expectations is the top priority at Huriya Private. Huriya Private views its team as its most valuable asset. Of course, its team is the foundation on which it has built its success. Their dedication and commitment to thrive and improve the overall quality of Huriya Private’s services inspires the firm every day. As its success story continues to unfold, their enthusiastic effort fuels the firm to reach new milestones and overcome any potential obstacles. Moreover, the team conducts itself in a manner that has, consequently, set the company apart from its industry companions. Huriya Private is known for its excellent customer service – an element that has proven to be a benefit on numerous occasions. In the wake of the pandemic, many people were confronted with radically different definitions of business instability and lack of mobility. This led them to rethink their priorities. In turn, they started to search for options to secure a better and more protected future, not only for themselves or their families but also for their businesses. Specialising in this area, Huriya Private saw an influx in business, which was further bolstered by the rise in demand for second passports. Furthermore, many have begun to prioritize the security of wealth over everything. Due to this, numerous of Huriya Private’s clients have started to reassess their corporate structures and are working to find safe lands to expand their business and repatriate their wealth through second citizenship benefits. As a result, the company swelled, and was able to facilitate the necessary growth to secure its future. Henceforth, the upcoming year will see Huriya Private continue to provide a range of services that keep its clients safe, free, and most importantly, satisfied. Its main priority? Adaption. Huriya Private’s services are constantly being refined to correspond with the world’s ever-changing regulations and policies whenever possible. Contact: John Hanafin Company: Huriya Private FZ LLE Web Address: Email: [email protected] H