MEA Q2 2022

13 Best Film Production Company 2022 - Abu Dhabi Crucially, when it receives a review from its clients – no matter the issues raised – it will always seek to try and analyse and learn from the comments, concerns, and critiques. It thrives by receiving and responding sensitively to constructive criticism, using it to construct the pillars that will allow it to reach greater heights of success. Although – due to changes in its industry and in the world at large – it has had to change elements of its processes or ways of working time and again, its core value of listening to and valuing customer feedback has remained ever-consistent. This, its other values of fostering new ideas, and pushing for further innovation, has created a company that will never rest on its laurels, instead dedication itself to always finding out how it can be better, create something more hard hitting, or reach new audiences. Its independent feature films, documentaries, and TV shows have therefore become examples of some of the best of modern film making. Able to create both Hollywood style movies and regional Arab content, its corporate videos, TV commercials, and promotional content isn’t restrained by borders; indeed, it is able to create content that appeals to the global market, with a history of taking initiative in the production of its own content. By not waiting for the market to come to it, it creates the new content that will satisfy the market’s hankerings for the uncharted and unexplored, developing a reputation for originality, pizzaz, and a singularly prestigious flair. Stylistically, its relentlessly ambitious and front-running ability to develop the latest and greatest hits is made possible through its incredible team. Each of them is talented, dedicated, and hardworking, with an ethos of family that follows them throughout their career right from day one. No matter the department, each person will find themselves fully ingrained in the business as an integral part of the greater whole, an indispensable element of the production process with their own highly valued talents, passions, and experience. The energy and ambition of these people is what has put wings on the feet of Al Kalema Productions’s success. Having developed a project called ‘people of determination’, a three-part TV mini-series and drama, with a crew of people with special needs and disabilities from all over the world, this series has been made by the people it is about, allowing Al Kalema Productions to tell the stories of people who are seldom seen in media. It looks forward to developing many projects like this going forward, and is excited to see where it can takes its clients – and its industry – in the future. Company: Al Kalema Productions Contact: Mansoor Al Dhaheri Website: