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The communications industry is responsible for how each business shares and conveys information – whether on a regional or global scale. As we know, our methods of sharing information are made possible by telephone, internet, airwaves, and cables, meaning that we can connect with anyone – anywhere in the world – at any time. We introduce SASH & Company: a highly skilled PR agency which acts as a one-stop shop for all our strategic communications needs. Here we talk to CEO, Tarek Sakik to find out more as the business wins its prestigious award in our MEA Business Awards 2023. Best Regional Communications Consulting Firm – Middle East MEA Business Awards 2 0 2 3

News This prestigious awards programme returns for its seventh year and aims to recognize and laud outstanding performers across a spectrum of industries, encompassing finance, technology, energy, healthcare, and more. Through this platform, excellence, innovation, and exemplary leadership are brought to the forefront. Embracing businesses of all sizes and orientations, from agile start-ups to multinational giants, the MEA Business Awards 2023 provide an inclusive stage for acknowledgment. Furthermore, the awards extend their welcome to exceptional individuals who have left a mark in their respective domains. In 2023, the Middle East and Africa’s business landscape hinges on sustainability and technology. Sustainability initiatives, like advancements in materials and clean energy, fuel economic growth. Simultaneously, technology adoption is reshaping traditional economies. The energy sector is rapidly expanding, accompanied by a growing emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Financial innovation, including fintech and cryptocurrencies, revolutionizes finance. Start-ups thrive alongside a burgeoning e-commerce market. Infrastructure development faces challenges due to global monetary tightening and debt constraints, while diversification efforts contend with protectionism policies. Cybersecurity is a growing concern, but Saudi Arabia remains a stable business haven. These intertwined trends define the region’s dynamic business landscape. MEA Markets is proud to announce the return of the MEA Business Awards 2023, which stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements of businesses spanning the Middle East and Africa region! AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

News Contents 4 SASH & Company: Best Regional Communications Consulting Firm – Middle East 8 Simon Dippenaar & Associates Inc: Most Innovative Multi-Practice Law Firm - South Africa & Best Family & Criminal Defence Firm - South Africa 10 Africa Group Solutions Millenium A.G.S.M: Security & Protection Consultancy of the Year - Senegal 12 Intaj Mohtawayat: Leading Pioneers in Telecom & Digital - Algeria 14 Al-Shaheen Technical: Best Electro-Mechanical & Civil Contractors - Kuwait 16 Avis Budget Egypt: Leading Provider of Mobility Solutions - Africa 18 Datametrics Associates Limited: Best Data Processing & Analysis Company - Nigeria 20 Dynasty Business Adviser: Best Business Development Firm - Dubai 22 Koti Group Holdings Pty Ltd: Best Office Supplies Company - South Africa 24 Alpha Nero FZ LLC: Leading Provider of Shopfitting & Retail Architecture - Dubai 25 A.E. Prognosys Solutions Ltd: Best Regulatory Reporting Provider - EMEA 26 CST Corp Morocco (Cross Seas): Best Leather Apparel Manufacturer - MENA 27 Project32 Boutique Design Studio: Best Boutique Brand Design Studio - Saudi Arabia 28 Karma Yoga: Best Yoga Teacher Training Academy - UAE 29 Systech Limited: Leading Pension Administration Software - Nairobi 30 GTA Cars: Car Dealership of the Year - Dubai 31 Peninsula Drinks & Food LLC: Best Alcohol Retailer & Distributor - UAE 32 Call to Nature Permaculture Ghana: Best Heirloom Seed Agriculture Company - West Africa 33 ALS Logistic Solutions: Best Logistics Automation Company – UAE & MEA Technology Innovation Award 34 HKMS Group: Best Tax & Audit Advisory Firm - UAE 35 TRAVELITE Courier and Cargo: Most Innovative Freight Forwarding & Cargo Solutions Company - Qatar 36 Falkland Electrical & Trading Company: Best Electrical Wires Supplier - Qatar 37 Crave: Restaurant of the Year - Mombasa 38 ARIJ Network: Best Investigative Journalism Agency - Jordan 39 African Geospace: Most Innovative Geospatial Technology & Data Solutions Provider - MEA 27. 31. 20.

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Best Regional Communications Consulting Firm – Middle East The communications industry is responsible for how each business shares and conveys information – whether on a regional or global scale. As we know, our methods of sharing information are made possible by telephone, internet, airwaves, and cables, meaning that we can connect with anyone – anywhere in the world – at any time. We introduce SASH & Company: a highly skilled PR agency which acts as a one-stop shop for all our strategic communications needs. Here we talk to CEO, Tarek Sakik to find out more as the business wins its prestigious award in our MEA Business Awards 2023. The communications industry is so much more than how we communicate – it’s also about what we want to say. Raising and running a business in this industry is no small feat as the industry is extremely competitive and ever evolving. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have faced a lot of challenges over the years, from cybersecurity issues to the introduction of 5G, building brand trust to public interest rates, corporate social responsibility to wading through the world of Artificial Intelligence. This is where regional communications consultancy, SASH & Company makes a clear distinction between itself and its competitors. SASH & Company introduces a plethora of services and solutions which inevitably alter the way we see the communications industry, in the Middle East and beyond. SASH & Company was set up in 2007 to alleviate issues within the communications industry in the Middle East – and, ultimately, have an impact on the industry across the globe. Once it began in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the company decided to expand to Dubai with its strategic and creative hub, then a second KSA base in Riyadh. Led and managed by an exceptional team of individuals, SASH & Company exceeds all expectations for its clients across the Middle East. The individuals which make up the very fabric of the business deeply believe in SASH & Company’s philosophy to exceed expectations every time with extremely elevated standards and the delivery of unparalleled services and solutions for public affairs, media relations, strategic advisory, and social media to a diverse range of clients, including government entities and multinational corporations. Introducing Tarek Sakik, SASH & Company’s seasoned CEO, who has had a vital role in the accomplishments of the business. Tarek Sakik has over 20 years of experience in the field of communications. Working in the industry since 2003, and having been SASH & Company’s CEO since 2017, Tarek has a wealth of knowledge which helps him to lead the agency further into success. Holding the torch for almost eight years at SASH & Company, he has worked tirelessly to ensure the business’ strategic communication advisory, crisis management, and leadership development and profiling is carried out exactly as needed. Tarek starts by telling us more about the establishment’s commitment to its clients’ high expectations: “Our commitment to client satisfaction is embedded in our company culture, ensuring consistency across all facets of our operations.” SASH & Company’s strategic communications services help organizations of all sizes to convey integral messages to their audience. SASH & Company’s approach to this is to communicate effectively with its own clients so that it can find out exactly what they want to put across to engage customers and stakeholders. Analyzing its clients’ specific needs and desired target audience, SASH & Company finds the most efficient, customized ways of raising its clients’ impact and impressions on the world. Winning Best Regional Communications Consulting Firm, Middle East, SASH & Company has been recognized for its ability to organize and enrich communications on a regional basis. However, there’s so much more to SASH & Company than what meets the eye. The business’ fruitful selection of services doesn’t stop there: it also covers strategic advisory, monitoring and reporting, Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT) services, content development, crisis management, social media solutions, digital diplomacy, media training, and outreach services. Of course, with an emphasis on strategic communications, SASH & Company focuses on its clients’ needs and requirements for solutions to their communication issues – large or small. However, the wide range of services offered are not an afterthought – they tie into everything that SASH & Company does for communications across its clients’ projects. Tarek enthuses, “Research based communication lies at the heart of our offerings, empowering clients to deliver their message effectively and persuasively while maintaining their credibility among the masses. We prioritize ongoing education and technological integration. Regular training programs, industry collaborations, and keeping ahead of emerging trends allow us to adapt swiftly to evolving market landscapes.” With its finger steadily resting on the pulse of the communications industry, SASH & Company’s expansive offerings react and respond to any and all trends which may arise over time. Its ability to adapt and stay flexible to trends, no matter how complex they may be, has enabled the company to continue building on its solid reputation since its inception all those years ago. SASH & Company’s content development services aid other businesses in creating and implementing complete and compelling content which targets their desired audience. SASH & Company knows the importance of putting one’s best foot forward – in order to present a brand in the best possible way right from the beginning. Attracting and influencing customers is half the battle when it comes to building a business. Keeping customers is the other half. Ultimately, delivering impactful information is key to sparking initial relationships, then keeping a consistent conversation helps to forge partnerships that are made to last. Helping all kinds of businesses, across every sector, SASH & Company’s strategic advisory services enable an open channel of dialogue which leads them to triumph in their area of expertise. With its professional analysis, the

5 Best Regional Communications Consulting Firm – Middle East

MEA | Business Awards 2023 firm is able to extend its foresight for any one of its clients’ industries. As this requires accurate foresight and actionable insights for each sector, SASH & Company has exercised its skills for reading the corporate landscape in relation to the needs of its clients. With many other services on offer, SASH & Company offers the chance to partner with a collection of wise individuals within its team. They can help each other to identify challenges, opportunities, and potential risks – giving them the insights they need to proceed with confidence rather than caution. In relation to the communications landscape across the Middle East, the future looks bright and full of life. This is especially due to the fact that SASH & Company contributes to the overall success of the industry within the region. Tarek elaborates, “On the cusp of a major transformation from resourcerich economies to innovation-driven hubs, the GCC landscape offers a goldmine of high-growth opportunities in the emerging industries of technology, energy, tourism, sports, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, and many more. However, successfully navigating in these lucrative waters comes with its own set of cultural curveballs and regulatory rigmarole that require local adaptability, stakeholder buy-in, and alignment with national visions.” He adds, “Governments across the region are hard at work to accelerate regulation of digital content as they seek to provide a safe and attractive environment for local and global content creators while enforcing guardrails that ensure compliance with cultural values.” SASH & Company strives to always respond to the rapid changes of the local ecosystem and varied dynamics of the regional market – in order to help its clients and influence other businesses around the world. A lot can be learned from this remarkable agency as we react to rising industry trends across the map. Tarek explains, “Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly been the biggest game changer in the communications realm, revolutionizing content creation, distribution, and consumption through increased automation, personalization, and efficiency. On the other hand, immersive technologies like the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality are gaining foothold for their immense potential in delivering a unique and memorable journey for audiences, enabling them to connect and engage at a deeper level. Finally, sustainability has evolved into a major imperative for entities across the spectrum to act on, having existed all this while as a social initiative with no real impact in the global fight against climate change.” Artificial Intelligence’s foothold across many industries – if not all – has meant that we’re all adapting to a new age of business. The industry has had to adapt for many younger generations, and SASH & Company is no stranger to this. Tarek shares, “As glocal experts, we have strived to incorporate the best of trends and practices followed globally in shaping our clients’ strategies to target a young, enterprising, and digitally-savvy local audience less dazzled by style and dwelling more into substance.” The agency’s prowess lies in its dedication to satisfying its clients and their audiences, so that communications and public relations can run like clockwork, with no interruptions or issues. Working on a regional scale, in line with all requirements for delivering important messages, SASH & Company has earned its spot at the top as a sensational communications agency in the Middle East. “Our company stands out through its dedicated team which truly understands the local ecosystem and the dynamics of the regional market. This sets us apart from competitors, positioning us as leaders in the communications and PR sector. In short, we are global experts with local knowledge.” SASH & Company prides itself on its ability to adjust to what is needed from its clients. The agency has an unbreakable network of team members who all bring something irreplaceable to the table. Tarek says, “Our vibrant and family-like work environment has provided the ideal breeding ground for innovation and collaboration, making it a highly desirable employer in its own right. As an organization that places a high premium on skills such as emotional intelligence, open-mindedness, and critical thinking, we continue to build a team that pushes every limit and looks beyond the obvious to help our clients deliver their message in a way that not just brings results, but resonates.” Over the years, SASH & Company has always been a professional, intelligent, and well-versed PR agency which has helped others to achieve their goals. Building a comprehensive media plan – and managing internal communications activities – for King Abdullah Financial District Development and Management Company (KAFD DMC), the agency has “enriched the district’s media presence in the local, regional, and global market”. This is just one superb example of SASH & Company’s excellence. The firm has also worked alongside ilmi Science Discovery and Innovation Center, Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani), Sela, FII Institute, Saudi Arabia’s Health Sector Transformation Programme (HSTP), Saudi Ministry of Culture, and many more. Building and managing internal and external communications, organizing press events, monitoring media coverage, implementing innovative ideas, and developing strategies are just some of the ways SASH & Company has exceeded all expectations amongst its rich pool of clients. For the future, Tarek gives us an opportunity to learn more about the agency’s plans: “Taking off into global horizons will remain a key goal for us as we step into the new year. We plan to fulfil this through a hybrid model, which involves setting up bases in strategic markets across the world, in addition to exploring growth opportunities through acquisitions of boutique agencies.” Bestowed with its title in our MEA Business Awards 2023, SASH & Company has truly established itself as an award-winning business to connect with if you have specific and unique needs for your communications, internal or external, and public relations as a whole. By introducing a bespoke approach to its clients’ wishes and requests, the business is expertly acting as a buttress for industries across the Middle East. With a strong sense of community, SASH & Company will always find ways to respond to its clients’ requirements for all solutions and services, whether that’s general communications, trends such as AI, VR/AR, or CSR, and its many other areas of expertise. Its unwavering strength in delivering comprehensive answers to complex questions means that SASH & Company has propelled itself to the forefront of the industry and, standing head and shoulders above the rest, the business is set to accelerate even further and faster than ever before. Contact: Maha Staiti Company: SASH & Company Web Address:

7 Best Regional Communications Consulting Firm – Middle East

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Simon Dippenaar & Associates Inc. (SDLAW) is a specialist law firm famed for its focus on family law and prowess handling complex divorce cases. In addition to this service, the team at SDLAW excel in providing legal solutions to landlords, property investors, professionals, and businesses across an array of sectors. Underpinning its successful approach is an unbridled commitment to delivering a legal service that is client-centric and focuses on providing solutions that are practical and effective in equal measure. Moreover, this team thrive in adhering to the unique needs of every client with which they work, tailoring their service accordingly so as to provide legal counsel that is bespoke, empathetic, and provides the highest possible chances of success. Founder and Managing Partner Simon Dippenaar is on hand to tell us more. xperts in family, property, and criminal law, as well as liquor license applications, Simon Dippenaar & Associates Inc. is a company built on a series of robust values that have served to guide it effectively since its establishment back in 2011. By adhering to its strict foundations, the team remain grounded in a sound moral and ethical ethos, while also being provided with a platform from which to innovate. To this end, SDLAW strives to continuously adapt and evolve its offerings so as to exceed the ever-changing needs of its clients in the diverse, unpredictable landscape that defines the law industry. In essence, the overarching value driving the business is its maintaining of unparalleled standards of professional integrity and ethical procedure across its operations. This is achieved through the aforementioned Most Innovative Multi-Practice Law Firm - South Africa & Best Family & Criminal Defence Firm - South Africa E client-centric service, as well as a commitment to delivering what Simon refers to as, “superior legal representation and advice.” Compassionate counsel is another staple of paramount importance, especially in family law, allowing the team to navigate the emotional weight of cases. Rounding off these core values is the prioritising of close engagement with the community, something that is accomplished through the company’s implementing of pro bono services supporting those in need. Personal attention, total confidentially, and an unwavering dedication to each client and case supports SDLAW’s reputation for excellence, with this devotion extending to finding solutions that are efficient and effective. Integral to this sustained success has been the company’s founder and namesake, Simon Dippenaar, whose reputation for expertise and empathy precedes him. Highly passionate about ensuring that everyone is treated equally, justice is served, and the law upheld, these foundational beliefs combine to demonstrate exactly what it is that SDLAW is about. Clients corroborate this through their stellar reviews, highlighting the professionalism, knowledge, and concern apparent across these services. When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, Simon describes the multi-faceted approach taken by the firm to fortify its position at the forefront of cutting-edge developments, with this all beginning with a process of encouraging (and sustaining) continuous learning. Every member of the team is encouraged to stay abreast of the latest stories in the field of daily legal news, which serves to foster an awareness of trends and developments and how these could potentially be utilised within the firm. The natural evolution of this process is then sharing said knowledge internally, which solidifies the desired collaborative approach and empowers all team members across the board. From here, the most relevant and newsworthy topics are curated into blogs and videos on many areas of law, such as its intersection with emerging technologies like AI and cryptocurrency. Such invaluable resources can be found on the company blog, helping those interested in the sector or any of its overlapping compatriots to stay ahead, informed, and educated. With knowledge of this calibre in tow, SDLAW is also helping to craft the next generation of industry leaders, something that is bolstered further by the team involving themselves in interviews and panel discussions on the future of the industry and how this is likely to impact wider society. On platforms such as SAFLL (Southern African Legal Information Institute), the company also publishes reviews and comments on the latest cases, with this not only helping the team to stay informed, but also ensuring that they are critically engaging in legal developments, providing them with the necessary skills to continue with their own professional development. Furthermore, SDLAW constantly strives to leverage the latest technological innovations, ditching paper and utilising an effective cloud software solution that allows for the uppermost swiftness across its increasingly streamlined array of services. Outside of the company and others operating within the industry, Simon and the team are proud to consistently publish commentaries they write in global outlets like News24, The Real Estate Investor Magazine, and De Rebus. Through this, Simon explains, “SDLAW contributes to the broader public understanding of law and stays engaged with current legal discussions.” Simon in particular also possesses a keen interest in learning from the management strategies of those located in other parts of the world, particularly the USA. The connections that Simon has forged with other high-level attorneys showcases his desire to learn and adopt standout methods that can benefit clients in his own locale. South Africa, where SDLAW operates, is currently offering up a series of opportunities that should be taken advantage of and challenges that need addressing, with these impacting both the legal industry directly as well as the wider business landscape. Many of the challenges faced by the firm stem from South Africa’s status as a developing country, with its economic growth having slowed quite considerably in recent years. Another concern is the current cost of living crisis that is being experienced across the country, with many of the countries poorer households having to allocate roughly 50% of their budgets on food and drink alone, with an ongoing electricity crisis serving only to exacerbate things. Such a climate does present opportunities, with the company able to provide the necessary critical legal support for struggling families in

9 Most Innovative Multi-Practice Law Firm - South Africa & Best Family & Criminal Defence Firm - South Africa the realm of property and family law. Its proactive approach to always learning and leveraging what it knows for the greater good enables such challenges to be navigated with the uppermost impact. Other developments have been dominating company headlines for the last year or so, and there has been an increased focus on ESG, cybersecurity and data protection, developments within the insurance sector, and increasing compliance with both the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) and POPIA, which only fortifies this idea that being responsive to changes is key. As a further example of the ways that SDLAW is pioneering changes within South Africa’s legal space, Simon tells us how, “the firm has moved away from the traditional billable hour model towards valuebased quoting, aligning fees more closely with the client’s perception of value.” A high level of emotional intelligence also comes as standard when comparing the firm to its competition, with there being a distinct aim of achieving win-win resolutions that are inclusive of the empathy and effectiveness the company is famed for. Simon summarises, “this unique combination of client focus, innovative billing, and empathetic resolution strategies forms the core of SDLAW’s unique selling proposition.” Such innovation is set to continue into 2024, a year that will hopefully see the company broaden its horizons and become a household name in every abode across the Gauteng and Western Cape. This expansion strategy is fitting since it represents the ambition to significantly broaden SDLAW’s client base, enhancing not only its services, but also its standing in the sector. In closing, Simon tells us that Simon Dippenaar & Associates Inc., “aims to maintain its status as the top-rated law firm in the country, focusing on assisting those in need.” Contact: Simon Dippenaar Company: Simon Dippenaar & Associates Inc. Web Address:

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Security & Protection Consultancy of the Year - Senegal Over the past few decades, the demand for quality security services has increased throughout the world, particularly in the sub-regions of North and West Africa, which frequently experience terrorist attacks. Many organisations have become potential targets and there is a growing need for solutions that address the new age of security problems. Africa Group Solutions Millenium (AGSM) is an OHADA Commerical Code Group, dedicated to providing international security services to a variety of government departments and commercial clients. It is AGSM’s mission to provide superior security solutions to meet today’s global challenges. For its essential services, we have bestowed on AGSM a MEA Business Award. Due to The African Union’s Security Sector Reform (SSR), many organisations are now aware of the need for advanced solutions to identify security threats and improve accountability. Since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, there has been a greater need for efficient security solutions, particularly in areas facing violent conflict. AGSM, in partnership with Continuity Global Solution (CGS) aims to modernise the private security sector with accredited and licensed security services to effectively respond to market demands. In more than 40 countries, CGS is an experienced provider of training and personnel development for the security and assistance industry. Through this partnership, AGSM and its subsidiaries benefit from CGS’s experience and certifications (ISO 18788, ANSI ASIS PSC.1 and ISO 9001), which AGSM staff have adopted in order to provide consistent quality assurance at all levels. In partnership with CGS, AGSM provides a variety of critical security services throughout North and West Africa, delivered by experts in the private security industry. The company provides Embassies, governments, and NGOs with essential infrastructure and outpost protection, enabling them to assess their vulnerability, implement necessary security measures, and develop emergency response plans. Through its extensive training and material resources, AGSM is uniquely positioned to provide effective protection to visiting foreign dignitaries and diplomats. Its security services employ counterterrorism and counterespionage measures for additional protection, led by former law enforcement officers. In addition to these services, AGSM also provides bespoke security consultancy, designed to address clients’ unique challenges. The innovative company strives to ensure the safety and protection of clients’ critical infrastructure while maintaining a sensitivity to the constraints that affect safety and legal matters in their specific industries. Through its expert execution strategies, AGSM helps clients to create detailed plans with cutting-edge security measures capable of responding to a multitude of threats. In today’s world, cyber security is a requirement for any government or organisation working within the private sector. AGSM is well equipped to conduct cyber threat assessments and identify both insider threats and cybercrime. Its experienced team develops security protocols to protect clients’ digital assets and IT infrastructure. AGSM has evolved to meet these global challenges and works with clients to implement a comprehensive security program. Its integrated services cover all aspects of the project from the design and submission stages to implementation. With the expertise of its team, AGSM provides specialist security services that effectively meet clients’ individual requirements. Mr. Mohamed Kane, AGSM’s Founder and CEO, has been a private security professional for over 23 years. He has been certified and accredited in the United States by the Security Office Management Branch (SOMB) in 2001 and 2022 as well as by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2003. Mr. Kane has worked in various security companies in the United States, including IPC International Corporation (as Deputy Director of Security), Securitas, and George Washington University Police Department. In 2005, he established Kane’s Security Services in Virginia, a security and close protection service for nightclubs and restaurants. After returning to the African continent, Mr. Kane witnessed how the government’s demands for efficient security measures resulted in the emergence of local security companies without satisfactory accreditations or training. In response, he founded a professional security enterprise, using his industry knowledge and experience to develop a dedicated training centre. Through the integrated training centre, Mr. Kane provides training opportunities to many young, unemployed, and retired individuals to help them renter the job market. It is AGSM’s goal to professionalise the sector and participate in securing territories throughout the sub-region. Under Mr. Kane’s ambitious leadership, AGSM seeks to foster strong partnerships in order to expand the scope of its services and overall vision. By developing its strategic partnership with CGS, the company strives to strengthen its position, provide more materials and programs to enhance its training opportunities, and gain exclusive access to United States Embassies across the sub-region. In March 2020, the joint venture between SASP (a subsidiary of AGSM) and CGS secured the US Embassy in Senegal. Since then, this move has unfortunately been cancelled for convenience by the US Department of State. Moving forward, it is the business’s objective to secure US Embassies in the Central African Republic, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Mali. In response to the global threats facing today’s world, AGSM provides accredited security services and training to Embassies, governments, and NGOs. In partnership with CGS, it is AGSM’s mission to modernise the private security sector to meet market demands for effective safety and security measures. To support government policies, Mr. Kane founded AGSM to introduce professional training to the sub-regions and participate in securing African territories. Through

11 Security & Protection Consultancy of the Year - Senegal detailed planning and expert execution, AGSM will continue to provide its state-of-the-art solutions to address security challenges in the modern age. For its high-quality security services, Africa Group Solutions Millenium has received our award for Security & Protection Consultancy of the Year – Senegal. Contact: Mohamed Kane Company: Africa Group Solutions Millenium A.G.S.M Web Address:

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Based in Algiers, INTAJ is an innovative tech company that partners with a diverse range of organisations to create customised digital mobile solutions that address unique challenges. Since its inception in 2013, the company has stood at the forefront of Algeria’s digital transformation under the leadership of Executive Director Youcef Touileb, a skilled professional with extensive experience in telecommunications. ollowing a successful career that dates back to 2004, Youcef Touileb established INTAJ in 2013, inspired by his belief that everyone should be able to access cutting-edge technology at affordable rates. Under the guidance of the Algerian Ministry of Startups, an institution dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through government-backed initiatives, the company soon became a key player in the technology industry. Working to fulfil clients’ functional objectives and requirements, the INTAJ team invent, design, analyse, build, and test various codes, applications, platforms, and gadgets. In their work, they must thoroughly consider the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. This ultimately enables it to offer unbeatable prices without compromising on quality. Over the years, INTAJ has forged connections with global giants like Ooredoo and Huawei, as well as local powerhouses such as Total. Alongside its tech-focused partnerships, it has also established relations with content acquisition and management firms like CADC, ONDA, and the National Television Company. This expansive network enables the company to connect the dots in the digital world, providing comprehensive solutions that combine software development with content. For example, in collaboration with CADC and ONDA, Ooredoo Algeria and INTAJ have successfully launched the first local Music on Demand and Video on Demand platforms: Anazik and Anaflix. In 2019, these products were honoured in the USA’s Bronze Stevie Awards and have garnered remarkable commercial success on the Algerian market, with over two million downloads. In everything it does, INTAJ is driven by nine core values: integrity, innovation, accountability, honesty, respect, passion, trust, teamwork, and creativity. The company’s commitment to upholding these values serves as the foundation for its ethical conduct and successful operations, ensuring the transparency of all its actions whilst bolstering its focus on creative thinking and continuous improvement. INTAJ’s values also guide the decisions of every individual it is associated with, not only contributing Leading Pioneers in Telecom & Digital - Algeria F towards the positivity of the working environment but also driving them to deliver high-quality services. Above all, INTAJ maintains a focus on innovation, striving to provide its clients with the most advanced products and services possible. It is dedicated to learning, growing, and staying ahead of the curve, constantly seeking to unlock new possibilities and have a meaningful impact on the digital landscape. To achieve this, it encourages its employees to actively discover the latest industry trends, connect with their peers at conferences, and engage in dynamic online forums. When it comes to navigating the ever-changing world of tech, this commitment to innovation is essential. Tech companies must remain agile and be prepared to adapt to changes and development with efficiency. For this reason, leveraging its advanced project management expertise, INTAJ always works to deliver products faster than its competitors in order to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry. One product that demonstrates INTAJ’s innovative approach is Chef Dari, a culinary app that utilises the power of artificial intelligence to help users create easy and quick recipes. By combining the traditional user experience with cutting-edge NLP/ML processes, the company has created a novel solution that delivers amazing results and stands out from the crowd. INTAJ strongly believes that, without innovation, it would not be able to launch such groundbreaking ideas and products to the market. Another factor that sets INTAJ apart from its competitors is its steadfast dedication to delivering high levels of customer satisfaction, exceeding expectations time and time again. The company aims to deliver not only high-quality products but also outstanding customer service and support, including a prompt, comprehensive, and long-term aftersales experience. Looking towards the future, INTAJ plans to expand into new regions by collaborating with local businesses, investing in marketing and advertising, establishing strong customer relationships, and working with key actors to achieve mutual growth. In particular, INTAJ believes that the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region will serve as an excellent backdrop for its future endeavours, especially the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This region’s digital economy has been experiencing a notable surge due to the increasing use of digital technologies. For example, fintech innovations have been transforming the financial services sector, whilst healthtech solutions have revolutionised the delivery and accessibility of medical care. By tapping into these sectors within the MEA region, INTAJ hopes to position itself at the forefront of an emerging market with immense potential for growth and opportunity. However, when it comes to expanding into new markets, INTAJ understands the importance of assessing the risks and challenges that may arise due to cultural differences as well as various legal and logistical factors. For example, it is not possible to launch an Algerian product in Saudi Arabia without undergoing extensive research and a comprehensive product conversion process. This should always include language adaptation, user experience adjustment, and consideration of customers’ local needs. Following product conversion, INTAJ must develop a comprehensive market entry strategy that aligns with its goals and resources, defining its key objectives, target customer segments, pricing strategies, distribution channels, and marketing tactics. In order to facilitate the successful execution of this strategy, the company may need to establish local partnerships or alliances to gain a competitive advantage in navigating a new and unfamiliar market. Alongside its plans for expansion, INTAJ intends to engage in further innovation whilst launching new products. For example, the company will soon release Master Intelligence Makers (MIM), its first subsidiary dedicated to artificial intelligence. In this, INTAJ aims to democratise the use of intelligent chatbots across all sectors by offering competitive and affordable prices as well as training options for smaller businesses. Furthermore, INTAJ will also be launching the Help the Planet (HTP) project, an initiative designed to raise awareness about sustainability and encourage the world to take action to protect Earth’s resources. With environmental issues becoming increasingly important, this initiative holds great promise and has the potential to make meaningful change.

13 Leading Pioneers in Telecom & Digital - Algeria For its remarkable innovation and continued excellence in everything it does, INTAJ has recently been named Leading Pioneers in Telecom & Digital, Algeria, as part of the MEA Business Awards 2023. Utilising a multidisciplinary approach that combines product strategy, business acumen, design expertise, and agile software development, the company is well-equipped to shape the future in collaboration with its clients. We are thrilled to congratulate Youcef Touileb and his team on their success in this awards programme and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact: Youcef Touileb Company: Intaj Mohtawayat Web Address:

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Best Electro-Mechanical & Civil Contractors - Kuwait As far as privately-owned contractor, sub-contractor, and industrial service providers in Kuwait go, Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L is by far one of the best, having developed a stellar reputation through its qualifications in the areas of project management, engineering, electro-mechanical, civil construction, and maintenance across the power, government, and private sectors. Throughout the years, the business has become renowned in its home country for its reliability and unmatched value for money, with systems that are wholly compliant and certified to the relevant international ISO standards. Managing Director and Partner Iqbal Hussain Kazi is on hand to tell us more about the company and its distinction in the field. With a specialist range of expert knowledge across a multitude of disciplines, the comprehensive team that make up Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L are highly skilled, experienced, and sought after, particularly its civil division, who are capable of executing whatever civil construction is required of them, from asphalt paving in car parks through to fencing, foundations, and refractory work. Of course, it is not just the company’s civil contracting ability that has won it this award, and it is too famed for its electrical work that spans power, industrial, and housing, this in addition to its mechanical work, which is undertaken across the power and gas/oil sectors. Al-Shaheen also offers an exemplary HR (or manpower) service, whereby it deploys its multifaceted team of trained specialists to supply the necessary helping hand that can see a project completed as scheduled and as desired. A trading service is too on offer, with the company being one of the country’s leading importers/ exporters. This robust training division comes complete with its own dedicated, professional team, operating independently and dealing with civil construction, mechanical, electrical, and safety materials. Across this service, the company is well-versed in providing its clients with the right materials for their projects and is happy to advise ahead of time. Throughout each of these services, the common thread is that every division is bolstered by the same values that champion the providing of a service that prioritises its customers while simultaneously operating in a manner that is safe, professional, and timely. As such, Al-Shaheen is a private entity that has more than earned its status as both qualified and approved across a series of private and public sectors, working both independently as well as with prestigious organisations inclusive of the Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, and other, similar K-companies. At the heart of Al-Shaheen is an experienced team of qualified engineers and skilled workmen, who proudly tackle any challenge that is put in front of them to complete a project on time and to the highest standard of finish. Perfection and professionalism serve to define this service, aided by a well-stocked workshop that possesses the tools, tackles, and equipment necessary to get the job done well. As Iqbal tells us, “our philosophy is always tailored to the needs of our clients. Honesty, respect, integrity, quality, understanding, listening, communicating, responding, and presentation are the factors that [every] philosophy strategy should include.” Putting this philosophy into action, the team remain at the forefront of developments in the sector by contributing their unrivalled expertise to customers across the vast landscape that is the electro-mechanical industry, with HVAC, instrumentation, and civil construction work being three of the key areas where the business demonstrates its prowess the most. Moreover, its specialist knowledge regarding the execution of a plethora of construction, high/low voltage, maintenance, and turn-key projects demonstrates its uniquity in the space and contributes to its array of customers very much viewing Al-Shaheen as the one-stop-shop solution for all of their needs in this area. As a Kuwait-based company, Al-Shaheen is situated at the centre of developments within the MEA market, and as Iqbal explains, “the Middle East is a rapidly developing region making it an excellent starting point for [a] business.” In the past few years alone, industries such as travel and transport, logistics, education, health, and construction/ building materials have emerged as the area’s defining sectors and are paving the way for future businesses to follow suit. Similarly, the e-commerce industry has been making significant strides in the business landscape, and this is an area that Iqbal believes could have, “immense potential in the MEA region.” This wider interest in Kuwait’s business landscape has resulted in the company implementing a sponsorship and agency service to those foreign companies seeking to establish a business in the country, with the team always on the lookout for new international investors to foster a long-term partnership with. Across this process, the uppermost freedom is given, with sponsors not getting involved in the day-to-day operations of a business so as to allow it the time and space to run as smoothly and effectively as possible. While other industries may be developing around them, Al-Shaheen is at the epicentre of fuelling advancements in the field of construction, continuing to pioneer and adapt new and emerging technologies to further streamline its services and improve its efficiency and effectiveness on a businesswide scale. Iqbal demonstrates, “many of these technologies involve natural design, and increasingly, general construction.” He adds, “we are also finding that prefabricated

15 Best Electro-Mechanical & Civil Contractors - Kuwait and modular construction helps keep costs low, shortens the construction timeline, and reduces waste.” Not only is the development of its services on the company’s radar, but the team are also constantly striving to go above and beyond regarding their relationships with customers. Developing such relationships is just the beginning, and it is the effective maintaining of them that really highlights the business’ distinctiveness in the space. This is something that is able to be carried out effectively based on not only the integrity of the company, but also the expert targeting of its current and future clients across its chosen markets, providing those in need of its services with expert solutions that are sure to keep them returning to Al-Shaheen time and again. Yet another area of continuous development for Iqbal and the team at Al-Shaheen is the business’ internal culture, something that is prioritised so as to provide staff with what Iqbal refers to as, “a friendly and competitive environment.” He continues, “creating a positive company culture is crucial for attracting and retaining talent”, and to this end, employees and their well-being are right at the top of the business’ pecking order. By fostering a culture that prioritises diversity and open communication, the company stands as a beacon of quality and sound ethics in what is a competitive and crowded market. With such positive traits in tow, the rest of 2024 is set to be bright for Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L, as well as the wider MEA region, which Iqbal tells us is expected to return to, “prepandemic levels of business.” Having operated for more than 15 years in this space, the business continues to excel, broadening its services and continuously improving so as to stand as Kuwait’s premier contracting company and electro-mechanic. Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L being featured in this awards programme only underpins its excellence, and we look forward to seeing what comes next for the business. Contact: Iqbal Hussein Kazi Company: Al-Shaheen Technical Contracting Company W.L.L Web Address: Mr. Iqbal Hussein Kazi ~ Managing Director & Partner

MEA | Business Awards 2023 Part of the globally known Avis Budget Group Inc, Budget Egypt is a firm that provides premium mobility solutions to any client visiting or operating in Egypt. From car rentals to rides and fleet management, the company promises to act as a dependable companion for as long as a client may need – a characteristic that truly defines it as a business. Budget Egypt represents the best of the mobility solutions market, with its bountiful options granting customers access to exactly what they need, when they need it. We take a closer look into what makes Budget Egypt so unique, and how its excellence has earned it a place among the best of the best. Driven by the desire to go the extra mile for its clients, Budget Egypt is a mobility solutions provider under the umbrella of Ezz Elarab group, a distinguished automotive manufacturer and multi-brand dealership in Egypt, proudly showcasing an impressive array of premium brands. The dealership houses iconic names such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus, Volvo, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, and DS with their respective 3S facilities to serve both sales and aftersales, alongside Avis Egypt and Budget Egypt. Budget Egypt whose award-winning services have played an integral role in providing convenient and value conscious mobility solutions. Be it delivering retail car rental, corporate long-term rental, chauffeured rides, operational leasing, or individuals under corporate services, the collective promises to commit itself to the various needs of each individual client. Using this very commitment as a throughline for its practises, Budget Egypt has already assisted a multitude of clients and partners alike, while simultaneously managing to expertly adapt itself in accordance with reviews and feedback. After all, its priority is the satisfaction of its customers, and it’s willing to go above and beyond to get them where they need to be. Of course, in order to stay at the forefront of industry developments, one must adopt exceptional levels of versatility, especially when operating within such a dynamic region as Egypt. Budget Egypt achieved an outstanding NPS score of 80.4 in November 2023, which is the highest among Budget international licensee league. This reflects our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction. Thankfully, Budget Egypt has mastered the art of being a fluid collective – one that’s prepared for anything. This is achieved through multiple factors. One critical detail that many tend to overlook is the importance of technology integration within the transportation and mobility industries. Budget Egypt, however, has learned to embrace the latest technologies on the market, granting it the opportunity to leverage advanced reservation Leading Provider of Mobility Solutions - Africa D systems and sophisticated reports and data analytics for the sake of improving the overall customer experience. Additionally, Budget Egypt carries out continuous market research. This endeavour effectively allows the collective to not only keep tabs on emerging trends and integral advancements within the industry, but to also track the evolving needs of various types of customers. Once it has a thorough understanding of the market’s most notable changes, Budget Egypt can proceed to innovate and update its fleet mix and strategy depending on the results. Whether it’s adjusting its fleet from economy to exotics to answer the call of every customer, or further aligning itself with industry trends, Budget Egypt is continuously seeking the best ways to fulfil the wishes of past, present, and future customers. This approach directly impacts the company’s hastening pursuit of environmental sustainability. It’s no secret that the transport and mobility sphere is responsible for much of the world’s sustainability struggles, and Budget Egypt is aiming to eliminate this problem to the best of its ability. Be it through implementing green technologies into its fleet, or reducing its overall carbon footprint, the establishment recognises the need for change, and has adjusted itself accordingly. Having demonstrated such immense levels of agility, it’s little wonder that Budget Egypt is constantly establishing effective, meaningful partnerships with other companies within the industry. With these collaborations comes access to new ideas, technologies, and insights that may very well lead to further market developments.