MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 38 Jul23190 Jan24323 Best Investigative Journalism Agency - Jordan Since 2005, ARIJ Network has been in avid pursuit of realising the true nature of journalism. It believes that truth is the cornerstone of democracy, and avidly seeks to bring this notion to life through its investigative journalism agency. Primarily operating across the Middle East and North Africa region, ARIJ Network exists to uplift a diverse range of journalists – from those who are determined to uncover the stories that matter, to those committed to holding those responsible to account. Below, we explore how ARIJ Network empowers journalists to share the stories that deserve – and need - to be told. Standing as a pillar of tangible, far-reaching investigative journalism, ARIJ Network has spent its years accumulating a productive space in which journalists can truly thrive. Though it believes its mission to be simple, the collective pursues a profound purpose that sees it acting as a beacon of transparency within the field. ARIJ Network prides itself on its ability to dismantle the press freedom challenges posed by the MENA region, and instead encourages journalists through unwavering support and resources. This support allows individuals who are determined to uncover corruption, human rights abuses, and societal injustice to thrive, all through the power of empowerment, networking, and innovation. Looking at the results that have been accumulated as a product of this support, it’s clear to see that ARIJ Network has had a major impact on the journalism sphere as a whole. Its work has played an integral part in granting investigative reporting access to the chance to expose government corruption, corporate malfeasance, and violations of humans rights on multiple occasions – something that has ultimately led to a sparking of public discourse. Through these reports, journalists have been able to uplift the voices of those suffering injustice. Of course, none of this would be remotely possible were it not for ARIJ Network’s avid determination to support journalists above all else. Whether it’s providing crucial logistical and financial support to investigative journalists, or simply imbuing them with the confidence they need to exploring the stories that have remained hidden for far too long, ARIJ Network works alongside its clients to obtain results for them. Not only does it secure funding for reporting expenses, but it also offers legal assistance and safety training, should the need arise. In essence, ARIJ Network ensures that journalists are equipped with the tools they need to elevate their voices, without having to fear unfair repercussions. It’s for this very reason that ARIJ Network has had such a tangible effect on the region, with its tireless work continuously serving the specific needs of investigative reporters across the area. Additionally, ARIJ Network conducts regular training and capacity-building programs, each existing to recognise the fact that it’s crucial to provide journalists with the necessary skills to conduct in-depth investigations. Not only does it deliver comprehensive training workshops to those requiring additional assistance, but it also offers mentorship programs and fellowships. In essence, these initiatives serve to do more than just enhance the investigative skills of journalists – they also create a culture of journalistic integrity and ethical reporting that’s mandatory within today’s field. As such, journalists can take what they learn and utilise it throughout their career ventures. For too many years, investigative journalists within the MENA region have been left unsupported by the wider community. Thankfully, ARIJ Network has stepped up to the mark in order to provide essential support that has heralded tangible results time and time again. For this very reason, ARIJ Network is widely regarded by many as the best in its area, and we’re certain that its award-winning status will propel it even further forward as we transition into a new age of investigative reporting. Contact: Liyan Shuhaiber Company: ARIJ Network Web Address: