MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 34 Jul23190 Jan24333 Best Tax & Audit Advisory Firm - UAE Founded by a team of exceptionally passionate professionals, each equipped with a wide breadth of experience in the Middle East and Asia region, HKMS Group is an award-winning tax and audit advisory firm whose commitment to doings things differently has shaped it into what it is today. Assisting with accounting, bookkeeping, tax advisory, audit, company setup, and various other management services, the agency promises a myriad of excellence just waiting to be explored. Below, we venture into how HKMS Group, under the guidance of co-founder and CEO Sagar Mistry, makes tax and audit stresses a thing of the past. For over thirteen years, HKMS Group has been serving a variety of clients across a multitude of industries in overcoming the struggles of manual tax and audit management. Spanning several sectors across the globe, the firm’s specialty has allowed it to completely transform the ways in which clients view their inner processes via a wholly bespoke service. HKMS Group recognises that every company, regardless of profession, has their own respective requirements, and has therefore devised a business strategy that allows it to adapt to their unique needs. In doing so, it’s amassed a client-centric approach, through which it delivers excellent tax and audit services. However, what makes such an immense level of brilliance possible is the unique framework against which HKMS Group operates. This approach takes the form of its Four to Six Eyes Review Policy, in which the work of one execution member is overseen by one or two senior level personnel, be it a director, manager, or partner. In doing so, HKMS Group manages to remove all possible errors in an assignment to provide the best possible execution. As such, not only do companies benefit from a flawless framework, but they’re able to operate at higher levels of efficiency throughout the execution of these assignments. Partner this with the firm’s impressive catalogue of experience in varying industries, and you’ve got a capable tax and audit advisory firm whose success is a direct product of the brilliant minds behind the magic. In terms of the trades in which the firm specialises, HKMS Group carries about work across wholesale trading, real estate, technology, medical retail trade, e-commerce trading, food products, supermarkets, travel and tourism, mall operations, oil and gas, manufacturing, and many more industries. With such an impressive variety to its name, HKMS Group promises outcomes that best suit every respective sector. In short, the firm thrives when assisting clients in carrying out the best practises possible, and is committed to ensuring that this always remains the case. Of course, without the highly trained minds behind its practises, HKMS Group wouldn’t have managed to reach such an exceptional level of prowess in its area. Thankfully, HKMS Group is comprised of chartered accountants, MBAs, company secretaries, and many other professionals who have a plethora of expertise in company liquidation, financial review, books valuation, taxation, audit, accounting, and many more areas. With such a vibrant team on-hand to assist each and every client, HKMS Group has championed the art of supporting its clients through all of their tax related compliance needs. In doing so, it encourages customers to focus on business growth and expansion, while its firm takes care of the rest. Truly, HKMS Group is a fantastic representation of the results of intense dedication to a particular craft. It takes its work very seriously, allowing it to deliver on its promise of securing a comprehensive tax and audit framework upon which clients can build. It’s for this very reason that HKMS Group has become synonymous with excellence, and we can’t wait to see how it leverages its award-winning status to further flourish into something even greater. Company: HKMS Group Web Address: