MEA Business Awards 2023

Jul23121 MEA | Business Awards 2023 27 Dec23232 Best Boutique Brand Design Studio - Saudi Arabia Established in 2017, Project 32 began with a vision to empower startups with its innovative blend of bold ideas and business strategies. More than just a design studio, Project 32 are creative partners that work with clients to ensure the end result perfectly captures their brand’s unique essence. Driven by values of creativity, empathy, and quality craftsmanship, the business is passionate about delivering a deeply human experience through its authentic and thoughtful designs. We have bestowed on Project 32 a MEA Business Award for the company’s commitment to crafting unique brand stories. t Project 32, the team inspires clients to undertake a creative journey, crafting distinctive designs that resonate with their audiences. The pioneering company is primarily focused on startups but has also garnered the attention of larger firms seeking a creative renaissance. Project 32 are co-creators in the process, on a mission to help clients reinvent themselves through the power of rebranding. Its transformative services include brand strategy, customer experience, design, digital product and platform creation, and social media management. It is Project 32’s mission to redefine the boundaries of branding by establishing exceptional standards that others desire to achieve. At the heart of the company’s philosophy is a desire for genuine partnership. Project 32 is passionate about fostering strong client relationships to make their visions become reality. The studio achieves excellence by consistently surpassing client expectations and nurturing a positive workplace culture. Its hardworking team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of service and strengthening its offerings with every project. Founder Walaa Alattas says, “Our company culture is founded on innovation, collaboration, and a deep respect for cultural diversity. We foster a virtual space where creativity flows, ideas are cherished, and every team member is empowered to contribute to our collective vision from anywhere in the world. We’re committed to team cohesion and individual growth, investing in virtual team building, professional development, and maintaining open channels for communication to nurture our culture.” To remain at the forefront of industry developments, Project 32 has adopted a dynamic approach that incorporates agility and continuous learning. By closely monitoring market trends and leveraging the latest technologies, the company can stay abreast of evolving trends and refine its strategies to meet client demands. As for regulatory changes, Project 32 remains vigilant to ensure the company stays compliant and its clients’ interests are protected. Over the past year, the marketing industry has witnessed a surge in the integration of AI solutions which has enhanced the sector’s efficiency. This technological revolution has enabled Project 32 to offer clients a competitive edge by producing its high-quality designs with faster turnaround times. In the MEA region, the Saudi Vision 2030 program is an ambitious initiative that has been a catalyst for growth and transformation. Projects such as The Line, Qiddiya, and the Red Sea development have demonstrated Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. These advances continue to revolutionise the market and Project 32 strives to adapt its designs to achieve global appeal. Looking to the future, Project 32 is poised for a renaissance of connection and innovation. The studio is actively seeking partnerships that will utilise the community’s strength and benefit the wider world. Through these partnerships, Project 32 aims to enhance its capabilities and diversify the scope of its services. Walaa Alattas concludes, “As we broaden our horizons, we’re excited to announce an adventurous rebrand that mirrors our dynamic progression. This reimagining of our brand symbolises the integration of fresh offerings and a progressive approach to what lies ahead. Our rebrand will embody our dedication to innovation and our promise to provide cuttingedge design solutions to our clientele. We are thrilled about the path that unfolds before us and invite our community to be part of this lively and promising new era.” Project 32 is distinctive for its unique combination of cultural insights and advanced AI technology, enabling the company to deliver quality designs that resonate with global audiences. By embracing the region’s cultural diversity, the studio creates solutions that are both innovative and deeply rooted in local traditions. For its forward-thinking designs, Project 32 has received our award for Best Boutique Brand Design Studio – Saudi Arabia. Contact: Mrs. Walaa Alattas Company: Project32 Boutique Design Studio Web Address: A Project32 Boutique Design Studio