MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 30 Jul23190 Jan24407 Car Dealership of the Year - Dubai Situated in the heart of Dubai, GTA Cars has quickly become the region’s go-to choice for buying and selling top-quality cars at competitive prices. Boasting over 200 years of combined automotive experience across the UAE and international markets alike, the collective prides itself on its extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the industry. As such, it’s able to not only provide customers with immaculately maintained cars, but it manages to do so while assisting with the purchasing, selling, and exchanging of car parts. Let’s take a closer look at how GTA Cars’ services have become synonymous with award-winning quality. Recognised across the region for its awardwinning car dealership services, the company combines its commitment to integrity, transparency, and ethical practices with honest and open communication to craft a customer experience unlike any other. These values have remained at the core of GTA Cars since its inception, and it has never once faltered in remaining true to them, regardless of how dramatically the market may have changed over the years. As masters of navigating the UAE’s dynamic automotive industry, GTA Cars has spent its years accumulating a fantastic reputation built purely on its expertise and customer-centric services. For this, customers find themselves frequently revisiting GTA Cars. Though they may have come for a premium car, they remain faithful due to the company’s dedication to delivering on its promise of excellence in every aspect. GTA Cars has truly struck the perfect balance between innovation and attentiveness, resulting in a collective that’s able to evolve, while remaining true to itself along the way. In doing so, it has defined itself as a dependable ally within the automotive landscape – one that’s able to flawlessly navigate it to ensure that customers are receiving the best results at a competitive cost. GTA Cars’ attitude to its work knows no equal, which has allowed it to so seamlessly sail the tides of success time and time again. When asked how the company goes about maintaining the highest standards possible within the automotive sector, GTA Cars had this to say – “At GTA Cars, our client service philosophy revolves around fostering lasting relationships through personalized attention and proactive communication. We maintain our high standards by investing in continuous training, actively seeking customer feedback for improvement, empowering our team members, embracing innovation and technology, and ensuring transparent communication.” Excellence is a fundamental part of GTA Cars – not simply a set of policies to uphold – that manifests through its company culture as a whole. As such, it’s able to consistently push itself to exceed expectations, without losing sight of the evolving needs of clients from across the region. It’s no secret that the world is changing. Every day, there are new technologies being integrated into a variety of vehicles, making the automotive landscape an immensely difficult one to accurately navigate. However, GTA Cars leverage its immense experience in the field to predict how it must respond to these emerging trends, all in the pursuit of resonating with its clients’ requirements. This is accomplished through a multifaceted strategy that invites a forwardthinking mindset. Through its detailed strategy, not only is GTA Cars able to update its vehicle selection, but it’s also able to keep its team up to date on the latest automotive technologies, market trends, and customer preferences. Combined, all of these factors coalesce into a reliable car dealership whose affinity for remaining aligned with the industry’s trends grants it access to a range of clientcentric services. Committed to continuous improvement, and empowered by a deep level of industry understanding, GTA Cars has distinguished itself as the definitive option for any looking for dependable automotive services. No collective within the UAE has demonstrated such a resounding talent for navigating the region’s vehicle market, and it’s for this very reason that GTA Cars has been recognised in the MEA Business Awards 2024. Contact: Wadia Tazi Company: GTA Cars Web Address: