MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 25 Based in Cyprus, A.E. Prognosys Solutions is a Regulatory Technology firm dedicated to offering comprehensive Regulatory Compliance, Financial, and Risk Reporting solutions to the Financial Industry. Its innovative services are designed to assist clients in meeting their reporting obligations and enhancing the quality and consistency of their outputs. Through technological innovation and an extensive knowledge of the reports it automates, the firm adapts its offerings to meet the demands of its clients and the ever-evolving market. A.E. Prognosys Solutions strives for excellence throughout its operations and for its global solutions, we have bestowed on the company a MEA Business Award. A.E. Prognosys Solutions was established to help clients streamline and simplify their Regulatory Compliance, Financial, Risk, and Tax Reporting. The team’s unparalleled commitment to professionalism ensures it stays up to date with the latest laws and regulations within its industry. By leveraging its extensive knowledge and advanced technologies, the firm can supplement regulatory requirements, resulting in significant quality improvements for businesses. Through its client-centric approach, the company fosters strong client relationships based on honesty and trust. A.E. Prognosys Solutions is dedicated to delivering reliable financial services that can be tailored to meet clients’ unique requirements and exceed their expectations. It is the firm’s overarching mission to become a leading provider of Regulatory, Compliance, Risk, and Financial solutions by delivering high-quality and flexible services to clients. Core values of knowledge, professionalism, and proactivity are fundamental principles that the company uses to guide its decision-making processes and innovate solutions to meet clients’ current and future needs. Businesses typically view A.E. Prognosys Solutions as an extension of their own Regulatory Reporting Department as they pursue the shared goal of successful project completion. In the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, it can be difficult to stay ahead of industry developments and technological advancements. This continuous evolution provides the firm with the motivation to continue learning and enhancing its solutions. Its team of Analysts are dedicated to following new developments in the Regulatory Reporting field in order to remain informed when creating its efficient services. A.E. Prognosys Solutions takes a similar approach to technological innovations, finding the most efficient way to integrate the latest technologies into its existing products. The unique geo-political position of Cyprus has provided the firm with easy access to the Middle East markets. These markets tend to follow the developments of the Western world, offering the company an opportunity to improve its services and make them more flexible to European markets. While the same regulations and guidelines apply to the island country, Cyprus’s smaller financial sector allows the company to fine tune its solutions in a controlled environment before promoting them in other EU countries. In the financial industry, the only reliable constant is continuous change and over the past year, the sector has evolved with CESOP (the Central Electronic System of Payment Information), IRRBB (changes related to the Interest Rate Risk for Banking Book by the European Banking Authority), ESG, and DORA (the Digital Operational Resilience Act by the Joint Committee of the European Supervisory Authorities). While these changes have posed challenges, A.E. Prognosys Solutions has transformed them into opportunities to develop new solutions that ensure clients remain compliant and automate their reporting obligations. Over the last few years, the innovative company have been restructuring internally and externally in preparation to enter into new markets. It is the firm’s objective to replicate its success and expand through strategic partnerships with several renowned companies. Its partnership with Fusion Compliance Technologies in Beirut, Lebanon, continues to grow with their joint clients steadily increasing. As the company’s expansion plans have advanced, 2024 will be an exciting year of reconciliation and stabilisation for A.E. Prognosys Solutions. Moving forward, the firm is dedicated to developing and marketing new solutions to address current and future changes in the ever-evolving financial market. With its pioneering solutions and client-centric approach, the company will continue to help clients streamline their operations and increase the quality and reliability of their services. For its high-quality solutions, A.E. Prognosys Solutions has been honoured with our award for Best Regulatory Reporting Provider – EMEA. Contact: Elias Afxentiou Company: A.E. Prognosys Solutions Ltd Web Address: Best Regulatory Reporting Provider - EMEA