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Q4 2023 INNOVIA Biobank, the parent company of BabyCord and subsidiaries, is Jordan’s first biobank and a symbol of relentless innovation, dedication, and foresight. Starting out as an umbilical cord blood and tissue storage facility, it grew to become a leading medical and research facility. Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo Featuring: Pinnacle Pharma – FZCO: Most Professional Pharmaceutical Enterprise 2023 - Dubai INNOVIA Biobank: Charting Uncharted Territories in the Biobanking Industry

As 2023 gets ready to draw to a close, we are thrilled to share with you the award-winning enterprises that are truly triumphing across the MEA business realm. In the face of ongoing global challenges, these businesses show unparalleled resilience and adaptability, steering the course toward continued growth and success – whether pharmaceutical enterprise, sustainable energy solutions provider, marketing and promotions company, and more. Indeed, throughout the year, we have witnessed dynamic shifts in market trends, technological advancements, and sustainable business practices, yet the MEA region proves itself to be a crucible of innovation and entrepreneurship. Visionaries from across its industries have become beacons of excellence, their innovative solutions transcending borders and possibilities. A perfect example is our front cover feature, INNOVIA Biobank and its CEO, Dr Mohannad Al-Ghazo, whom we have named our Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023. In light of his recognition, we delve into what makes INNOVIA Biobank the groundbreaking medical and research facility it is. Leading the modern transformation of medicine, it houses the MEA region’s premier laboratory facility dedicated to biobanking services. Now, as we get ready to conclude this chapter that has been 2023, I wish you a reflective and inspiring read and a prosperous quarter ahead. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our Q1 2024 issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Welcome to the Q4 issue of MEA Markets magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all of the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News • ROSHN signs partnership agreement with Retal Urban Development Company for third year in a row • RAKEZ drives construction sector forward by showcasing key investment opportunities at Big 5 Global 6. INNOVIA Biobank: Charting Uncharted Territories in the Biobanking Industry Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo 10. Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd: Most Reliable Personal Loans Provider 2023 - Ghana 11. Platinum Kreatives: Best Creative Software Solutions Company 2023 – East Africa 12. Pinnacle Pharma - FZCO: Most Professional Pharmaceutical Enterprise 2023 – Dubai 14. Genser Energy Ghana Limited: Best Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider 2023 15. Expanding Branding: Most Innovative Marketing & Promotions Company 2023 - Gauteng 16. Africa Surge Protection Pty Ltd: Africa Surge Protection Pty Ltd: Pioneering Surge and LoadShedding Protection in Africa Contents

News ROSHN signs partnership agreement with Retal Urban Development Company for third year in a row • Exemplifying a shared commitment to enhancing Saudi quality of life, ROSHN signs new sale and purchase agreement with Retal Urban Development Company to acquire and develop residential units of the SEDRA community in Riyadh ROSHN Group, Saudi Arabia’s leading national real estate developer and PIF-owned giga-project, has signed a new sale and purchase agreement with key Saudi real estate developer, Retal Urban Development Company, for the third year in a row to acquire and develop residential units within Phase 2B of ROSHN flagship SEDRA community in Riyadh. The agreement, worth SAR 374 million, will see Retal develop 363 single-family villas over 110,250 square metres of SEDRA 2B over a period of approximately 36 months. Part of a 35 million square metre development of integrated neighbourhoods, SEDRA Phase 2 features a rich mix of vital and lifestyle amenities including hospitality and retail destinations, schools, mosques, and public parks, signature features of ROSHN’s new way of living for Saudi Arabia. SEDRA, ROSHN’s flagship development is being developed in eight phases constructed over 35 million square meters of neighbourhoods and will add more than 30,000 residential units to Riyadh’s housing stock. As with all ROSHN developments, both nature and local heritage are incorporated at the master planning stage so that its public spaces and amenities are complemented by existing natural features, which bring nature into the heart of the community. In this latest collaboration, ROSHN leverages Retal’s expertise in crafting top-notch urban infrastructure to develop SEDRA’s Phase 2B with high-quality and sustainable urban features. “At ROSHN we are always pursuing partnerships that embody a commitment to excellence and shared values of integrity and responsibility. We are therefore delighted to announce our second agreement with Retal, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading urban development companies and one similarly committed to creating unique, holistically designed urban destinations that boost quality of life and enable the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals. Collaborating with industry leaders like Retal Urban Development Company allows us to accelerate the development of SEDRA, Riyadh’s most desirable community and a hallmark of ROSHN’s exceptional mixed-use development portfolio. This partnership represents a stride forward in our commitment to enabling the Kingdom’s homeownership goals alongside strengthening and diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy,” said Oussama Kabbani, ROSHN Group Chief Development Officer. This agreement is a testament to ROSHN’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-quality, sustainable communities to enable Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious goals for a vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation. Building upon its previous agreements with ROSHN, Retal reaffirms its dedication to creating state-of-the-art housing solutions for a modern, upscale, urban community development. Working in close collaboration, ROSHN and Retal are actively shaping the vibrant SEDRA community to boost quality of life for residents and visitors alike. The agreement is valued at SAR 374 million with Retal set to develop 363 Single-Family Villas in SEDRA’s Phase 2B

News RAKEZ drives construction sector forward by showcasing key investment opportunities at Big 5 Global Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is taking part in Big 5 Global to help construction startups, SMEs, manufacturers and investors set up and expand their operations in Ras Al Khaimah. The event is going to take place at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) – until 7 December. RAKEZ’s decision to participate in Big 5 Global underlines its dedication to the industry and reflects a plethora of opportunities for investors in the business realm of Ras Al Khaimah and the wider UAE. RAKEZ Group CEO, Ramy Jallad, stated: “The UAE’s construction industry is on track for a robust 3.3% expansion this year, with a projected value exceeding USD 133 billion by 2027, as reported by the Global Data Report. We firmly believe that we can contribute to these figures, setting the stage for construction and building materials companies, through our participation in Big 5 Global.” He added: “Our goal is not only to enhance growth prospects for construction and building materials companies but also to assist them in reaching broader markets. These significant growth prospects offer extensive opportunities for companies and investors within our nation. Therefore, our aim is to take the lead in seizing these opportunities, facilitating the growth and global expansion of all stakeholders.” During the event, RAKEZ actively forges connections with investors, key decision-makers, and industry pioneers, underscoring its efforts to unveil the vast array of investment opportunities and the business-friendly ecosystem Ras Al Khaimah offers. The economic zone is becoming an optimal growth environment for numerous construction firms that have chosen RAKEZ as their launchpad for expansion. Fabcon Industrial Services, a specialist in steel fabrication and construction, serves as a prime illustration of a company reaping the rewards of the RAKEZ business ecosystem. Binu Jacob, the firm’s General Manager, said, “Over the last 16 years, we have consistently experienced potential growth, expanding our facilities and undertaking projects from around the world. This success can be attributed to RAKEZ, who is providing exceptional support in terms of infrastructure and government interfaces, allowing us to concentrate on our business.” Similarly, Fala Group Vice Chairman, Hani Ihsan Kurbaj added, “We set up Fala Asphalt Industry with RAKEZ in 2012 and our organisation has undergone a great deal of change since then. We got governmental infrastructural projects, hired more employees, welcomed diversity and gender balance in the workplace, and diversified our investments in the UAE and overseas. In all this, RAKEZ has been our supportive strategic partner understanding our needs and always working hand-in-hand with us. We are optimistic that if we continue like this, we can double our efforts to expand in the years to come.” RAKEZ is recognised as a prominent leader driving progress in the construction sector, actively aiding investors in their endeavours. At this year’s Big 5 Global, the economic zone is enhancing its proficiency and offerings for both emerging and well-established companies seeking to broaden their global presence. To explore RAKEZ’s exclusive business set-up offer, which includes a licence with no cost for 2 years, and to engage with its team of company formation experts, investors are encouraged to visit the RAKEZ stand located in DWTC during Big 5 Global.

MEA / Q4 2023 Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo In the vast continuum of medical breakthroughs, the world stands poised on the precipice of a transformative era. This epoch is being shaped by the groundbreaking feats of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. INNOVIA Biobank is pioneering such a monumental shift in the MENA region. INNOVIA Biobank, the parent company of BabyCord and subsidiaries, is Jordan’s first biobank and a symbol of relentless innovation, dedication, and foresight. Starting out as an umbilical cord blood and tissue storage facility, it grew to become a leading medical and research facility. In 2016, in order to expand prospects for cutting-edge medical applications and treatments utilizing stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood and tissue in the MENA region, Dr. Maher Sarraf founded BabyCord, a subsidiary of INNOVIA Biobank, in Jordan. This came about after more than 11 years of serving as agents on behalf of a stem cell bank in Boston. Now, the company’s CEO, Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo has seen well-deserved success within the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards 2023, so we learn more about the company and the important work it does. Babycord Stemcell Bank: The Elixir of Life Venturing into the labyrinth of stem cell research is Babycord stem cell bank. Its focus on preserving stem cells from cord blood and dental pulp is not merely scientific—it’s revolutionary. Stem cells, especially embryonic ones, are significant because they are unspecialized cells with the rare ability to differentiate into 200 types of specialized cells including blood, brain, muscle, and bone cells, which can be induced naturally or experimentally to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. These robust stem cells are not just inscriptions in medical journals. They are transformative agents capable of remedying a vast array of blood disorders, metabolic challenges, immune insufficiencies, and some cancers like leukemia. Additionally, they provide tremendous therapeutic potential for conditions like cerebral palsy and autism that are still undergoing clinical trials. While stem cells can be obtained from a donor’s bone marrow, the sample must be a perfect match, unlike stem cells extracted from cord blood. What is more, bone marrow collection is a painful and invasive procedure that requires the use of anesthesia. In contrast, the process of collecting umbilical cord blood and tissue during normal and caesarean deliveries is non-intrusive and painless for both mother and child. “It is one of the most life-affirming developments, because what used to be discarded as clinical waste —the placenta and umbilical cord — is now harvested as a reservoir for highly effective, regenerative medicine,” Dr. Maher Sarraf says. If a parent misses the chance to preserve a child’s stem cells at birth, it is not as catastrophic as one might believe. Stem cells can also be extracted from other sources such as milk teeth. So if your child has a wiggly tooth that eventually falls out — you can keep it for advantages even the tooth fairy can’t. “The versatility of dental pulp stem cells, especially their potential in nerve and tissue repair, paints a future not limited by medical constraints,” Sarraf adds. Cord blood can be used as a treatment for not just the child, but the entire family — including parents, siblings, and maternal and paternal grandparents — for a lifetime. The extracted cord blood contains genetic receptors specific to each person, called Human Leukocyt Antigen (HLA). Usually, these receptors are identical to the child’s and match first-degree INNOVIA Biobank: Charting Uncharted Territories in the Biobanking Industry

7 of Medicine and the University Hospital of Dusseldorf speak volumes. The crown jewel? Its groundbreaking Fertility Preservation Program, with a keen emphasis on preserving ovarian tissue. This isn’t just a medical procedure; it’s a beacon of hope for cancer-afflicted women worldwide, gifting them agency over their reproductive destinies. INNOVIA Genetics: Deciphering the Code of Life Venturing deeper into the genetic matrix, INNOVIA Genetics emerges as a pioneer. Through advanced technology, it unravels the intricate dance of genes, offering diagnostic testing and invaluable consultations. The stellar offering of NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) stands as a beacon of our ceaseless dedication to healthcare excellence. INNOVIA Lab: Healthcare Beyond Boundaries For those questing a gamut of healthcare solutions, INNOVIA Lab emerges as the answer, offering an extensive suite of general laboratory services, tailored to address diverse health requirements. The Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo relatives: siblings, father, and mother, at a percentage of 25 to 100 percent. For a family that includes the child, siblings, parents, and grandparents, there is a high probability — 40 percent — that at least one family member will be diagnosed with a condition that can use stem cells for treatment. The process So where does BabyCord come in? The company supplies customers with a cord blood collection kit prior to a baby’s due date. The assigned BabyCord on-call nurse will bring an additional collection kit and help the physician with the collection once the delivery starts. After the baby’s delivery and after the clamping and separation of the umbilical cord, a needle attached to the collection bag is inserted into the center of cord and the placenta, causing the blood to flow into it. The bag gets packaged in specialized padded boxes and transported to the lab less than an hour from the time of collection to optimize the number of viable stem cells recovered. Each cord blood unit is assigned a unique barcode identifier number that is traceable throughout the processing and preservation procedure to prevent any cross-contamination. Once the stem cells are separated from whole blood, they are collected into a specialized biocompatible multi-segmented cryogenic storage blood bag in preparation for cryopreservation (the process of freeze-storing cells at very low temperatures) and storage. The cryopreservation rates of cooling vary depending on its stage, resulting in positive effects on stem cell recovery after thawing. The initial freezing process is computercontrolled at a pre-set rate followed by storage in -196°C high-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks. INNOVIA Tissue Bank: The Vanguard of Reproductive Evolution However, INNOVIA is not only limited to cord blood and stem cells. 2019 witnessed INNOVIA’s ambitious foray into tissue banking — a testament to its drive to diversify and amplify its global footprint. INNOVIA’s tenet as a tissue bank comes from ‘patients stay, tissue moves’. Collaborations with prestigious entities like the University of Pittsburgh School

MEA / Q4 2023 company’s commitment? An unparalleled healthcare journey. INNOVIA Academy: Shaping the Medical Titans of Tomorrow INNOVIA doesn’t just embrace today; it shapes tomorrow. Its association with the University of Jordan culminates in INNOVIA Academy — a unique institution specializing in cutting-edge courses on genetics, stem cells, and advanced lab techniques. Its mission? To mold the torchbearers of future medical wonders. INNOVIA’s state-of-the art facility, strategically located five minutes away from the international airport, is constructed using reinforced steel and concrete, storage areas insulated with specialized bullet-proof glass and concrete walls, automated backup generators, computer networking with remote location data record backup, and on-site and remote audio/video monitoring and recording. INNOVIA’s precautions ensure protection against natural calamities such as earthquakes, fires, and floodings, and external attacks such as theft or vandalism. The building also has 24hour security system connected to rapid emergency and protection authority notification and deployment, and 24-hour on-duty guards. Such meticulous adherence to global standards is mirrored in INNOVIA’s laudable ISO certification, coupled with a full-fledged accreditation from the (Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies, formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB)). This regional and global recognition doesn’t culminate here; its proud registration with the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) accentuates its commitment to global healthcare standards. INNOVIA Biobank is not merely a laboratory; it’s an institution that envisions and safeguards our collective future health. In the grand tapestry of regenerative medicine, INNOVIA Biobank shines brightly. It is not just an establishment; it is a promise — a vision for a future where medicine isn’t just enhanced; it’s revolutionary. As the company navigates these exciting waters, its beacon remains constant: a relentless pursuit of a brighter, healthier future for all. INNOVIA Genetics: A World-Class Center of Excellence in Genetic Services INNOVIA Genetics proudly stands as a beacon in the world of genetic medicine. Having received widespread global acclaim, its reputation as a top-ranking institution is indisputable. At the heart of this immense success is Dr. Mohammed Raqqad, a distinguished clinical geneticist. As INNOVIA Genetics’ Medical Director, Dr. Raqqad ensures that the entire spectrum of services – from diagnostics to treatments – adheres to the highest benchmarks of excellence. Moreover, his role as the Dean of INNOVIA ACADEMY is a testament to his relentless passion for nurturing and equipping the next cadre of genetic aficionados. Underpinned by a stellar team of professionals, INNOVIA Genetics is unwavering in its mission: harnessing genetic insights for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. Key Specializations within the team: • An expert consultant in Pediatric Neurology, Epilepsy, and Neurophysiology brings to the table a deep-rooted understanding of intricate neurological challenges faced by its pediatric demographic. • A distinguished specialist in Inherited Metabolic Diseases is instrumental in pioneering innovative pathways for the management and treatment of metabolic disorders. • A Dermatologist and Venereologist, delving deep into the genetic intricacies of the skin, ensuring patients avail comprehensive dermatological care. • A Senior Consultant of Pediatric Cardiology leading its pediatric heart care and offering groundbreaking cardiac care solutions for younger patients. Comprehensive Genetic Counseling: Understanding the contemporary needs for adaptability and flexibility, INNOVIA Genetics provides both virtual and in-person genetic counseling sessions. Designed with utmost precision, these sessions aim to demystify the complex realm of genetics for patients. Alongside, INNOVIA Genetics offers an extensive array of genetic tests and services, guaranteeing a holistic genetic solution for each and every person. Pioneering in Reproductive Genetics: Its forte in Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies (PGTA) and NonInvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) places it at the forefront of reproductive genetics. The company is dedicated to offering a seamless and enriching experience for both

9 individuals and families navigating these genetic pathways. State-of-the-Art Facility: Its exemplary services are housed in a modern facility designed and customized to meet the rigorous demands of genetic medicine. Its College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation is not merely a badge of honor; it’s a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. Achieving this accreditation required meeting stringent standards signifies the company’s devotion to best practices and patient safety. Vision for the Future: As the landscape of genetic medicine continuously evolves, so does INNOVIA Genetics. Its horizon is brimming with goals and aspirations, including furthering research, introducing avant-garde genetic solutions, and expanding collaborations with global institutions. INNOVIA Academy: Bridging the Gap in Genetics and Stem Cells Education In today’s rapidly evolving medical landscape, genetics and stem cells stand out as two of the most promising and groundbreaking fields. Yet, despite their vast potential, there remains a distinct lack of comprehensive education specifically tailored to these specialized fields. INNOVIA Academy addresses this exact void by equipping the next generation of healthcare professionals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to drive further innovation in these domains. Why INNOVIA Academy was established? The idea of INNOVIA Academy was inspired by a simple, yet profound realization: while genetics and stem cells held the key to future medical miracles, there was an acute shortage in institutions offering specialized courses on these subjects. Traditional medical curricula, though rigorous, frequently merely touches the surface of these topics. As pioneers in the biobank industry, INNOVIA recognized the imperative of a deeper, more thorough and more focused education in genetics and stem cells. As a result, INNOVIA Academy stands as a beacon of specialized knowledge in a sea of generalist medical education and functions as a knowledge hub. It offers an in-depth curriculum on genetics, coupled with hands-on training sessions, workshops, and research projects. Affiliation with the University of Jordan: A Confluence of Legacy and Innovation The partnership with the University of Jordan represents more than just a strategic decision; it represents the fusion of historic academic prestige with avant-garde medical education. The University, with its rich history and stellar academic reputation, lends credibility, legitimacy, and depth to the academy. This affiliation ensures that the curriculum is rooted in foundational academic principles as it keeps up with the cutting-edge medical advancements. CPD Accreditation: A Testament to Excellence Earning the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation is no small feat. It stands as a rigorous endorsement of the academy’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing the knowledge and skills of its students and faculty. INNOVIA Academy’s courses aren’t just designed to impart knowledge; they aim to foster continuous learning and professional growth. Courses Tailored for Tomorrow Understanding that the realms of genetics and stem cells are vast and multifaceted, INNOVIA Academy offers a range of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of its students. From foundational courses introducing the basic concepts to advanced modules exploring the latest research and techniques, the academy ensures that its students are always a step ahead, ready to shape the future of Medicine. A Vision for the Future Although INNOVIA Academy was established in response to a current need, its vision is firmly set on the future. Beyond merely providing education, the academy’s mission is shaping future thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the fields of genetics and stem cells. With the steadfast support of its affiliates and the dedication of its faculty, INNOVIA Academy is not just teaching medicine; it’s redefining it. INNOVIA Academy is the movement – striving to bridge the knowledge gap in two of the most crucial medical fields. Through its endeavors, the academy ensures that the promise of genetics and stem cells is not just realized but surpassed, heralding a brighter, healthier future for all. Company: INNOVIA Biobank Contact: Dr. Mohannad AlGhazo Email: [email protected] Website: Most Visionary Healthcare Diversification CEO 2023: Dr. Mohannad Al-Ghazo

MEA / Q4 2023 10 Jun23122 Most Reliable Personal Loans Provider 2023 - Ghana Established in 2011, Infinity Capital MicroCredit Ltd (Infinity Capital) is a Ghanaian loans provider company that came to be under the guidance of Raphael Donkor Adjei and through the support of his wife, Millicent Adjei. Initially among some of the region’s earliest microfinance companies to have earned itself a license from the Bank of Ghana, Infinity Capital now offers personal, business, and emergency loans to both salaried workers and businesses across the region. Join us as we explore how Infinity Capital came to embody reliability, and how its services have helped to indefinitely reshape the lives of its clients. ollowing its inception over a decade ago, Infinity Capital has come leaps and bounds in its pursuit of becoming the most dependable provider currently operating within Ghana. And, if statistics are anything to go by, it’s clear that it has been successful in this ambitious venture. Throughout the past ten years alone, Infinity Capital has granted loans to over 5,000 low and middle income salaried workers and micro business enterprises, while simultaneously providing entrepreneurs with free financial literacy. Having dedicated itself to upholding its values of honesty, reliability, and client centricity, Infinity Capital now finds itself equipped with the means to overcome any challenge the financial sector may pose. This persistence is best exemplified through its survival of the ‘Banking and Financial Sector Cleanup’ in 2019. In a time where many microfinance companies found themselves losing their licenses, with over 70% of those operating within Ghana failing to conquer this rigorous challenge, Infinity Capital’s determination saw it overcoming this unsteady period. As a result, it was able to demonstrate its sheer willpower to its clients – a characteristic that ultimately led to it being widely regarded as a steadfast entity upon which any could rely. Not once did Infinity Capital fall to uncertainty, and it’s this very persistence that has come to define it as a collective. Combined, all of these factors make for an award-winning loans provider whose resolve knows no bounds. Now, in 2023, Infinity Capital finds itself confidently assisting salaried workers, enterprises, and business owners in obtaining loans to suit their complex and dynamic needs. In order to truly understand these varying loan requirements, Infinity Capital places an immense focus on personal services – a focus that unites speed and attentiveness to herald the best possible results. This methodology, partnered with the collective’s dedication to honesty, has assisted Infinity Capital in its journey towards being the most dependable entity of its nature. It doesn’t waste time, and goes the extra mile to disburse loans at competitive interest rates, ultimately allowing customers to receive a speedy response without having to sacrifice quality and value in the process. Having garnered exceptional levels of success throughout Ghana, Infinity Capital has finally set its sights on expanding even further across the continent, with its vision extending to varying regions and countries within Africa. Be it Nigeria, Kenya, or Uganda, Infinity Capital is looking to incorporate new technologies to help facilitate this transition. Despite this ambitious goal, however, Infinity Capital is committed to its customers first and foremost. As such, we’re certain that its reliable nature will remain steadfast as it pursues exciting, new ventures in the coming years. We’re eager to see where Infinity Capital will take itself next. Now equipped with an award-winning status, Infinity Capital poised to extend its reach to more and more clients across the continent. So long as there are those in need of quality loans services, Infinity Capital promises to be the most dependable provider for the job. Contact: Raphael Donkor Adjei Company: Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd Web Address: F

MEA / Q4 2023 11 Oct23182 Best Creative Software Solutions Company 2023 – East Africa Kenya’s Platinum Kreatives is a digital creative software licensing company with offices based in the capital city of Nairobi. The company’s story can be traced back to 2010, the year that the business first set up office, spurred on by a drive to seamlessly integrate innovation and technology with the fields of business and education. Areas of speciality for the company include Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365, with the business being the premier reseller of Adobe’s creative software solutions and the only Adobe Gold Partner within the East, West, and Central African region. We catch up with Abdulrahym Kamau, who provides more insight into the business and its innovative creative software solutions. Bolstered by offices in Kenya, creative software solutions provider Platinum Kreatives is amply located to service the greater region of East Africa and is confident in its claim that no other firm covering this area is capable of compiling and distributing such pioneering information and the necessary knowledge to allow organisations to thrive in the competitive environment of industry today. With some of the best and brightest minds in the industry at the helm, every element of the business places key emphasis on providing solutions that are prompt, high quality, and professional. A range of clientele are serviced across Eastern and Central Africa, and the company plays host to those from such sectors as non-profit, public, and government. For the team, there is a particular emphasis on the area of education, specifically K12 and HED, which the company considers to be its niche market. Across all of the areas which it serves, Platinum Kreatives remains steadfast in its self-imposed duty to carefully source the industry’s best IT solutions, combining these with the unrivalled levels of expertise and support that its staff can provide to create an award-winning recipe for success. From the very beginning, the company’s founders have been committed to providing an expert blend of interactive solutions and outstanding customer service, something that was subsequently embodied through the fostering of a series of key values so that these qualities could live on and serve as the cornerstones of the business’ ethos. These values are comprised of transparency, innovation, simplicity, and humanity, and each are equally essential in ensuring that Platinum Kreatives can continue to uphold the high calibre of service which it has built its reputation upon for more than ten years now. At the heart of this operation is the company’s expert staffing team, and it is their dedication to upholding the company culture that has resulted in the business boasting a customer retention rate of approximately 98%. This, along with Platinum Kreatives’ proud status as the best Adobe reseller in the region, flexible working hours plus the ability to work from home, and an excellent working environment and positive company culture, combine to create a great place to work for all involved with the organisation. Recently, the company has undertaken many successful projects, including providing the Africa Digital Media Institute with licenses for Adobe’s creative software, allowing this higher education institution to continue to effectively train the next generation of African people in creative media and technology, putting them on the path to a prosperous future career. Similar projects have also been carried out at the United States International University in Africa, the Kenya Literature Bureau, and Rosslyn Academy, with the provided services again serving to streamline the broader education sector. All of this has been made possible as a result of Africa beginning to embrace digital literacy at a fast pace. However, simultaneous advancements in AI have resulted in governments rapidly putting legislation in place to try and curb the potential damage the technology can do if left uncontrolled. Nevertheless, as Abdulrahym explains, “Adobe is well prepared for the future creatives by incorporating AI into their creative applications. This will ease creative design and governments will find it easy to embrace AI as part of our lives and the future in digital innovations.” Looking ahead to the future, the company is currently gearing up to be an Adobe Elite Education Partner, a title which will position it even higher within the industry and its targeted market and is expected to arrive in Q1 2024. This title will serve as just one of the plethora of accomplishments rightfully earned by Platinum Kreatives, and taking all of these into consideration, the company is more than deserving of this award, celebrating its game-changing work in the creative software solutions space. Contact Details Contact: Abdulrahym Kamau Company: Platinum Kreatives Web Address:

MEA / Q4 2023 Aug23593 Nov21612 Most Professional Pharmaceutical Enterprise 2023 – Dubai Pinnacle Pharma – FZCO is a highly professional pharmaceutical enterprise that was established by leading industry specialists who shared a common goal, to build a stellar organisation that could effectively service the international pharmaceutical industry. Today, the company deals with a range of quality products across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food supplements, personal care, cosmetics, and medical devices, as well as acting as consultancy/ advisory to those companies who are seeking expansion into international markets. With a portfolio of clients based in countries from India to the USA and beyond, the reach the company has really is global. We have the pleasure of speaking with Prasanna Chachan, who provides further insight into the company’s extensive offerings and unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. innacle Pharma – FZCO possesses an unrelenting drive to constantly exceed the expectations of healthcare providers and patients everywhere, something that is ultimately achieved through a combination of diverse medication offerings that span a wide range of therapeutic areas and an unparalleled customised service effort across every stage of the development process with its partner organisations. The main aim governing this whole endeavour is to provide expert guidance and establish pharmaceutical businesses in a variety of countries that all embody the same efficient, quality, and innovative means the company has become famed for. P Products offered by the company are extensive and wide-ranging, with more than 100 products currently comprising its portfolio selection. These cover a host of areas, with noteworthy spheres being its range for babies, which include vitamins, drops, syrups, and tonics, as well as its ranges for adults, which extends to include cough syrups, paracetamol, and mouth ulcer gel, through to specific hair regrowth sprays for men and women, and even gender specific products for intimate health. While this product range is substantial, it is far from manufactured in a way that is impersonal and faceless, with the company placing high precedence on its ability to deliver a stellar service. When it comes to dealing with clientele, a particular way that the company ensures positive outcomes is a client-centric approach, one that focuses on understanding and prioritising their needs and objectives. Further contributing is the team making sure that its operations and finance are effectively managed, which helps in reducing waste and improving the services it can offer customers. To differentiate itself from a competitive market, the company’s product portfolio is constantly changing and experiences continuous development through a meticulous blend of innovation and value-added services that customers everywhere will seek out and appreciate. Guaranteeing such success in an atmosphere as ever-changing as Dubai’s pharmaceutical market is no easy feat, as the area demands a sales force that is highly qualified, knowledgeable, and possesses strong ties to doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, and other industry stakeholders. Luckily, Pinnacle Pharma fits the bill exactly, and its team are all dedicated professionals boasting regional experience and the relevant expertise to deliver stellar results for the commercial sector and the company’s partner brands in the region and beyond to the other markets which it covers. Spurring this on is the key ingredient of integrity, something that is of paramount importance in today’s climate. As Prasanna explains, “in a global environment characterised by turmoil and the need for organisations to continuously reinvent themselves to remain relevant, the need for engaging stakeholders with integrity remains a constant for any business.” With Pinnacle Pharma championing integrity as one of its core values, it is present across the business and is held in the highest regard by everybody that works under the brand. By upholding its unflinching commitment to this quality, the company ensures its stakeholders trust remains solid as it continues to provide high quality and affordable products. Guiding the company is its vision and mission, with these allowing the firm to remain focused and ethically sound as it continues to develop its offerings and expand into new territories. Prasanna explains, “we are focused on building a world-class company with international reach through our commitment to customer satisfaction, […] unflagging attention to quality, and by building mutually beneficial relationships.” In the same vein, the company’s overall mission is, “to improve the quality of life for our people, customers, and society.” Prasanna elaborates, “we will challenge, motivate, and inspire our people to achieve personal goals through commitment to innovation, excellence, integrity, and teamwork.” Due to the nature of the industry in which it works, Pinnacle Pharma holds quality assurance in the highest regard, recognising the necessity of pharmaceutical executives understanding how vital it is for quality assurance systems to be effectively maintained and managed. Without this quality assurance guarantee, companies cannot be confident that their products conform to the appropriate quality and safety standards. To assure this is upheld, the company deals with manufacturers whose products are certified by such bodies as the FDA in the US, MHRA in the UK, TGA in Australia and so on for all of the countries

13 Most Professional Pharmaceutical Enterprise 2023 – Dubai which it has dealings with, guaranteeing the upmost safety and consistency throughout its products. This commitment to quality is just one of a plethora of elements that combine to govern Pinnacle Pharma’s internal culture and overarching attitude, which ultimately radiates positivity, making sure that the needs of every client are handled with a smile. Following on from this, the team is fully committed to excellence across the board, working smartly and adopting a method of continual self-improvement, as well as owning a keen attention to detail and a strong desire to deliver tangible results. Of course, at the centre of this is a good energy which is adopted by all, with the ability of staff to enjoy their roles also being instrumental to success in the eyes of the company’s leaders. Looking ahead to the future of the firm, the team remain steadfast in their goal to be the best. As Prasanna explains, “[we aim] to be renowned as one of the most reputed pharmaceutical businesses worldwide.” To achieve this aim, the company will continue to mark a major part of the world’s markets, providing products of the highest quality that are environmentally sound and cause no damage to nature or our planet. Moreover, the business strives to continue to uphold and champion its values, as well as offering its partners the same high calibre service involving complete logistics and distribution solutions in a swift and cost-effective manner. With a tremendous reputation that spans borders already in toe, Pinnacle Pharma - FZCO is certain to continue to breed success as it experiences growth and evolution over the coming years. A firm belief in the importance of building strong relationships with business partners that are founded on mutual respect, serves to highlight the collaborative nature of the business, which feeds into one of its key desires, which is to keep the world united by tackling diseases and forging a “way to good health.” As a result of its sustained successes in the industry, the company is more than deserving of this award championing it as Dubai’s premier professional pharmaceutical enterprise for 2023. Contact: Prasanna Chachan Company: Pinnacle Pharma - FZCO Web Address:

MEA / Q4 2023 14 Jul23190 Best Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider 2023 Genser Energy Ghana Limited has spent more than 15 years amassing the strong reputation that it has today, celebrated for providing sustainable energy solutions across Western Africa. The company designs, builds, and maintains reliable power generation and natural gas infrastructure across the region, thus enabling the mining companies necessary for economic success in the area to continue with operations unhindered. Through the leveraging of its unique competences in the fields of engineering, equipment procurement, project execution, and asset operations/maintenance, the business today boasts an extraordinary portfolio of 200MW generation capacity and more than 400km of gas pipelines. We speak with Anna Klapper, who provides further insight into the company’s sustainable solutions. Genser Energy Ghana Limited (GEGL) prides itself on a unique ability to offer mining companies integrated, end-to-end energy assets combined with ongoing support throughout operations. This service is largely provided to Ghana’s prominent gold mining firms, such as Gold Fields, Perseus Mining, Asante Gold Corporation, and Golden Star Resources in Ghana. Aside from its dealings with the mining trade, the company is too seeking to expand through new business lines, pioneering beneficial partnerships with the wind, solar, and hydropower generation. One way that this is accomplished is through four dedicated business units, all serving to, “sustainably energise enterprises across Africa.” Bolstered by a series of customised offerings that are designed to exceed the challenges and requirements of the industry, GEGL prioritises a series of values that allow for success across its day-to-day operations. These comprise of being fact-based at all times, understanding and implementing good communication, planning and implementing work diligently, and maintaining an obligation to disagree. Through these four choice areas, the business has been able to streamline its efficiency and operations, and ultimately undertake some big projects. Most noteworthy of these is its two largest ongoing projects with the Gas Conditioning Plant (GCP) and Gas Liquids Export Terminal (TNET). Both of these projects have brought GEGL closer to achieving its mission, which centres around sustainably developing Africa’s potential for energy while simultaneously accelerating local expertise through the use of technology. Ultimately, these reflect Africa’s current priorities as it undergoes significant transformations, providing sustainable energy solutions, emphasising local talent, and utilising appropriate turnkey technologies to help prioritise pioneering technologies. Since Africa’s corporate landscape is dynamic and driven by new opportunities, GEGL’s drive to be ethical leaders has led to it recruiting 28 graduates this year, making renewable investments, and partnering with cleantech’s. As a result of total accountability across a spectrum of operations, the company’s performing of feasibility studies, handling of procurement, engineering, and construction, while maintaining infrastructure has enabled the successful providing of totally integrated sustainable solutions for clients. With looming climate consequences on the horizon, it is more important than ever to increase sustainable operations and decrease costs. To this end, the company implements rigorous ISO standards, and looking to support the community, has donated a gas turbine to Takoradi Technical University and begun to work with the Rural Water Supply Project to support more than 4000 households. The internal culture that has been fostered within GEGL is one of integrity, accountability, excellence, and stewardship, growing the team purposefully, all while maintaining a family-esque culture that starts at day one and continues through the implementation of a buddy system and open-door policy for any concerns. New staff are often recruited through a combination of employee referrals, partnerships with organisations, and the company’s stellar graduate programme, which comprise to make, “GEGL a top local employer in Ghana’s energy sector”, as Anna explains. As for the future of the firm, the team at GEGL are now looking to pioneer wind energy projects in the coming years, meanwhile expanding LNG exports regionally and continuing to uphold the gold standard for ethics, safety, and localisation commitments. An exciting development in this project is the firm’s upcoming flagship grid-connected onshore “Wind Energy Project”, with this endeavour solidifying the business’ focus to increase the incorporation of renewable energy. Not only does this project represent the localisation of clean energy generation for the company, but it will create new jobs and catalyse a local supply chain. Quintessentially, Genser Energy Ghana Limited possesses the necessary pragmatism, care, and foresight to continue to innovate sustainable energy solutions across Western Africa. As a result of the exceptional work that it continues to carry out, the company is more than deserving of this award championing its distinction in the field. Anna summarises, “we are eager to share knowledge, foster enterprises, and nurture synergies to responsibly steward Ghana’s epoch energy transformation.” Contact Details Contact: Anna Klapper Company: Genser Energy Ghana Limited Web Address: Visit to Subscribe

MEA / Q4 2023 15 Jul23121 Most Innovative Marketing & Promotions Company 2023 - Gauteng Boasting an impressive 25 years of experience in promoting a myriad of brands, products, and services, Expanding Branding introduces an entirely new approach to marketing and promotions. With branches in all major cities, towns, and neighbouring states surrounding Gauteng, Expanding Branding ensures there is always an ambassador or venue at the ready to assist clients with their marketing needs. We venture into how it accomplishes such a feat, and how it utilises cutting-edge technology to strengthen the essential bonds between promoters and clients alike. pecialising in In-Store Activations, Expanding Branding is a marketing and promotions company that has long since redefined innovation throughout the field. Using its patented Reddex technology, it boasts an intuitive way to track each individual aspect of every campaign shift, whilst also receiving feedback on engagement and how its ambassadors are faring. In addition, it can provide friendly promoters to clients in order to man attractive displays within venues such as top end grocers, malls, specialty and independent retailers, and forecourts. Having already accumulated a strong presence in over 12,000 venues nationwide, Expanding Branding promises quality reach for any client’s brand. Included in its activation capabilities, Expanding Branding presents clients with the opportunity to engage with wholesale campaigns. In short, these campaigns, aptly named push-pull campaigns, are formed through incentives with the goal of encouraging traders to equip themselves with collateral for their stores. As a vital part of reaching traders and selling high volumes, these wholesale activations are one of Expanding Branding’s most attractive features. It has spent over two decades establishing relationships with traders across the nation, ensuring a steadfast foundation upon which various brands can build. Ensuring successful activation is Expanding Branding’s mission, and it has yet to falter in securing significant growth and notoriety for its clients. Covering every aspect of the promoting process, Expanding Branding holds the unique ability to deliver a plethora of alternative marketing methods to clients. Whether brands are looking to have bespoke leaflets or promotional videos designed, or are in need of banner and brand uniform production, Expanding Branding guarantees quality in everything it does. This extends to its partnership with Visible Worx, through which it installs any components that it has produced for its collaborating brands. Even if clients haven’t elected for tailor-made marketing materials, Expanding Branding is determined to guide their promotion down the road to success. Having already managed over 500,000 activations across its In-Store Activations, as well as an additional 1,500,000 annual engagements via its Events and Outdoor Activities promotions, Expanding Branding has proven that it’s beyond capable of elevating brand awareness to an entirely new level. Tracked through its innovative technology, the success of a brand isn’t a matter of ‘if it works’, but more so ‘when it works’. Its promotional capabilities and affinity for marketing have allowed it to deliver a vast array of services, distinguishing it as a one-stop-shop for any brand’s needs. If readers are interested to learn more about the brimming catalogue of promotional opportunities Expanding Branding has to offer, its beautiful website is the place to go. Expanding Branding truly is a marketing and promotions company that stands as the very definition of its craft. It seems there isn’t anything it’s not willing to do in order to secure success for its clients’ brand activations, whether they take the form of Main Market, Outdoor and Event, or In-Store activations. Regardless, Expanding Branding is on-hand to help in any way it can. Its track record is beyond impressive, with its Main Market activations boasting a whopping 5,000,000 people reached within the space of just one year. Fundamentally, Expanding Branding prides itself on its ability to uplift brands to new heights, and its determination to do so has earned it quite the prestigious position within its industry. Contact Details Contact: Kevin Mitchell Company: Expanding Branding Web Address: S