MEA Q4 2023

MEA / Q4 2023 11 Oct23182 Best Creative Software Solutions Company 2023 – East Africa Kenya’s Platinum Kreatives is a digital creative software licensing company with offices based in the capital city of Nairobi. The company’s story can be traced back to 2010, the year that the business first set up office, spurred on by a drive to seamlessly integrate innovation and technology with the fields of business and education. Areas of speciality for the company include Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365, with the business being the premier reseller of Adobe’s creative software solutions and the only Adobe Gold Partner within the East, West, and Central African region. We catch up with Abdulrahym Kamau, who provides more insight into the business and its innovative creative software solutions. Bolstered by offices in Kenya, creative software solutions provider Platinum Kreatives is amply located to service the greater region of East Africa and is confident in its claim that no other firm covering this area is capable of compiling and distributing such pioneering information and the necessary knowledge to allow organisations to thrive in the competitive environment of industry today. With some of the best and brightest minds in the industry at the helm, every element of the business places key emphasis on providing solutions that are prompt, high quality, and professional. A range of clientele are serviced across Eastern and Central Africa, and the company plays host to those from such sectors as non-profit, public, and government. For the team, there is a particular emphasis on the area of education, specifically K12 and HED, which the company considers to be its niche market. Across all of the areas which it serves, Platinum Kreatives remains steadfast in its self-imposed duty to carefully source the industry’s best IT solutions, combining these with the unrivalled levels of expertise and support that its staff can provide to create an award-winning recipe for success. From the very beginning, the company’s founders have been committed to providing an expert blend of interactive solutions and outstanding customer service, something that was subsequently embodied through the fostering of a series of key values so that these qualities could live on and serve as the cornerstones of the business’ ethos. These values are comprised of transparency, innovation, simplicity, and humanity, and each are equally essential in ensuring that Platinum Kreatives can continue to uphold the high calibre of service which it has built its reputation upon for more than ten years now. At the heart of this operation is the company’s expert staffing team, and it is their dedication to upholding the company culture that has resulted in the business boasting a customer retention rate of approximately 98%. This, along with Platinum Kreatives’ proud status as the best Adobe reseller in the region, flexible working hours plus the ability to work from home, and an excellent working environment and positive company culture, combine to create a great place to work for all involved with the organisation. Recently, the company has undertaken many successful projects, including providing the Africa Digital Media Institute with licenses for Adobe’s creative software, allowing this higher education institution to continue to effectively train the next generation of African people in creative media and technology, putting them on the path to a prosperous future career. Similar projects have also been carried out at the United States International University in Africa, the Kenya Literature Bureau, and Rosslyn Academy, with the provided services again serving to streamline the broader education sector. All of this has been made possible as a result of Africa beginning to embrace digital literacy at a fast pace. However, simultaneous advancements in AI have resulted in governments rapidly putting legislation in place to try and curb the potential damage the technology can do if left uncontrolled. Nevertheless, as Abdulrahym explains, “Adobe is well prepared for the future creatives by incorporating AI into their creative applications. This will ease creative design and governments will find it easy to embrace AI as part of our lives and the future in digital innovations.” Looking ahead to the future, the company is currently gearing up to be an Adobe Elite Education Partner, a title which will position it even higher within the industry and its targeted market and is expected to arrive in Q1 2024. This title will serve as just one of the plethora of accomplishments rightfully earned by Platinum Kreatives, and taking all of these into consideration, the company is more than deserving of this award, celebrating its game-changing work in the creative software solutions space. Contact Details Contact: Abdulrahym Kamau Company: Platinum Kreatives Web Address: