MEA Q4 2023

MEA / Q4 2023 10 Jun23122 Most Reliable Personal Loans Provider 2023 - Ghana Established in 2011, Infinity Capital MicroCredit Ltd (Infinity Capital) is a Ghanaian loans provider company that came to be under the guidance of Raphael Donkor Adjei and through the support of his wife, Millicent Adjei. Initially among some of the region’s earliest microfinance companies to have earned itself a license from the Bank of Ghana, Infinity Capital now offers personal, business, and emergency loans to both salaried workers and businesses across the region. Join us as we explore how Infinity Capital came to embody reliability, and how its services have helped to indefinitely reshape the lives of its clients. ollowing its inception over a decade ago, Infinity Capital has come leaps and bounds in its pursuit of becoming the most dependable provider currently operating within Ghana. And, if statistics are anything to go by, it’s clear that it has been successful in this ambitious venture. Throughout the past ten years alone, Infinity Capital has granted loans to over 5,000 low and middle income salaried workers and micro business enterprises, while simultaneously providing entrepreneurs with free financial literacy. Having dedicated itself to upholding its values of honesty, reliability, and client centricity, Infinity Capital now finds itself equipped with the means to overcome any challenge the financial sector may pose. This persistence is best exemplified through its survival of the ‘Banking and Financial Sector Cleanup’ in 2019. In a time where many microfinance companies found themselves losing their licenses, with over 70% of those operating within Ghana failing to conquer this rigorous challenge, Infinity Capital’s determination saw it overcoming this unsteady period. As a result, it was able to demonstrate its sheer willpower to its clients – a characteristic that ultimately led to it being widely regarded as a steadfast entity upon which any could rely. Not once did Infinity Capital fall to uncertainty, and it’s this very persistence that has come to define it as a collective. Combined, all of these factors make for an award-winning loans provider whose resolve knows no bounds. Now, in 2023, Infinity Capital finds itself confidently assisting salaried workers, enterprises, and business owners in obtaining loans to suit their complex and dynamic needs. In order to truly understand these varying loan requirements, Infinity Capital places an immense focus on personal services – a focus that unites speed and attentiveness to herald the best possible results. This methodology, partnered with the collective’s dedication to honesty, has assisted Infinity Capital in its journey towards being the most dependable entity of its nature. It doesn’t waste time, and goes the extra mile to disburse loans at competitive interest rates, ultimately allowing customers to receive a speedy response without having to sacrifice quality and value in the process. Having garnered exceptional levels of success throughout Ghana, Infinity Capital has finally set its sights on expanding even further across the continent, with its vision extending to varying regions and countries within Africa. Be it Nigeria, Kenya, or Uganda, Infinity Capital is looking to incorporate new technologies to help facilitate this transition. Despite this ambitious goal, however, Infinity Capital is committed to its customers first and foremost. As such, we’re certain that its reliable nature will remain steadfast as it pursues exciting, new ventures in the coming years. We’re eager to see where Infinity Capital will take itself next. Now equipped with an award-winning status, Infinity Capital poised to extend its reach to more and more clients across the continent. So long as there are those in need of quality loans services, Infinity Capital promises to be the most dependable provider for the job. Contact: Raphael Donkor Adjei Company: Infinity Capital Micro-Credit Ltd Web Address: F