MEA Q4 2023

MEA / Q4 2023 15 Jul23121 Most Innovative Marketing & Promotions Company 2023 - Gauteng Boasting an impressive 25 years of experience in promoting a myriad of brands, products, and services, Expanding Branding introduces an entirely new approach to marketing and promotions. With branches in all major cities, towns, and neighbouring states surrounding Gauteng, Expanding Branding ensures there is always an ambassador or venue at the ready to assist clients with their marketing needs. We venture into how it accomplishes such a feat, and how it utilises cutting-edge technology to strengthen the essential bonds between promoters and clients alike. pecialising in In-Store Activations, Expanding Branding is a marketing and promotions company that has long since redefined innovation throughout the field. Using its patented Reddex technology, it boasts an intuitive way to track each individual aspect of every campaign shift, whilst also receiving feedback on engagement and how its ambassadors are faring. In addition, it can provide friendly promoters to clients in order to man attractive displays within venues such as top end grocers, malls, specialty and independent retailers, and forecourts. Having already accumulated a strong presence in over 12,000 venues nationwide, Expanding Branding promises quality reach for any client’s brand. Included in its activation capabilities, Expanding Branding presents clients with the opportunity to engage with wholesale campaigns. In short, these campaigns, aptly named push-pull campaigns, are formed through incentives with the goal of encouraging traders to equip themselves with collateral for their stores. As a vital part of reaching traders and selling high volumes, these wholesale activations are one of Expanding Branding’s most attractive features. It has spent over two decades establishing relationships with traders across the nation, ensuring a steadfast foundation upon which various brands can build. Ensuring successful activation is Expanding Branding’s mission, and it has yet to falter in securing significant growth and notoriety for its clients. Covering every aspect of the promoting process, Expanding Branding holds the unique ability to deliver a plethora of alternative marketing methods to clients. Whether brands are looking to have bespoke leaflets or promotional videos designed, or are in need of banner and brand uniform production, Expanding Branding guarantees quality in everything it does. This extends to its partnership with Visible Worx, through which it installs any components that it has produced for its collaborating brands. Even if clients haven’t elected for tailor-made marketing materials, Expanding Branding is determined to guide their promotion down the road to success. Having already managed over 500,000 activations across its In-Store Activations, as well as an additional 1,500,000 annual engagements via its Events and Outdoor Activities promotions, Expanding Branding has proven that it’s beyond capable of elevating brand awareness to an entirely new level. Tracked through its innovative technology, the success of a brand isn’t a matter of ‘if it works’, but more so ‘when it works’. Its promotional capabilities and affinity for marketing have allowed it to deliver a vast array of services, distinguishing it as a one-stop-shop for any brand’s needs. If readers are interested to learn more about the brimming catalogue of promotional opportunities Expanding Branding has to offer, its beautiful website is the place to go. Expanding Branding truly is a marketing and promotions company that stands as the very definition of its craft. It seems there isn’t anything it’s not willing to do in order to secure success for its clients’ brand activations, whether they take the form of Main Market, Outdoor and Event, or In-Store activations. Regardless, Expanding Branding is on-hand to help in any way it can. Its track record is beyond impressive, with its Main Market activations boasting a whopping 5,000,000 people reached within the space of just one year. Fundamentally, Expanding Branding prides itself on its ability to uplift brands to new heights, and its determination to do so has earned it quite the prestigious position within its industry. Contact Details Contact: Kevin Mitchell Company: Expanding Branding Web Address: S