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Q3 2022 The outlook looks promising for job seekers in the UAE. 70% of UAE Employers Are to Go ‘On a Hiring Spree’ in 2023 DSA Architects International: Designs For Success!

This quarter we have seen a diverse assortment of businesses all making a huge difference to their respective industries, whilst also influencing other industries through their refined knowledge, skill, and seamless execution of intricate plans. For experienced assistance in every field, we can rely on businesses such as these when looking for nourishment and a chance for growth. Guaranteed to enrich our view on these industries, and improve our understanding of business operations, we look at firms that are changing the way we all operate by motivating us to explore new ideas. The very crux of these companies ensure a sparkling future for their clients and customers. Not only do we see businesses moving at a swift pace, but we see their ideas come into fruition from day one. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit, and these businesses demonstrate how to plant seeds and nourish them so that we may reap the rewards. We are excited for the next quarter and we look forward to welcoming you back before the year is over. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this innovative issue so that you may feel inspired and encouraged throughout your future endeavours. Sofi Bajor, Editor Welcome to the Q3 issue of MEA Markets Magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all of the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News: - FTA and Planet Tax Free announce world’s most innovative, 100% digital VAT-refund scheme for tourists - African Energy Chamber Urges United States (US) to Lift South Sudan Oil Sanctions (By NJ Ayuk) 6. DSA Architects International: Designs For Success! 7. The VAT Consultant: Most Trusted VAT & Tax Consultancy 2022 & Client- Focused VAT & Tax Consultancy of the Year 2022 8. Vuse: Most Sustainable Purpose-led Brand 2022 10. Spenomatic Solar Ltd: Powering the Future 11. SDO Moçambique: Best Strategic Business Management Consultancy 2022 – Mozambique & MEA Excellence Award in Leadership Skills Development 12. Margin Industrial Services Limitada: Big Plans For A Better Future 13. SoundCheck Entertainment: Lights, Camera, SoundCheck 14. 70% of UAE Employers Are to Go ‘On a Hiring Spree’ in 2023 16. Stage Set for Long-Awaited Return of Fully Booked Intersec Saudi Arabia 18. ABM Advocates: A Lawyer Leading the Way Contents 6. 11. 16. 14.

News FTA and Planet Tax Free announce world’smost innovative, 100% digital VAT-refund scheme for tourists His Excellency Khalid Al Bustani: “The new system is part of the FTA’s proactive services.” Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates Federal Tax Authority (FTA), in partnership with Planet Tax Free, today launched the world’s most innovative, 100% digital VAT-refund scheme for tourists. The paperless procedure is considered the most advanced solution of its kind in the world and is a reflection of the government’s continuous adoption of proactive solutions based on the concept of proactive government work, to meets the requirements of the future and positively reflect on customers. The announcement was made at a joint press conference in the presence of H.E. Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the UAE Federal Tax Authority and Eyad Al-Kourdi, General Manager of Planet Tax Free, the operator of the tax refund system for tourists in the UAE. The integrated innovative system was demonstrated at the press conference, showcasing the strength of using electronic invoices issued at the point of sale registered within the authority’s system, instead of traditional paper invoices. The new solution is integrated electronically between retail outlets and the tax refund scheme, ensuring a seamless digital process of issuing, sending, modifying and saving invoices for tourists. Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the UAE Federal Tax Authority said, “The launch of the new innovative system is part of the authority’s continuous development plans, by adopting best-in-class standards to enhance UAE’s competitiveness in all sectors, including tourism. This is in-line with the framework of the government digital strategy towards the smart transformation of its services. Furthermore, focusing on the virtual management of proactive services provides an innovative model that reflects the leadership and excellence of the government work system in the UAE by proactively providing services for customers, to complete their transactions easily, easily and quickly”. His Excellency added; “UAE has succeeded in strengthening the foundations of one of the most advanced digital infrastructures in the world, thanks to the vision of our wise leadership to anticipate future strategies and improve quality of life and sustainability. The development of these services raises the overall wellbeing of society and cultivates happier citizens and visitors. Encouraging innovation and excellence is one of the basic components of digital transformation to meet the requirements of systems integration.” • Tourist VAT Refund transactions double to 2.31 million during the first eight months of 2022

News African Energy Chamber Urges United States (US) to Lift South Sudan Oil Sanctions (By NJ Ayuk) Four years have passed since the U.S. imposed sanctions on South Sudan’s oil industry. The goal had been to prevent oil money from funding the civil war that had been raging since 2013. By curtailing the ability of businesses and organizations to provide revenue for the South Sudanese government, U.S. officials reasoned, they could pressure President Salva Kiir to end the conflict plaguing his country. Whether or not you believe the sanctions contributed to peace, the war has indeed ended. Government leaders signed a peace deal in 2018 and formed a unified government in 2020. Why, then, do sanctions that were intended to draw the war to a close remain in place? At this point, what was initially meant for good is now doing harm. The sanctions are hindering foreign investment in South Sudan oil and gas projects and, because of that, preventing the country from harnessing its natural resources (3.5 billion barrels of proven oil reserves) on behalf of its people. The sanctions are making it needlessly difficult for South Sudan to use oil and gas to foster economic growth, create jobs and business opportunities, build capacity, and — particularly important — develop gasto-power programs capable of minimizing the country’s extensive energy poverty. I have no doubt that the U.S. imposed sanctions on South Sudan’s energy industry with the people of South Sudan in mind. Their objective was to help free them from violence and protect lives. Now, the African Energy Chamber is calling upon U.S. officials to make another decision with the South Sudanese in mind: Lift the sanctions. Time to Release the Chokehold The U.S. sanction on South Sudanese oil and gas production has focused on 15 businesses and government units, ranging from international and local oil companies operating in South Sudan to the South Sudan Ministry of Petroleum and Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet), South Sudan’s national oil and gas company. Each was added to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) “Entity List,” a compilation of foreign businesses, organizations, and individuals “believed to be involved, or to pose a significant risk of being or becoming involved, in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.” As a result, oil and gas exploration in South Sudan has become considerably more challenging. If a company, government, organization, or individual wants to export or reexport specific items (oil) from an entity on the list, they must first convince the U.S. government to let them proceed by getting a special license. Violating these requirements could result in criminal or civil proceedings, denial of export privileges, and possibly even being added to the Entity List as well. Sanctions Are Making Resolving Energy Poverty Harder The U.S. sanctions also serve as an obstacle to the production of natural gas in South Sudan, which could be used to help alleviate energy poverty. South Sudan has one of the lowest electrification rates in the world: As of 2020, only 1% of the country’s 12.5 million people had access to electricity. Even those connected to the grid must cope with frequent blackouts and load shedding. Gas-to-power projects could make a tremendous difference in South Sudan. But without oil and gas revenue, building gasfired power plants is extremely difficult. Currently, the country is not producing natural gas for export or domestic use. Sanctions Are Slowing the Move to Renewables Some may argue that South Sudan will be better off without an oil and gas industry, and that the country should simply focus on renewable energy projects like solar, wind, and hydrogen. Renewables do offer promise for South Sudan, but how in the world will South Sudan pay the billions of dollars necessary to develop the necessary infrastructure without a healthy economy? And without the revenue, jobs, capacity building, and business opportunities that come from a thriving energy industry, how exactly is South Sudan going to rebuild its economy in the short term? Further Complications I also urge the U.S. to consider who will be capitalizing on South Sudan’s petroleum resources if the Department of Commerce continues to discourage investors from exploration and production there. The most likely candidates are governments and companies that aren’t concerned about the United States’ Entity list — or are already on it. China is already a major player in South Sudan, while Russia and the South Sudan Petroleum Ministry have been discussing the possibility of working together. So Much to Offer It is frustrating to see South Sudan’s energy industry struggling to build momentum, especially when you consider its promise. That potential will be showcased during South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) 2022, “The Gateway to East African Energy.” The conference, set for Sept. 13-14 in Juba, is being organized by Energy Capital & Power, an Africa-focused investment platform for the energy sector, in partnership with the South Sudan Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy and Dams, and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. The African Energy Chamber is proud to be an event sponsor. Energy Capital & Power’s Senior Director, James Chester, recently urged governments and countries to consider what South Sudan has to offer.

MEA / Q3 2022 6 Mar22706 Designs For Success! When it comes to signature projects, the team at DSA Architects International have a proven track record of incredible success. Their efforts combine international expertise with local knowledge to produce glorious designs that are statements in and of themselves. In the MEA Markets’ UAE Business Awards, the team were named Most Sustainable Architectural Design Consultancy 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover the foundations of their remarkable achievement. ince being established in 1985, DSA Architects International has grown into one of the leading Architectural Design & Lead Consultancy Services Businesses in the UAE, offering clients a way of creating unique, exciting and timeless architectural experiences. With multi-award-winning projects across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, they have garnered a reputation for excellence that is second to none. Since opening their doors, the team have worked for clients in a variety of sectors, including hospitality, residential, commercial, retail, and education. Each has proven to have unique demands, beyond their clients’ requests, which is why they have trusted the DSA team to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of the occasion. The team’s approach means that their projects always push boldly forward, but draw on a project’s location and cultural traditions to guide the development of the final designs. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the projects delivered by DSA are creative, innovative, respectful of their surroundings, and have a focus on structured, managed, and collaborative delivery. By working closely alongside their clients throughout the development process, the team guarantee that the vision they proposed at the start of the process will be carried through to the end. Having delivered projects in over 30 countries for many different types of clients, from large corporations to government entities, from private developers to individual investors, the ability of the team to adapt to suit specific challenges is clear indeed. As a company that has grown significantly over the years, one of the more impressive features of DSA is the retention of its various team members. Many of the team have been with the company for over ten years, taking advantage of a culture of growth and development that focuses on the priorities of the individual. All team members are hired primarily because of their personality and character. A good work ethic is hard to instil, but team players who want to improve themselves can pick up new skills with ease. Looking ahead, the team at DSA see enormous potential in a growing market. There is a health pipeline of business in place which means the team is well placed to deliver, in terms of planning and resource availability. Expansion is the order of the day, with new ideas and proposals being put forward. Over the next year, the DSA team intend to implement exciting plans to introduce a new specialist in-house department within the business, designed specifically to complement the architectural and lead consultancy disciplines already in residence. The improved market conditions, compared to the last few years, make this the ideal opportunity for the firm to grow in a measured and organic way. When looking for impressive design that blends into the landscape whilst standing apart as something special indeed, there’s little that is quite like DSA Architects International. Their exemplary approach has brought them incredible success. We look forward to their bold new plans, and the way in which they have transformed how many see the industry. We can’t wait to see witness what they will do next! Company: DSA Architects International Contact: Peter Davison, Managing Director – Middle East Email: [email protected] Address: Office 204, Convention Tower, Al Mustaqbal Street, Zabeel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Website: Telephone: +971 (0) 4 329 2288 S

MEA / Q3 2022 7 Apr22224 Most Trusted VAT & Tax Consultancy 2022 & ClientFocused VAT & Tax Consultancy of the Year 2022 For over a decade, businesses of all shapes and sizes have trusted The VAT Consultant to guide them through the often complex world of VAT. We take a look at why the Dubai firm has scooped not one, but two prestigious awards. Running a business is not a simple affair and having the right support and advice on accounting and taxes can make a world of difference. Most business owners will admit that when it comes to VAT, consulting a specialist is a must. One firm that delivers stand-out service time after time is leading accounting and VAT consulting firm, The VAT Consultant. Trusted by over 1000 companies to provide a full range of tax and accountancy services, the firm specialises in VAT for UAE. All companies with a residence in UAE and that have supplied goods exceeding the VAT threshold in a 12-month period have to complete a mandatory VAT registration. Companies that do not exceed the threshold also have a choice to register voluntarily. The VAT Consultant guides its clients through the process of registering as well as filing their VAT returns. Businesses who trade internationally can also take advantage of The VAT Consultant’s consultancy service. This enables clients to navigate complicated international taxation laws with confidence. A business spokesman tells us, “At The VAT Consultant, we are industry experts, we’re all like-minded people who want to challenge processes and make a difference. Our experienced chartered accountants work to the greatest levels of professionalism in all areas of VAT, taxation, auditing, accountancy, and financial planning. We aim to always be of vital assistance to our clients. We understand and comply with International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards. And we’re committed to the highest levels of professional standards and quality.” For businesses undergoing expansion, the need for financial expertise can become critical, but hiring an experienced Chief Financial Officer is not always possible. With that in mind, The VAT Consultant also offers its clients an outsourced CFO service. Business owners have access to a 24/7 business advisory team and part-time CFO services to suit their needs. This is perfect for businesses who need expert assistance or advice on budgeting and forecasting, cash flow, performance analysis or mergers and acquisitions. The VAT Consultant is always looking for new ways to support its clients. We’re excited to see what they think of next. Contact: [email protected] Company: The VAT Consultant Web Address:

MEA / Q3 2022 8 Jun22182 BAT has a clear purpose to buildABetter Tomorrow™ by reducing the health impact of its business through offering a greater choice of less risky products* to adult consumers. As a leading, multicategory consumer goods business, BAT is changing the way we see and experience vaping, striving to make a positive change. BAT’s flagship vaping brand; Vuse, plays a pivotal role in this, giving an opportunity to current smokers to switch to a scientifically substantiated, reduced-risk product*, complemented by its extensive list of flavors like mint, fruity, tobacco and more. 2021 was an exciting year for Vuse: Its growing popularity with vapers saw Vuse become the number one global vaping brand**, emerging as vapers’ preferred choice around the world. In the same year, Vuse became the first global carbon neutral vaping brand***, as Vuse won the Most Sustainable Purpose-led Brand 2022 certified by BAT’s sustainability partner Vertis****. This is a clear demonstration that Vuse is a sustainable brand with purpose, in line with BAT’s sustainability ambitions. Vuse strives to be at the forefront of environmental excellence and has prioritised a number of innovative environmental initiatives including: • Cut the wrap: An initiative to reduce plastic in our packaging leading to less waste to landfill. These actions saved approximately 250 tonnes of plastic globally*****– equivalent to more than 10 million plastic bottles.

MEA / Q3 2022 9 80+ peer reviewed manuscripts published on the scientific data behind BAT’s vapour product, Vuse. 50 scientists carrying out 1000+ hours of testing Vuse device evaluation and certification from independent test laboratories Liquid pod and device testing to ensure product safety Over 100 product tests 100% of pods being quality checked *Based on the weight of evidence and assuming a complete switch from cigarette smoking. These products are not risk free and are addictive. **Based on Vype/Vuse estimated value share from RRP in measured retail for vapour (i.e. total vapour category value in retail sales) in key vapour markets: USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany as of May 2022. ***Carbon neutral device and consumables throughout their lifecycle, including lifetime charging (where applicable) for Vuse Go, [Vuse Go Max], Vuse ePod, ePen, eTank mini, Alto based on internal sales forecast for 12 months starting from April 2022, via emissions reduction and offsetting. ****As verified by Vertis based on product Life Cycle Assessment data provided by an independent third party, taking into the Group’s purchase of carbon credits through reforestation projects. *****Plastic saving was calculated from 2020 global sales volumes and 2021 forecasted sales and the plastic bottles comparison was based on a 22.9g bottle weight, representative weight of 500ml commercially available soft drink bottles (May 2020). ******Based on forecasted CO, emissions for Vuse Alto/ePen/ePod from Q4 2022 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) estimates compared to the baseline as of June 2019. • Drop the Pod: A Take-back scheme for liquid pods that has been implemented in all Vuse markets, including UAE, Bahrain, KSA and Kuwait to encourage consumers to responsibly dispose of used devices. Further expansion is planned for ‘Drop the Pod’ recycling pilots for e-liquid pods as well. • Reducing CO2e via H2O: We are transitioning from air to sea freight, aiming to reach 80% of all shipments by sea in 2022, which we expect will reduce Vuse’s CO2 emissions by 50%.****** We are proud that Vuse has been recognized for its innovative approach to sustainability, having received multiple global awards such as the highest Gold Class Award in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook of 2021, as well as the Most Sustainable Product in the 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. These accolades are a result of the passion of people committed to creating a truly satisfying, global brand that people can trust. Qualityand innovationarealso important to Vuse. The brand’s ongoing R&D ensures that devices as well as pods are continuously upgraded and enhanced to provide a better user experience, while being manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. The Vuse team in the Middle East are thrilled to see Vuse grow in the region and are excited about the brand’s journey as it evolves to meet changing consumer preferences.

MEA / Q3 2022 10 Jun22435 Powering the Future Energy equipment has become a necessity in today’s world. We can’t do much without it and, with the way the environment is suffering, it is most important to harness power in an eco-friendly way. Here we look at the dedicated firm, Spenomatic Solar Ltd, as it wins Solar Company Of The Year – Kenya. Spenomatic Group has introduced simple yet effective power solutions, through its very own Spenomatic Solar, to a myriad of customers who are all looking to power their businesses, across a plethora of industries. Coming together in 1998, the team has a combined experience of several decades. With over 200 technocrats from different fields, Spenomatic Group brings forth ideas of togetherness, teamwork, and drive. It is all for one and one for all with Spenomatic as it continues to pursue and achieve excellence. Its mission and vision is to be “an integrated hub of very high-end technologies in the field of energy”, is all for the sake of a more sustainable future. Alongside its revolutionary work in this diverse sector, Spenomatic has been inspiring Africa in the realm of energy for the environment – this is so that it can truly aid in the development of the country for the health of the planet, and the benefit of people around the world. Spenomatic’s Grid Tied Electric System includes photovoltaic panels which turn photos from the sun into DC electricity, coupled with the power to send unused AC electricity into a back flow controller so that excess power doesn’t go back to the grid. This grid tied system helps industries to reduce their own electrical costs in an innovative way. For low maintenance solar energy technology, Spenomatic has created simple yet effective solutions that are changing the way the world perceives solar power. The company culture reflects the passion Spenomatic has when reaching for its goals. It wishes to provide sustainable solutions by partnering with world leader companies in order to change the course of the future of our planet. By creating extremely high quality solutions, Spenomatic has formed an inventory of technologically advanced equipment that can benefit businesses around the globe. Offering a wide range of equipment is something that Spenomatic is truly proud of and, with its hard work and dedication, its solar power remedies encourage us to improve our relationship with energy. With over 6.5 million installations in Kenya and over 200 clients across Africa, Spenomatic has worked tirelessly to get to where it is now. Its hard work is paying off as it wins Solar Company Of The Year – Kenya. It is clear to see that Spenomatic has reached new heights and we are excited to see it spread further afield. Contact: Nikita Surty Company: Spenomatic Solar Ltd Web Address: With over 200 technocrats from different fields, Spenomatic Group brings forth ideas of togetherness, teamwork, and drive. It is all for one and one for all with Spenomatic as it continues to pursue and achieve excellence. Its mission and vision is to be “an integrated hub of very high-end technologies in the field of energy”, is all for the sake of a more sustainable future.

MEA / Q3 2022 11 Jun22050 Best Strategic Business Management Consultancy 2022 – Mozambique & MEA Excellence Award in Leadership Skills Development Businesses often need external support, be it with recruitment, training, or another area of daily operations. Headquartered in Mozambique, SDO Moçambique is a leading Business Management Consultancy. SDO Moçambique provides advice in such areas, guiding companies towards sustainable, tangible, and easily maintained success. or the past 13 years, SDO Moçambique has been providing dozens of business management solutions to organisations across Mozambique. The unique consultancy, which has partnerships across Mozambique and Portugal, specialises in five key areas: human capital strategic management; training and development; recruitment, selection, and headhunting; customer service management; and employment agency. Within these areas, SDO Moçambique has delved into organisational culture, the structuring and monitoring of training and development actions, talent management, and social responsibility. SDO Moçambique, quite simply, offers its clients integrated and cuttingedge solutions that contribute to the development of their businesses, forging stable futures and sustainable growth. Furthermore, through its work, SDO Moçambique is on a mission to become the leading company within this field. Over the years, the company has invested an abundance of time and funds into the development of its team, providing them with new skills and the ability to adapt to the individual needs of businesses operating in Mozambique. As such, it prides itself on its agility, flexibility, and versatility, naming them as the reasons behind its meteoric rise to success. Moreover, it constantly seeks to maintain a systemic understanding of various contexts, and through doing so, it hopes to develop bespoke strategies for its customers. SDO Moçambique’s team is, of course, at the epicentre of this approach, and therefore, it is imperative that the company’s team collaborates effectively. As of 2022, the workforce consists of six partners (three of Mozambican nationality and 3 of Portuguese), 12 managers and consultants, one legal advisor, three administrative technicians, and over 10 consultants, trainers, and external coaches. Staff work on both a national and international level in order to provide clients with the best possible service. This approach has clearly worked for SDO Moçambique as it has been the recipient of dozens of awards from global institutions. Since 2019, the company has received four awards from MEA Markets, one from Global Business Outlook, and Best Human Capital Management Consultancy – Mozambique from APAC Insider. The aforementioned accolades stem from the company’s devotion to its customers, and more importantly, its motto, ‘We believe in the value of PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONS.’ Best Strategic Business Management Consultancy 2022 – Mozambique and MEA Excellence Award in Leadership Skills Development perfectly fit SDO Moçambique, defining the company as a stand out within the international market. Contact: Jose Rodrigues Company: SDO Moçambique Web Address: F

MEA / Q3 2022 12 Jun22562 Margin Industrial Services Lda is a Mozambican company looking to offer engineering services, project management, industrial maintenance of electrical systems, instrumentation and calibration, and much more. It is without a doubt that Here we look at Margin’s work as it wins Best Industrial Maintenance & Project Management Consultancy – Mozambique. argin Industrial Services, Lda, is structures into three divisions – the water treatment division, industrial waste treatment and transport division, and the industrial, electrical, and instrumentation division. It is focused on being the best service provider and engineering company and it is always passionate about the work that it does. Its mission is to optimise the outcomes of value for clients – ensuring that they get the most out of the project management and maintenance aid. It focuses on the safety of its own employees and the clients it serves. Always improving its internal processes, performance, and work culture, Margin offers an end-to-end approach to any business related equation. With its core value of “back to basics”, Margin employs a simple yet effective approach that ultimately guides both its employees and its clients. Its USP is that it listens to its team members and its clients. Implementing ideas in an enthusiastic and passionate way, Margin offers respectful understanding of its clients’ business. With the power of its team, and the internal culture, Margin is able to put the client first, without compromising its team’s wellbeing. Delivering fast results for the sustainability of its clients, Margin incorporates organic ideas into their businesses – designs that are built to last. For example, its task management skills guarantee successful project management that will benefit everyone involved. It breaks up bigger tasks into smaller and more manageable segments so that the client can improve their business in a balanced way. Through offering “kick-off meetings”, Margin brings stakeholders together so that they may form a mission and vision with regards to what they want to achieve. This part of the process is just as important as the other steps and, with every kick-off meeting, there is a chance to fully develop any concept from something small to a large yet achievable project. Depending on the project, Margin develops ideas through its communication plan. By talking everything through, it creates a bespoke plan for each client. Its tailor-made services secure a viable, innovative, and successful future for its clients – who are all eager to learn from its expertise. Through its kick-off meetings, Margin defines three concepts: the project scope, budget, and timeline for the plan of action. Creating strong and consistent relationships between stakeholders and a multitude of roles. Margin distinguishes the separate steps that to lead the businesses to accomplishment – as well as identifying steps that would potentially hold them back. This is particularly important because each client requires knowledge and understanding of what does work, alongside what doesn’t – so that they may avoid any steps that are detrimental to their growth. Doing all of this to a set budget, Margin promises to deliver exactly what they say is possible; it is of utmost importance to have a relationship centred around transparency and equality, which is exactly why Margin is up front about costs. Finally, the timeline created provides a realistic yet exciting timescale to which the business can attach tangible plans. Looking at the overall picture, sometimes it’s hard to think of how to get there. However, Margin shows us exactly how to get to where we want to be – without the pressure of planning everything ourselves, which can be overwhelming or even disheartening. Margin assesses risks, answers questions, and satisfies business needs. This is so that we can form plans that will carry us from something small into a trailblazer in our industries. Winning Best Industrial Maintenance & Project Management Consultancy – Mozambique is a great achievement, and we are sure that Margin will go on to obtain even more titles and awards for its pioneering ideas and perfectly executed plans. Contact: Jose Novais Company: Margin Industrial Services Limitada Web Address: M Big Plans For A Better Future

MEA / Q3 2022 13 Jul22377 Lights, Camera, SoundCheck Perfectly professional audio and visual services can be hard to come by. However, with SoundCheck Entertainment (SoundCheck), you can liven up your events – every time. Here we look to SoundCheck as it wins Best Audio-Visual Technology Company – Ghana. Established as an entertainment company in 1999, SoundCheck Entertainment developed as into an audio-visual business in 2002. With its 20 years of audio-visual experience, SoundCheck has taken the industry by storm. As an audio-visual business, and a production house, SoundCheck specialises in live events – where it can truly shine. It works with parties, concerts, festivals, hospitals, conference venues, houses of worship, and any other event you can think of. Not only does SoundCheck work seamlessly to produce a crystal clear and crisp sound, but it offers aesthetically pleasing and exciting visual solutions that will blow any crowd away. Known for its audio-visual concepts and tailor-made developments, SoundCheck’s reputation has earned it a lot of respect. With returning customers and word-ofmouth recommendations, SoundCheck has built a strong image in the industry – and it will continue to live up to its excellent status. By fine-tuning stage works, pro AV solutions, sound and lights, and cables and connectors, SoundCheck has swiftly become a well-known name in Ghana. Laser focused on providing bespoke solutions at competitive prices, its event technology is expertly aimed at those wanting to stun and amaze with the power of visuals and sounds. Its mission is to produce the best of the best, whilst taking everything its customer’s want into account and consideration. It knows how to create solutions that alter our perception of audio-visual businesses, for the better. SoundCheck ensures that its customers receive the most intricate answers to questions that no other business could answer. Providing customers with decades of experience, SoundCheck guarantees customisable solutions at competitive prices – offering the best, without the customer breaking the bank. No matter the size of the event, SoundCheck has something to offer to everyone. It audio-visual expertise allows it to generate exciting sounds and sights for each event. It also makes use of its professional and perfected equipment, so that each client can benefit from elite technology that will ultimately elevate their event from something potentially mediocre, to a moment in time that will never be forgotten. It is with all of this in mind that we have awarded SoundCheck with Best Audio-Visual Technology Company – Ghana. Winning this award is no small achievement, and it should be highly celebrated. With its glorious reputation and consistent hard work, we can see that SoundCheck Entertainment is changing our perception and experience of audiovisual businesses, one event at a time. Contact: Alex Opoku Lutterodt Company: SoundCheck Entertainment Web Address:

MEA / Q3 2022 Mar22253 Nov21612 70% of UAE Employers Are to Go ‘On a Hiring Spree’ in 2023 The outlook looks promising for job seekers in the UAE. ome 7 in 10 of UAE employers (70%) are planning to hire new employees next year. ales Executive (20%), Accountant (18%) and Administrative Assistant (16%) are the top roles that UAE employers are hiring for over the next three months, according to, a top Middle East job site, and YouGov, market research agency, who recently conducted the Middle East Job Index Survey, to measure the job availability and hiring trends in the UAE, and to provide an understanding of required skill sets and qualifications. Interestingly, good communication skills in Arabic and English (51%) emerged as the top skill that employers look for in a candidate. Being a team player (42%), good leadership skills (34%) and ability to work under pressure (33%) follow. Managerial experience In terms of experience, 28% of respondents state that they are looking for candidates with managerial experience, while 27% are searching for those with sales and marketing experience and 29% want candidates with mid-level experience. Further, Business Management (22%), Engineering (22%) and Commerce (19%) are the most sought-after academic qualifications amongst employers in the UAE. Ola Haddad, Director of Human Resources at said: “A large majority of Mena employers are looking to expand their workforce S Some 7 in 10 of UAE employers (70%) are planning to hire new employees next year.

15 70% of UAE employers are to go ‘on a hiring spree’ in 2023 through a human-led approach. While professionals need to focus on honing skills in demand such as communication and collaboration, companies need to provide access routes for those who lack skills, take steps to strengthen the capabilities of skilled employees, and commit to constant upskilling.” Hiring trends in the UAE The outlook looks promising for job seekers in the UAE, as 7 in 10 employers (70%) are planning to hire new employees next year. 50% of the companies that plan to hire in the next three months will be hiring for a maximum of five jobs, while 25% will be hiring for about 6 to 10 jobs. Overall, Business Consultancy/ Business Management/ Management Consulting (84%) emerges as the top industry claiming to hire the most in the next one year across the Mena region. This is followed by Commerce/ Trade/ Retail (82%) and Consumer Goods/ FMCG (81%). Industries attracting top talent Advertising/ Marketing/ Public Relations (35%), Real Estate/ Construction/ Property Development (33%) and Banking/ Finance (31%) emerge as the industries that attract or retain top talent in the UAE. Overall, Real Estate/ Construction/ Property Development (37%) emerges as the main industry attracting the national talent while Advertising/ Marketing/ Public Relations is the main industry attracting fresh graduate (37%) as well as female talent (40%). Zafar Shah, Research Director at YouGov said: “There is a tremendous need for skilled workers in the private sector, as multinational companies continue to demonstrate a higher probability for hiring in the Mena region. At the same time, employers are looking for skills such as communication, teamwork and ability to work under pressure in order to build the teams needed to successfully deal with the challenges and opportunities of today and those yet to come.” Data for the Middle East Job Index Survey was collected online from June 9 to August 1, 2022. Results are based on a sample of 889 respondents from the following countries: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Sudan among others. By TradeArabia Sales Executive (20%), Accountant (18%) and Administrative Assistant (16%) are the top roles that UAE employers are hiring for over the next three months, according to, a top Middle East job site, and YouGov, market research agency, who recently conducted the Middle East Job Index Survey, to measure the job availability and hiring trends in the UAE, and to provide an understanding of required skill sets and qualifications.

MEA / Q3 2022 Stage Set for Long-Awaited Return of Fully Booked Intersec Saudi Arabia It’s been three years since the last edition, with Covid-19 halting the momentum of what has been a highlight on the annual events calendar for security and safety professionals across Saudi Arabia. The stage is set for a fully booked Intersec Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom’s largest trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection prepares for its longawaited return in Riyadh next month. Taking place from 13-15 September 2022 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Intersec Saudi Arabia’s 4th edition will feature more 150 exhibitors from 20 countries, covering the four key pillars of Commercial Security, Homeland Security, Fire and Safety, and Cybersecurity. It’s been three years since the last edition, with Covid-19 halting the momentum of what has been a highlight on the annual events calendar for security and safety professionals across the Kingdom. Now the annual three-day trade fair is back in full force, with organisers fending off prospective exhibitor enquiries, having hoisted the ‘sold out’ sign on available exhibition space several months ago. Clearly there’s pent up demand to tap into the Middle East’s largest market, with Saudi’s Vision 2030, and the corresponding opportunities in securing infrastructure, people and assets a central talking point. Intersec Saudi Arabia is organised by Saudibased Al-Harithy Company for Exhibitions (ACE) Group under licence from UAEheadquartered Messe Frankfurt Middle East, which organises Intersec, the world’s leading exhibition for security, safety, and fire protection. “Safety and Security is high on the agenda of Saudi’s Vision 2030 and there is a perennial requirement for safety and security products, fire protection and the accompanying innovations, all of which will be on display this year at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2022,” commented Alex Nicholl, Intersec’s Director. “Exhibitors are fully aware of the likes of NEOM, Amaala, Red Sea Project, and Qiddiya, and the immense opportunities these provide. They’re accordingly tailoring their stand designs and solutions to target these ‘giga’ projects specifically and this will only ramp up in intensity every year as each project phase nears completion.” Headline international exhibitors returning to the spotlight include Axis Communications, Hikvision, Genetec, Toshiba, and Milestone Systems, Nedap, Draeger, and Gatekeeper, while SAFE (National Security Services Company), Al-Alameya Group, Al Rajhi Telecom Company, Saudi Sicli Company, Abana Enterprises Group, and Al Aswad Fire Fighting System are flying the Saudi flag proudly. NFSSP (National Factory for Safety and Security Products) is among those launching new products in Saudi Arabia, with the UAE company set to unveil its Hoods brand of tactical and safety footwear. The UAE-made range of footwear, of which there are 41 models, comprise innovative materials including leather-tech air flow systems, fibre glass and Kevlar, offering lightweight, breathable, and durable footwear ideally suited to harsh Middle East climes. “Our company has been manufacturing in the UAE for more than 12 years, producing high quality tactical and safety shoes for many categories including military, police, security, oil & gas, construction and general factories,” said Jaime Ramirez, EMEA Sales and Marketing Manager at NFFSP. “Saudi Arabia is a hugely important market for us and is continuously growing. We see massive opportunity in particular in the construction and oil & gas sectors. We estimate we can contribute around 200,000 pairs of shoes to the market in 2023, growing 10 percent over the next five years.” Ramirez said with ongoing global supply chain challenges, NFSSP’s geographic proximity to neighbouring Saudi presents a compelling argument for customers to purchase from manufacturers closer to home. “Globally, many companies are facing issues and high costs in logistics, petrol and other elements,” said Ramirez. “Our UAE-made shoes are a great option for the Saudi and GCCmarket – we are competitive, while our quality and technology is approved by European standards.” Elsewhere, SB Group International will showcase its Netix and Teknoware brands of IoT and cloud-enabled building automation and life safety solutions at Intersec Saudi Arabia 2022. SB Group’s Chairman Sanjeev Bhatia said the company is eager to connect digitalization and optimization savvy clients with its wide range of smart solutions, including control panels, luminaires, IoT controllers, and its AI-powered Netix Konnect platform. “Saudi Arabia is a prime focus of our emerging business markets growth plan,” said Bhatia. “Teknoware, being a global leader in the manufacturing of emergency lighting solutions, and Netix, driving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), is fully aligned with and compliments the Mar22719

17 Stage set for long-awaited return of fully booked Intersec Saudi Arabia growth and technology implementations of Vision 2030. “Our products and solutions, being modular, scalable, and future-proof in nature, are perfect for all segments currently being designed, developed, and constructed in the Kingdom. “An area of keen interest is the PIF (Public Investment Fund) Group Giga project, in which we’re already prequalified. We’re euphoric to be part of Intersec Saudi Arabia to meet key stakeholders from these segments and showcase our capabilities.” Intersec Saudi Arabia 2022 takes place amid rising national demand for security and fire protection. Saudi has announced multiple infrastructure projects backed by the government sector, highlighting strong potential growth for the security industry. According to consultancy 6Wresearch, Saudi’s spend on commercial security (CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection), safety, fire systems and equipment will reach nearly US$1 billion in 2022, and increasing to US$1.16 billion annually by 2025. “Growth is driven in part by government regulation of compulsory installation of fire safety, detection, and alarm systems in buildings and the opportunities emerging from new measures aimed at ensuring the security and safety for both citizens and visitors to the Kingdom,” explained Nicholl. “Intersec Saudi Arabia’s strategic location of Riyadh also means that exhibitors will have easier access to key decision makers and government and ministerial delegates based in the Saudi Arabia capital, which will enhance the sustainability of the event.” Prevention and mitigation under spotlight at three-day conference In addition to a packed exhibition floor, a threeday Intersec Saudi Arabia Forum 2022 will gather security, safety and fire protection professionals with equipment manufacturers, integrators, consultants, and government authorities to navigate the future of the Kingdom’s integrated vision for safety, security, prevention and mitigation. Saudi’s Vision 2030 will form the central theme for day one, revolving around core topics such as the implications of aligning security and safety strategies with some of the boldest ‘giga projects’ the world has ever seen. Speakers and panellists will also drill further into addressing the challenges from land, maritime, air, and space in a multi-domain approach that is essential in securing the multitude of related vision 2030 projects that are expected to attract hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in the coming years. Day two of the conference will shine the spotlight on cybersecurity, including an opening keynote on Saudi’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, while safeguarding critical infrastructure, oil and gas, and energy assets from costly digital attacks will also be under scrutiny. The conference will wrap up on day three with key government partner sessions and regulatory framework updates from the Saudi Civil Defence and the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), along with an afternoon session of fire protection. “While serving as a vital knowledge-sharing platform, the forum will bring together key government leaders, agencies and organisational heads with outstanding world-class speakers, innovative products, technology and solutions across all key sectors,” said Nicholl. “The program will present a veritable ‘Think Tank’ for regional leaders in the security industry, bringing together stakeholders from policy makers, law enforcement, civil defence and private organisations to define the future of security. Our advisory board of seasoned industry experts have crafted an engaging conference program.” Added cybersecurity focus Saudi Arabia has also seen a boom in the cybersecurity sector, prioritising AI and digitisation as key pillars of its economic development in-line with its Vision 2030 initiative. Nicholl said cybersecurity is likewise a key focus area for Intersec Saudi Arabia, with the objective to present those providers of cyber solutions for IP-based systems and networks at enterprise level across all sectors. “As technology advances and evolves, so too do risks associated with harmful breaches and costly downtimes of integrated networks,” he said. “It’s important therefore that IT professionals and system integrators are aware and armed with the latest solutions that leading industry names are bringing to Intersec Saudi Arabia 2022.” Welcome return to business Upon speaking to key exhibitors and government partners, Nicholl said the anticipation is building fast ahead the final countdown of what will be a welcome return to business for Intersec Saudi Arabia. “It’s been three years since the last Intersec Saudi Arabia, and we know our exhibitors are immensely excited to showcase their latest innovations and developments in Saudi’s security, safety, and fire protection market, that will reach nearly US$1 billion in revenues this year,” he concluded. “Aside from the conference, plenty of new product launches will be displayed in the Kingdom for the first time, targeting key sectors such as energy, healthcare, education, transportation and infrastructure. “Safety and security is all around us, in everything we do, but in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and its 24 key projects supporting the vision, we’re keen to drive the agenda of urban environments, tourism, residential, arts and culture.” By Saudi Gazette