MEA Q3 2022

MEA / Q3 2022 11 Jun22050 Best Strategic Business Management Consultancy 2022 – Mozambique & MEA Excellence Award in Leadership Skills Development Businesses often need external support, be it with recruitment, training, or another area of daily operations. Headquartered in Mozambique, SDO Moçambique is a leading Business Management Consultancy. SDO Moçambique provides advice in such areas, guiding companies towards sustainable, tangible, and easily maintained success. or the past 13 years, SDO Moçambique has been providing dozens of business management solutions to organisations across Mozambique. The unique consultancy, which has partnerships across Mozambique and Portugal, specialises in five key areas: human capital strategic management; training and development; recruitment, selection, and headhunting; customer service management; and employment agency. Within these areas, SDO Moçambique has delved into organisational culture, the structuring and monitoring of training and development actions, talent management, and social responsibility. SDO Moçambique, quite simply, offers its clients integrated and cuttingedge solutions that contribute to the development of their businesses, forging stable futures and sustainable growth. Furthermore, through its work, SDO Moçambique is on a mission to become the leading company within this field. Over the years, the company has invested an abundance of time and funds into the development of its team, providing them with new skills and the ability to adapt to the individual needs of businesses operating in Mozambique. As such, it prides itself on its agility, flexibility, and versatility, naming them as the reasons behind its meteoric rise to success. Moreover, it constantly seeks to maintain a systemic understanding of various contexts, and through doing so, it hopes to develop bespoke strategies for its customers. SDO Moçambique’s team is, of course, at the epicentre of this approach, and therefore, it is imperative that the company’s team collaborates effectively. As of 2022, the workforce consists of six partners (three of Mozambican nationality and 3 of Portuguese), 12 managers and consultants, one legal advisor, three administrative technicians, and over 10 consultants, trainers, and external coaches. Staff work on both a national and international level in order to provide clients with the best possible service. This approach has clearly worked for SDO Moçambique as it has been the recipient of dozens of awards from global institutions. Since 2019, the company has received four awards from MEA Markets, one from Global Business Outlook, and Best Human Capital Management Consultancy – Mozambique from APAC Insider. The aforementioned accolades stem from the company’s devotion to its customers, and more importantly, its motto, ‘We believe in the value of PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONS.’ Best Strategic Business Management Consultancy 2022 – Mozambique and MEA Excellence Award in Leadership Skills Development perfectly fit SDO Moçambique, defining the company as a stand out within the international market. Contact: Jose Rodrigues Company: SDO Moçambique Web Address: F