MEA Q3 2022

MEA / Q3 2022 12 Jun22562 Margin Industrial Services Lda is a Mozambican company looking to offer engineering services, project management, industrial maintenance of electrical systems, instrumentation and calibration, and much more. It is without a doubt that Here we look at Margin’s work as it wins Best Industrial Maintenance & Project Management Consultancy – Mozambique. argin Industrial Services, Lda, is structures into three divisions – the water treatment division, industrial waste treatment and transport division, and the industrial, electrical, and instrumentation division. It is focused on being the best service provider and engineering company and it is always passionate about the work that it does. Its mission is to optimise the outcomes of value for clients – ensuring that they get the most out of the project management and maintenance aid. It focuses on the safety of its own employees and the clients it serves. Always improving its internal processes, performance, and work culture, Margin offers an end-to-end approach to any business related equation. With its core value of “back to basics”, Margin employs a simple yet effective approach that ultimately guides both its employees and its clients. Its USP is that it listens to its team members and its clients. Implementing ideas in an enthusiastic and passionate way, Margin offers respectful understanding of its clients’ business. With the power of its team, and the internal culture, Margin is able to put the client first, without compromising its team’s wellbeing. Delivering fast results for the sustainability of its clients, Margin incorporates organic ideas into their businesses – designs that are built to last. For example, its task management skills guarantee successful project management that will benefit everyone involved. It breaks up bigger tasks into smaller and more manageable segments so that the client can improve their business in a balanced way. Through offering “kick-off meetings”, Margin brings stakeholders together so that they may form a mission and vision with regards to what they want to achieve. This part of the process is just as important as the other steps and, with every kick-off meeting, there is a chance to fully develop any concept from something small to a large yet achievable project. Depending on the project, Margin develops ideas through its communication plan. By talking everything through, it creates a bespoke plan for each client. Its tailor-made services secure a viable, innovative, and successful future for its clients – who are all eager to learn from its expertise. Through its kick-off meetings, Margin defines three concepts: the project scope, budget, and timeline for the plan of action. Creating strong and consistent relationships between stakeholders and a multitude of roles. Margin distinguishes the separate steps that to lead the businesses to accomplishment – as well as identifying steps that would potentially hold them back. This is particularly important because each client requires knowledge and understanding of what does work, alongside what doesn’t – so that they may avoid any steps that are detrimental to their growth. Doing all of this to a set budget, Margin promises to deliver exactly what they say is possible; it is of utmost importance to have a relationship centred around transparency and equality, which is exactly why Margin is up front about costs. Finally, the timeline created provides a realistic yet exciting timescale to which the business can attach tangible plans. Looking at the overall picture, sometimes it’s hard to think of how to get there. However, Margin shows us exactly how to get to where we want to be – without the pressure of planning everything ourselves, which can be overwhelming or even disheartening. Margin assesses risks, answers questions, and satisfies business needs. This is so that we can form plans that will carry us from something small into a trailblazer in our industries. Winning Best Industrial Maintenance & Project Management Consultancy – Mozambique is a great achievement, and we are sure that Margin will go on to obtain even more titles and awards for its pioneering ideas and perfectly executed plans. Contact: Jose Novais Company: Margin Industrial Services Limitada Web Address: M Big Plans For A Better Future