MEA Q3 2022

MEA / Q3 2022 13 Jul22377 Lights, Camera, SoundCheck Perfectly professional audio and visual services can be hard to come by. However, with SoundCheck Entertainment (SoundCheck), you can liven up your events – every time. Here we look to SoundCheck as it wins Best Audio-Visual Technology Company – Ghana. Established as an entertainment company in 1999, SoundCheck Entertainment developed as into an audio-visual business in 2002. With its 20 years of audio-visual experience, SoundCheck has taken the industry by storm. As an audio-visual business, and a production house, SoundCheck specialises in live events – where it can truly shine. It works with parties, concerts, festivals, hospitals, conference venues, houses of worship, and any other event you can think of. Not only does SoundCheck work seamlessly to produce a crystal clear and crisp sound, but it offers aesthetically pleasing and exciting visual solutions that will blow any crowd away. Known for its audio-visual concepts and tailor-made developments, SoundCheck’s reputation has earned it a lot of respect. With returning customers and word-ofmouth recommendations, SoundCheck has built a strong image in the industry – and it will continue to live up to its excellent status. By fine-tuning stage works, pro AV solutions, sound and lights, and cables and connectors, SoundCheck has swiftly become a well-known name in Ghana. Laser focused on providing bespoke solutions at competitive prices, its event technology is expertly aimed at those wanting to stun and amaze with the power of visuals and sounds. Its mission is to produce the best of the best, whilst taking everything its customer’s want into account and consideration. It knows how to create solutions that alter our perception of audio-visual businesses, for the better. SoundCheck ensures that its customers receive the most intricate answers to questions that no other business could answer. Providing customers with decades of experience, SoundCheck guarantees customisable solutions at competitive prices – offering the best, without the customer breaking the bank. No matter the size of the event, SoundCheck has something to offer to everyone. It audio-visual expertise allows it to generate exciting sounds and sights for each event. It also makes use of its professional and perfected equipment, so that each client can benefit from elite technology that will ultimately elevate their event from something potentially mediocre, to a moment in time that will never be forgotten. It is with all of this in mind that we have awarded SoundCheck with Best Audio-Visual Technology Company – Ghana. Winning this award is no small achievement, and it should be highly celebrated. With its glorious reputation and consistent hard work, we can see that SoundCheck Entertainment is changing our perception and experience of audiovisual businesses, one event at a time. Contact: Alex Opoku Lutterodt Company: SoundCheck Entertainment Web Address: