MEA Q3 2022

MEA / Q3 2022 18 Jun22723 A Lawyer Leading the Way ABM Advocates (ABM) is a specialist law firm that is altering our perception of law as a whole. As ‘A Better Measure’, ABM is a huge influence and major advisor of the public sector and the corporate realm. Here we explore how it has become such a key player in the industry whilst we honour Naomi Byabazaire for winning Best Labour & Employment Lawyer 2022 (Uganda). ABM Advocates (ABM) is a law firm that is changing the way we see and experience the legal industry, one case at a time. Offering bespoke aid, ABM covers the entire globe – it covers services such as workforce structuring and outsourcing; employment law and global governance compliance; pensions and rewards; protecting business assets; employment litigation, dispute resolution, diversity and employee relations. Not only does ABM cover these areas, but it also sports 28 years of experience in doing so. Its work is absolutely focused and motivated by integrity, innovation, and exceptional service for all of its many clients. As members of the Law Societies of Uganda and East Africa, ABM lawyers are certified and registered Intellectual Property Agents with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO). ABM’s mission is to ‘transform lives and businesses by developing people and managing resources’, and it does so by valuing ‘integrity, innovation, commitment, excellence and mentorship’. It constructs sustainable business structures and reacts quickly to any issues that people may be facing with regards to many legal processes. With a diverse group of lawyers all looking to make a huge difference to people’s lives, ABM works tirelessly to resolve legal issues swifty and accurately. Of course, none of this could be possible without the incredible and passionate team members. The team prides itself on growing together and helping others whilst doing so – it is so important that a team comes together, and ABM’s team does just that. In light of this award, Naomi Byabazaire is someone to be truly celebrated. She is an ABM partner who offers her revolutionary ideas and expert practice to improve labour and employment law around the world. Naomi is a member of the IR Global employment law practice group, and she enriches ABM with her experience and intelligent solutions to situations. Naomi is proud to be part of such a prestigious firm that reaches the entire world. She tells us that ABM’s members are “recognized and accredited mediators and hold directorships with various corporate entities, as well as represent the Secretarial Function of Companies to offer good corporate governance support services.” This results in professional support that elevates clients’ experience of law firms and legal processes. As Best Labour & Employment Lawyer 2022 (Uganda), Naomi Byabazaire is always searching for new and consistent ways to develop ideas that will inevitably impact not only the clients in Uganda, but the world. We are excited to see what she does next. Contact: Naomi Byabazaire Company: ABM Advocates Web: