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News Finding ourselves in February, we hope that all of our readers have had a very fruitful start to 2024. Already, there is so much to be excited about this year in the world of MEA business, and we are delighted to be showcasing our award-winning enterprises who are contributing brilliantly to the success of this thriving region. From innovative equity and investment in Dubai to creative storytelling in advertising in Nigeria, we gain in-depth insights into the work that our accoladeworthy businesses do and how they make it all possible. We discover how they are harnessing trends and opportunities and navigating the ever-changing dynamics of this vibrant business landscape in order to ensure continued victory. And not only are outstanding leaders and teams to thank, but technology also plays an integral role in the flourishing of the region today. Boris Shiklo, CTO at ScienceSoft projects that IT spending in the MEA region will accelerate this year, reaching $183.8 billion, an increase from $176.8 billion in 2023. This is just a portion of the global spending that is forecast to total at $5.1 trillion this year. We hope you enjoy perusing this issue and we wish you a wonderful quarter ahead. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon for the Q2 issue of MEA Markets magazine. Welcome to the Q1 issue of MEA Markets magazine. As always, we are dedicated to providing our readers with all the latest news and features from across the Middle East and Africa. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

News Contents 4. News 6. Ethra Invest: Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri 8. HSD France: Best HR Management Consultancy 2023 - Central Africa 9. Insight Publicis: Best Creative Storytelling Community 2023 10. Haybel Company Limited: Best Full-Service Construction & Engineering Company 2023 - Ghana 11. RAKEZ partners with CBI to enhance business banking processes for RAKEZ clients 8. 6. 9. 10.

News 10x Banking furthers expansion into Africa 10x Banking, the transformational cloud-native SaaS core bank operating system founded by former Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins, has today announced a partnership with Old Mutual as it expands into Africa and scales its evolving core banking system into new markets in response to growing demand. 10x’s expansion into Africa, starting in South Africa, will see its solution used by major financial services companies, including Old Mutual, Africa’s second largest financial institution, to develop new products that will drive financial inclusion for unbanked populations – a move that closely follows its launch in Australia and New Zealand last year. Further afield, 10x is seeing growing interest in its platform worldwide among banks in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the USA, and looking further ahead it expects to work closely with banks in Canada, pan-Africa and central and southern Europe. “These are the markets where we see a significant shift to a more customer-centric mindset among banks,” commented 10x’s Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Mills, who joined the company last month from fintech scale-up Featurespace. “Banks can see the issue for themselves and come to us because they have a creaky core, unfit for rolling out financial products which meet the increasing demand among their customers for a better, digital-first user experience.” 10x’s international expansion closely follows its $45m (£35m) funding round announced in January, as it continues to capitalise on the significant momentum in the core banking market, underpinned by big banks actively looking to adopt neo-core banking systems to accelerate their digital transformation and thrive in an increasingly competitive battle to win and retain customers. Old Mutual is actively looking to serve those who have bank accounts but are severely underserved, with their day-to-day money management needs not met by what’s currently available. It is also taking proactive steps to address the barrier of financial literacy across the continent, through a truly customer-centric approach. “It’s clear that in Africa the big driver is digital”, commented 10x founder and CEO Antony Jenkins. “By 2025, over half a billion people on the continent will have access to mobile internet, providing a platform for them to make payments, source financial advice, secure loans to buy a home or start a business. This opens up a huge set of opportunities for the underbanked and unbanked, which in turn drives economic growth. Working with major players in the financial services space, including Old Mutual whom we are delighted call a customer, we are proud to be at the heart of banking transformation in the most exciting markets with huge potential for growth.” Having created the modern technology platform focused on a seamless customer experience that powered J.P. Morgan Chase’s entry into the UK retail banking market, 10x is committed to helping banks transform the way they operate in response to a rapidly-evolving financial sector, catalysed in part by the dominance of digital transactions and consumer demand for greater control and flexibility around the way they manage their money. Old Mutual is among a growing number of major financial institutions working with 10x to develop new products that will drive financial inclusion for unbanked populations

News Emaar unveils design for mega retail, leisure hub - Dubai Square Located on the historic Dubai Creek, its design features pedestrian-friendly streets and encompasses 7.4 million sq m of residential space and 500,000 sq m of gardens and open areas Emaar Properties, a prime real estate development company, has announced that it has completed the detailed design of Dubai Square, - a futuristic fusion of cutting-edge retail, entertainment and technology within the ultra-modern and elegant urban project Dubai Creek Harbour. Located on the historic Dubai Creek, its design features pedestrian-friendly streets and encompasses 7.4 million sq m of residential space and 500,000 sq m of gardens and open areas. Dubai Creek is an integrated project facilitating easy on-foot accessibility and is distinguished by a variety of retail stores, commercial ventures, entertainment, and leisure destinations, and top-tier facilities. The project also includes the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a prominent biodiversity site in the UAE. According to Emaar, Dubai Square is characterized by its advanced technologies, and contemporary and innovative design and will be linked to the new Dubai Creek Tower, giving it a distinctive position in the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour. The simultaneous construction of the shopping centre and the tower incorporates the latest building and design innovations and technologies underpinned by Emaar’s rich experience and deep knowledge in the sector and aligning with the company’s vision for Dubai’s future, said the Dubai developer. On completion, it is set to become the second-largest shopping and entertainment mall in Dubai Creek Harbour, it added. On the new project, Emaar Properties Founder Mohamed Alabbar said: “After fifteen years of catering for a hundred million visitors on a yearly basis and over 1,500 retailers, Emaar has a great wealth of knowledge and experience and is perfectly capable of doing the same with the new project while still seeking retailers’ advice as we do this development.” “Despite the fact that AI is a new science in design, Emaar is implementing and deploying the most advanced AI systems to analyse and predict the needs of retailers and visitors in the future,” he added. This significant project represents a step in establishing Dubai as a prime global destination for shopping and leisure. Dubai Square will feature breakthrough technologies and innovative concepts in retail, dining, and entertainment, offering an unparalleled experience that goes beyond traditional shopping environments, he added.

MEA | Q1 2024 Specialising in providing bespoke solutions and strategic investment services to a wide range of clients, Ethra Invest is a distinguished investment and private equity firm that has redefined excellence within the Middle East. At the heart of this immense success is its CEO, Saeed Al-Marri. With growth marked by a series of strategic roles and progressive responsibilities across the market, Saeed Al-Marri has established a well-deserved synonymity with industry fineness. Let us take you through his journey, and how his vision for the sector’s future has helped to elevate Ethra Invest to all new heights. ringing new solutions to the shipping, real estate, and structured funds sector, Ethra Invest is a firm that leverages its in-depth market knowledge to capitalise on lucrative investment opportunities. Delivered by a team of seasoned professionals, these solutions reflect the firm’s overwhelming commitment to meticulous, research-driven investment approaches – ones that unite diligence and forward-thinking to pave the way for a far more versatile method of operation. As a result, Ethra Invest holds the ability to navigate an ever-changing landscape to great effect, earning quite the track record throughout the industry. Whether it’s delivering consistent returns or mitigating risks, the firm has long since earned itself a reputation as one of the Middle East’s most trusted investment and private equity firms. Among its client base is a variety of entities – from high-net-worth individuals and family offices to institutional investors and corporations. Regardless, Ethra Invest prioritises tailored solutions, the likes of which are only made possible due to the guidance of CEO Saeed Al-Marri. Leveraging his wealth of experience in a multitude of fields – such as fund management, financial analysis, portfolio management, and deal structuring – Saeed’s role is by far the most prominent when it comes to Ethra Invest’s promises to its clients. Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri B Ethra Invest is a firm that embodies Saeed’s vision: “To be recognised as the premier investment and private equity firm in the Middle East, synonymous with integrity, excellence, and value creation.” And yet, to truly understand how he was able to even begin this journey in the first place, we must first look at the previous roles that have helped to characterise the type of CEO he is today. Initially commencing his career in banking and investment, Saeed actively went above and beyond to refine his skills in an array of fields. Over those years, his roles continued to advance until, eventually, he had his first experience with higher responsibilities. This manifested through the launch of the first ever private equity managed fund in the Middle East’s shipping sector. As CEO of an investment company in the Middle East, Saeed sought to deliver unique opportunities to investors. This primarily consisted of direct exposure to bulk dry cargo vessels – a domain that, up until that point, had been predominantly reserved for ship owners and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Having long since recognised the outcry for change within the shipping industry, Saeed quickly became the face of market evolution, with his initiative serving to bridge an age-old gap that no longer had reason to exist. Fundamentally, the concept focused on creating a private equity manage fund that allowed investors, regardless of investment amounts, to directly involve themselves in the inner workings of the shipping industry. Following its inception, this approach would come to define innovation, with its operations allowing investors to diversify their portfolios, whilst gaining access to areas they had never been permitted to have a part. As a culmination of the desire to inspire change, this venture bestowed an immense wealth of knowledge and industry capability upon Saeed, which he proceeded to take with him into his current role as CEO. With such a complex background in leadership and strategic planning, there truly is no man more equipped to navigate such a dynamic market. Combining a deep understanding of the industry’s flow, risk management, and the nuances that partner cultivating success-driven investment strategies, Saeed has fashioned a leadership style that reflects each of his strengths in abundance. Ethra Invest is in the business of tailoring its solutions to meet even the most unique needs of its clients, but it must first gather plenty of information about just what a project requires in order to thrive. Saeed spearheads this process, guiding his team of exceptional professionals towards offering a heightened level of service. Through analysing the proposed objectives, whilst taking into consideration both requirements and challenges, Ethra Invest demonstrates a prowess for understanding its clients inside out. Acting as the cornerstone of the firm’s success is placing emphasis on achieving long-lasting, mutually respectful client relationships. It’s what has granted Saeed and his team the opportunity to continuously grow to further expand their reach. Tailored solutions are Ethra Invest’s priority, and yet there’s an unapologetic dedication to fostering timeless bonds that brightly shine throughout the company’s practises. Partnered with an immense drive to consistently exceed expectations, Saeed has elevated Ethra Invest to represent the new standards of the industry. Saeed is a firm believer that despite his own expertise playing an integral role in Ethra Invest’s success, it wouldn’t be where it is today without its team. Saeed puts it best: “The success of Ethra Invest is a collective effort. I would like to highlight the exceptional contributions of our dedicated team. Their commitment, expertise, and collaborative spirit are instrumental in realizing our strategic vision and achieving the milestones that have led to the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards.” Saeed isn’t only devoted to his team and clients, however. By actively engaging in initiatives designed to uplift the wellbeing of the company’s communities, Saeed displays an immense amount of empathy. Regardless of whether this manifests through its environmental awareness, or through its dedication to social welfare and ethical business practises, keeping Ethra Invest aligned with the best interests of the local community is vital to Saeed. Not only has Saeed frequently defied the expectations of a typical CEO through perfectly tailored services, but by remaining mindful of the world around him, he has painted a comprehensive picture of exactly what the company stands for. Ethra Invest is a manifestation of his passion for providing constant forward momentum for his clients, but his attitude

7 Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri truly shines through his steadfast principles. The result is a company that actively seeks out innovation and adaptation, all to be the best version of itself for the world surrounding it. Having spent many years investing in his own personal growth, Saeed has placed himself in the ideal position to pursue endless innovation. In doing so, he has secured a wealth of benefits for Ethra Invest, directly deriving from having a leader who is thoroughly equipped with all of the necessary tools to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities within the industry. Upholding continuous development is key to this process; it’s what has assisted Saeed in renewing the excellence that Ethra Invest captures, assuring clients that they’re in the best possible hands when working alongside the firm. Nobody ever stops learning, and Saeed is the model example of this notion. He holds a brilliant passion for lifelong learning that translates through both Ethra Invest’s services and solutions, as well as through the team he surrounds himself with. Be it educating himself on the newest emerging technologies, or updating his industry insight to devise new strategies for clients, there isn’t anything that Saeed isn’t willing to do in order to invite success into both his and his customers’ collectives. In short, Saeed’s passion has played a large part in Ethra Invest’s growth throughout the years. Partnered with the brilliance of his team, Saeed is constantly raising the bar in one of the world’s most dynamic industries. In this vein, it’s important to mention Ethra Invest’s unshakable determination to set its sights on the future. Saeed has always seen the bigger picture, and places focus on not only working on present successes, but also proactively leveraging his long-term vision for what Ethra Invest could become. Committed to building a legacy of excellence, integrity, and sustainable growth, Saeed is constantly moving Ethra Invest towards a future that’s simply filled with evolution, while delivering meaningful contributions towards the investment and private equity sector. After all, with the accomplishments that the company has seen over the years, it’s only natural to expect that the blueprint Saeed has created will continue to be followed for years to come. It isn’t often that you come across a man who has the ability to reshape an entire industry’s idea of what excellence should be. However, Saeed Al-Marri, with Ethra Invest as a catalyst, has completely redefined what clients should expect from an investment and private equity company. Saeed has successfully created a new face for the market, and it’s this very achievement that has continuously justified his position as an award-winning CEO. Ethra Invest is such an ambitious collective, and we simply can’t wait to see where its eye for innovation and longevity takes it as CEO Saeed Al-Marri guides it through 2024. Company: Ethra Invest Web Address:

MEA | Q1 2024 8 Best HR Management Consultancy 2023 - Central Africa Founded in Cyprus in 2004, HSD is a company that seeks to act as a reliable supplier of both qualified and trainable employees to a variety of organisations across all industry sectors. Now primarily focused on providing labour to Africa-based clients, HSD has become the go-to partner for the continent’s employers. Management doesn’t need to be a daunting process, and HSD is on-hand to ensure that no individual must navigate such uncertain terrain alone. It’s for this very reason that the company has garnered such renown, and, below, we explore how it has leveraged its reputation to completely streamline the recruitment process for Africa’s employers. pecialising in the art of uniting employers with the perfect people for them, HSD is a company that is proudly capable of handling hundreds of recruitment cases daily. Whether it’s guiding job seekers through their employment venture in order to secure a successful career, or pairing an employer with a candidate who boasts all of the necessary skills to thrive within their respective industry, HSD equips itself with an abundance of talent and prowess to guarantee the ideal outcome for every party. Not only does it have a fantastic team that’s prepared to go the extra mile for each client, but, through the deployment of its hand-crafted communication channel, HSD plays a crucial role in maintaining the healthy relationship between employer and potential employees. Whether clients are looking for a helping hand in sourcing temporary staff for their companies, are in need of payroll management assistance, or are contacting HSD for additional training suggestions, this aspirational consultancy will do whatever it takes to fulfil any request to the highest level of quality. It fully recognises the struggles that face company managers, especially in recent times, and has therefore devised solutions that truly alleviate any of the strain. As such, companies can keep their focus on excelling their growth, all while HSD handles the tricky processes that could detract attention away from priority matters. HSD demonstrates a knack for making the lives of its clients easier, which has ultimately earned it quite the prestigious position within Africa’s consultancy sphere. None of this would be possible, however, were it not for HSD’s recruiting division – an integral part of the collective that breathes true life into the company. Using a large database of resumes simply filled with skilled candidates who possess a myriad of specialties just waiting to be explored, these experienced members of the HSD team are able to manage all aspects of workforce mobilisation, screening, and documentation to achieve results. Boasting proficiency in abundance, they become the bridge between candidates and employers, consistently handling all hiring solutions as effectively as possible. After all, HSD is in the business of creating the perfect pairings across a plethora of sectors, and its recruitment division exists as the beating heart of this venture. At its core, HSD is an award-winning consultancy whose mission is as follows – to provide clients with skilled or unskilled labour, the likes of which aren’t particularly straightforward to find on the current market. In terms of candidates, it avidly strives to understand the unique needs of each individual, before finding them a role that encapsulates everything they could’ve ever hoped for in a working position. Helping people plan exciting careers across Africa and the Middle East, HSD has come to exemplify what employers and candidates should expect from a recruitment management consultancy, and we couldn’t be happier to shed some light on a collective whose main goal is to make the lives of everyone that little bit easier. HSD is well on its way to becoming a global leader in recruitment, training, and developing, and has already made waves across the continent. Its work with Africa’s rising stars certainly stands as a shining example of what this consultancy is capable of, and we’re sure that, as 2024 progresses, we can expect to see more fantastic output from HSD as a collective. Contact: Didier Michel Company: HSD France Web Address: S

MEA | Q1 2024 9 Based in Nigeria, Insight Publicis is an advertising agency comprised of a creative community of storytellers and changemakers. The agency aims to initiate change through creativity, crafting purpose-driven stories that connect with audiences all around the world. Its extensive portfolio includes campaigns for Heineken, Keystone Bank, Pepsi, Visa, and many more. Insight helps brands harness the power of modern media to gain consumer confidence, optimise engagement, and create meaningful impact. With its tailored strategies, the company enhances brands, enabling them to foster long-lasting customer relationships and generate value. For its limitless creativity, Insight Publicis has received an African Excellence Award. At Insight, its team is made up of futureforward thinkers, recognised for their unparalleled creativity and exceptional work. Staff are storytellers, culture shapers, and collaborators, part of a global community dedicated to creating change through innovation. With Insight’s campaigns, clients can establish a clear call to action based on the brands and consumers’ mutual beliefs. The team takes the time to research a brand’s purpose, mission, and vision in order to understand customers’ motivations and build strong relationships. Through the power of storytelling and music, Insight weaves authentic African stories that foster deep regional trust. Music has the power to bring people together, creating a sense of belonging through a shared experience. Insight has created a music-based brand equity model designed to help clients define, grow, and create value for their company. The agency crafts authentic stories through deep-rooted insights that connect with today’s digital consumers. Due to the rise of social media, young people are more powerful today than ever before. This demographic values authenticity and brands must humanise to develop trusting relationships with consumers. Young people now define the narrative and Insight is dedicated to reaching them through the power of creative storytelling. There is a renaissance underway in Nigeria with a sense of pride emerging among the new generation. Nigeria is renowned for its rich cultural diversity and the Insight team is passionate about reframing the country in new, innovative ways. Dolapo Ogunbambo, Business Director at Insight, shares, “For marketing professionals to get it right in the region, they must take cognizance of the rich potentials of their initiative, the growth opportunities that lie therein, the strategic fit with their audience, and the practicality of their efforts in delivering effectiveness. We analyse behavioural and scientific data to get a better understanding of who audiences are, driving more effectiveness and relevance amongst the target audience.” Insight gathers high-quality data through a range of vetted sources, collaborating with clients to create questionnaires, generate online data collection surveys, and produce customised research reports. The agency prides itself on collecting accurate qualitative and quantitative data that helps clients gain insights and make changes to their businesses. Insight’s experienced staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and tailoring the scope of its research to meet clients’ individual needs. Its team of experienced researchers and insight miners provide cost-effective services that produce efficient results. Insight employs a multi-step approach to quality control that ensures consistent data accuracy. Quality control personnel work diligently to review all data, ensuring that the insights are clear and actionable. As a community of storytellers, Insight helps clients unlock the power of creativity with innovative and purpose driven campaigns. By utilising modern media, the agency establishes trusting relationships with today’s digital consumers. Its creative team understands audiences, crafting authentic stories that bring customers together and add value to brands. Through a data-driven strategy, Insight provides clients with reliable information about their business to help them deliver effective advertising and optimise their reach. Moving forward, the company will continue to create awe-inspiring campaigns to revolutionise the future of advertising. As Nigeria beckons in a new renaissance, we cannot wait to see what captivating stories Insight will unveil next. For its influential storytelling, we have bestowed Insight Publicis with this year’s award for Best Creative Storytelling Community. Contact: Inumidun Adeyipo Company: Insight Publicis Web Address: Best Creative Storytelling Community 2023

MEA | Q1 2024 10 Jul23190 Nov23420 Best Full-Service Construction & Engineering Company 2023 - Ghana Famed for its holistic approach that spans design and building services from the first sketches through to the completed project, Haybel Company Limited is a trusted and reliable firm that strives to dependably fulfil each project that it undertakes on budget and to the highest quality within the agreed upon timeframe. Specialising in spaces such as office, public, and residential, the team embody a culture of commitment, collaboration, and satisfaction, going beyond the mere crafting of a quality environment, rather, fortifying strong relationships with clients and the wider community alike. Not only is Ghana’s Haybel Company Limited resolute in providing a personal touch within its construction and engineering services, adding a level of uniquity into what it is otherwise a largely technical process, it is a company proud to lean on its core principles for help when navigating new challenges. Thus, for more than 15 years now, the team have been working on making trust, value, and personality qualities synonymous with Ghana’s construction scene, remaining steadfast that it is the power of human connection that ultimately drives a business forward. Going back to the beginning, the business started out life as a general works contractor in 2008 but has spent the years since expanding and honing its craft, taking on new and diverse projects that have led to the accumulation of new skills and know-how, empowering staff to fortify their knowledge in a host of areas relating to design and building solutions, project management services, the wider building trade, and key areas of engineering. Not to mention services spanning the geotechnical and equipment hire. On the back of such experiences, Haybel Company Limited is today proud to serve as the main contractor for any array of projects of all shapes and sizes, as well excelling in the field of project management, where its soughafter services include the coordinating of specialist trades for a series of industrial and commercial projects. Value-added services are too on offer in the form of invaluable design inputs and engineering solutions, showcasing just how the business has blossomed into Ghana’s premier holistic construction and engineering service company. Driving the company forward is a strategic mission to, “remain reliable and efficient at the forefront of the Ghanaian construction industry through quality, honesty, and hard work and also to procure projects at competitive pricing, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame.” By working to constantly achieve this mission, the team are also upholding their key vision for the future, which is to, “be a respectable building and civil contractor delivering beyond expectation, always.” More than 180 current clients bear witness to the team’s emphasis on clear communication, and a follow-through process that ensures the objectives of a client take top priority, from planning through to execution. Over 200 completed projects stand as testament to this promise, all carried out by a local workforce in excess of 700 people. Everyone in this 700-strong talent pool wholeheartedly adheres to Haybel Company Limited’s pledges, which revolve around continuing to uphold the highest ethical standards, and reaffirming associations with traits such as integrity, quality of service, and personal attention. In addition to prowess within its area of practice, Haybel Company Limited conducts its business with strict adherence to the Haybel Pledge, which governs the company’s approach to social responsibility, ethics, and the protecting of the environment. Through the upholding of this pledge, the end goal is for the business to become a leader in matters concerning the environment, from emphasising innovative solutions to continually improving environmental performance. Just some of the elements comprising this pledge include the integrating of environmental protection at every level of business, complying with environmental regulation, participating in legislation development, and conserving natural resources. Following on from such promises, Haybel Company Limited has, for some time now, been implementing a vertical integration method into its manufacturing by creating many of its construction materials itself. This helps to keep costs down and is demonstrably beneficial to the environment, something the team have further doubled down on by ensuring that these facilities are environmentally friendly and of minimal inconvenience to local residents who may oppose such facilities nearby. So, whether one is seeking a remodel, interior renovation, or a ground-up construction project from scratch, the team at Haybel Company Limited collaborate with them in an effective manner that is sure to yield an innovative and liveable space that more than exceeds expectations. Contact: Prosper Hayford Company: Haybel Company Limited Web Address:

Jul23121 MEA | Q1 2024 11 RAKEZ partners with CBI to enhance business banking processes for RAKEZ clients as Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has recently tied up with Commercial Bank International (CBI), to enhance the business banking experience for RAKEZ clients. This collaboration is designed to foster financial inclusion by streamlining access to a comprehensive range of financial services, making them easily accessible to all. As part of this partnership, CBI will support RAKEZ clients through simplifying and expediting their business setup processes, including opening their corporate bank accounts. CBI has also announced it is committing dedicated resources to ensure RAKEZ clients enjoy a seamless and highly efficient account-opening experience. Commenting on the partnership, Ramy Jallad, Group CEO of RAKEZ, said, “We are glad to have entered yet another valuable partnership – and this time with CBI. As always, we centre our efforts on elevating the customer journey for our clients. We aim to make everything quick and easy at every aspect, and adding CBI to our growing list of strategic partners is another leap towards this objective. We will surely be rolling out more initiatives for the benefit of our clients.” RAKEZ and CBI will be exploring additional areas of collaboration, including onboarding integrations, to further support the interests of their respective clients and enhance the overall business environment. On their front, CBI expressed its excitement about the strategic partnership, a step that further solidifies their commitment to excellence in customer experience. They have also shared a strong interest in extending this partnership further, as it aligns with their commitment to continuously enhancing their overall customer journey. Reflecting on this strategic alliance, Ali Sultan Rakkad Al Amri, the CEO of CBI, commented, “We are honored to partner with RAKEZ, and are grateful for this opportunity to further enrich our support for our valued clients. Our dedication to making each customer’s interaction seamless and efficient lies at the core of our mission, and we are looking forward to more fruitful initiatives that will further benefit our clients and that will contribute towards further developing a healthy business ecosystem.” This partnership reflects RAKEZ’s ongoing commitment to providing a business-friendly ecosystem that simplifies processes and enhances the overall experience for its clients. Through such collaborations, RAKEZ continues to empower businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive in today’s dynamic economic landscape. R

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