MEA Q1 2024

7 Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri truly shines through his steadfast principles. The result is a company that actively seeks out innovation and adaptation, all to be the best version of itself for the world surrounding it. Having spent many years investing in his own personal growth, Saeed has placed himself in the ideal position to pursue endless innovation. In doing so, he has secured a wealth of benefits for Ethra Invest, directly deriving from having a leader who is thoroughly equipped with all of the necessary tools to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities within the industry. Upholding continuous development is key to this process; it’s what has assisted Saeed in renewing the excellence that Ethra Invest captures, assuring clients that they’re in the best possible hands when working alongside the firm. Nobody ever stops learning, and Saeed is the model example of this notion. He holds a brilliant passion for lifelong learning that translates through both Ethra Invest’s services and solutions, as well as through the team he surrounds himself with. Be it educating himself on the newest emerging technologies, or updating his industry insight to devise new strategies for clients, there isn’t anything that Saeed isn’t willing to do in order to invite success into both his and his customers’ collectives. In short, Saeed’s passion has played a large part in Ethra Invest’s growth throughout the years. Partnered with the brilliance of his team, Saeed is constantly raising the bar in one of the world’s most dynamic industries. In this vein, it’s important to mention Ethra Invest’s unshakable determination to set its sights on the future. Saeed has always seen the bigger picture, and places focus on not only working on present successes, but also proactively leveraging his long-term vision for what Ethra Invest could become. Committed to building a legacy of excellence, integrity, and sustainable growth, Saeed is constantly moving Ethra Invest towards a future that’s simply filled with evolution, while delivering meaningful contributions towards the investment and private equity sector. After all, with the accomplishments that the company has seen over the years, it’s only natural to expect that the blueprint Saeed has created will continue to be followed for years to come. It isn’t often that you come across a man who has the ability to reshape an entire industry’s idea of what excellence should be. However, Saeed Al-Marri, with Ethra Invest as a catalyst, has completely redefined what clients should expect from an investment and private equity company. Saeed has successfully created a new face for the market, and it’s this very achievement that has continuously justified his position as an award-winning CEO. Ethra Invest is such an ambitious collective, and we simply can’t wait to see where its eye for innovation and longevity takes it as CEO Saeed Al-Marri guides it through 2024. Company: Ethra Invest Web Address: