MEA Q1 2024

MEA | Q1 2024 8 Best HR Management Consultancy 2023 - Central Africa Founded in Cyprus in 2004, HSD is a company that seeks to act as a reliable supplier of both qualified and trainable employees to a variety of organisations across all industry sectors. Now primarily focused on providing labour to Africa-based clients, HSD has become the go-to partner for the continent’s employers. Management doesn’t need to be a daunting process, and HSD is on-hand to ensure that no individual must navigate such uncertain terrain alone. It’s for this very reason that the company has garnered such renown, and, below, we explore how it has leveraged its reputation to completely streamline the recruitment process for Africa’s employers. pecialising in the art of uniting employers with the perfect people for them, HSD is a company that is proudly capable of handling hundreds of recruitment cases daily. Whether it’s guiding job seekers through their employment venture in order to secure a successful career, or pairing an employer with a candidate who boasts all of the necessary skills to thrive within their respective industry, HSD equips itself with an abundance of talent and prowess to guarantee the ideal outcome for every party. Not only does it have a fantastic team that’s prepared to go the extra mile for each client, but, through the deployment of its hand-crafted communication channel, HSD plays a crucial role in maintaining the healthy relationship between employer and potential employees. Whether clients are looking for a helping hand in sourcing temporary staff for their companies, are in need of payroll management assistance, or are contacting HSD for additional training suggestions, this aspirational consultancy will do whatever it takes to fulfil any request to the highest level of quality. It fully recognises the struggles that face company managers, especially in recent times, and has therefore devised solutions that truly alleviate any of the strain. As such, companies can keep their focus on excelling their growth, all while HSD handles the tricky processes that could detract attention away from priority matters. HSD demonstrates a knack for making the lives of its clients easier, which has ultimately earned it quite the prestigious position within Africa’s consultancy sphere. None of this would be possible, however, were it not for HSD’s recruiting division – an integral part of the collective that breathes true life into the company. Using a large database of resumes simply filled with skilled candidates who possess a myriad of specialties just waiting to be explored, these experienced members of the HSD team are able to manage all aspects of workforce mobilisation, screening, and documentation to achieve results. Boasting proficiency in abundance, they become the bridge between candidates and employers, consistently handling all hiring solutions as effectively as possible. After all, HSD is in the business of creating the perfect pairings across a plethora of sectors, and its recruitment division exists as the beating heart of this venture. At its core, HSD is an award-winning consultancy whose mission is as follows – to provide clients with skilled or unskilled labour, the likes of which aren’t particularly straightforward to find on the current market. In terms of candidates, it avidly strives to understand the unique needs of each individual, before finding them a role that encapsulates everything they could’ve ever hoped for in a working position. Helping people plan exciting careers across Africa and the Middle East, HSD has come to exemplify what employers and candidates should expect from a recruitment management consultancy, and we couldn’t be happier to shed some light on a collective whose main goal is to make the lives of everyone that little bit easier. HSD is well on its way to becoming a global leader in recruitment, training, and developing, and has already made waves across the continent. Its work with Africa’s rising stars certainly stands as a shining example of what this consultancy is capable of, and we’re sure that, as 2024 progresses, we can expect to see more fantastic output from HSD as a collective. Contact: Didier Michel Company: HSD France Web Address: S