MEA Q1 2024

MEA | Q1 2024 9 Based in Nigeria, Insight Publicis is an advertising agency comprised of a creative community of storytellers and changemakers. The agency aims to initiate change through creativity, crafting purpose-driven stories that connect with audiences all around the world. Its extensive portfolio includes campaigns for Heineken, Keystone Bank, Pepsi, Visa, and many more. Insight helps brands harness the power of modern media to gain consumer confidence, optimise engagement, and create meaningful impact. With its tailored strategies, the company enhances brands, enabling them to foster long-lasting customer relationships and generate value. For its limitless creativity, Insight Publicis has received an African Excellence Award. At Insight, its team is made up of futureforward thinkers, recognised for their unparalleled creativity and exceptional work. Staff are storytellers, culture shapers, and collaborators, part of a global community dedicated to creating change through innovation. With Insight’s campaigns, clients can establish a clear call to action based on the brands and consumers’ mutual beliefs. The team takes the time to research a brand’s purpose, mission, and vision in order to understand customers’ motivations and build strong relationships. Through the power of storytelling and music, Insight weaves authentic African stories that foster deep regional trust. Music has the power to bring people together, creating a sense of belonging through a shared experience. Insight has created a music-based brand equity model designed to help clients define, grow, and create value for their company. The agency crafts authentic stories through deep-rooted insights that connect with today’s digital consumers. Due to the rise of social media, young people are more powerful today than ever before. This demographic values authenticity and brands must humanise to develop trusting relationships with consumers. Young people now define the narrative and Insight is dedicated to reaching them through the power of creative storytelling. There is a renaissance underway in Nigeria with a sense of pride emerging among the new generation. Nigeria is renowned for its rich cultural diversity and the Insight team is passionate about reframing the country in new, innovative ways. Dolapo Ogunbambo, Business Director at Insight, shares, “For marketing professionals to get it right in the region, they must take cognizance of the rich potentials of their initiative, the growth opportunities that lie therein, the strategic fit with their audience, and the practicality of their efforts in delivering effectiveness. We analyse behavioural and scientific data to get a better understanding of who audiences are, driving more effectiveness and relevance amongst the target audience.” Insight gathers high-quality data through a range of vetted sources, collaborating with clients to create questionnaires, generate online data collection surveys, and produce customised research reports. The agency prides itself on collecting accurate qualitative and quantitative data that helps clients gain insights and make changes to their businesses. Insight’s experienced staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and tailoring the scope of its research to meet clients’ individual needs. Its team of experienced researchers and insight miners provide cost-effective services that produce efficient results. Insight employs a multi-step approach to quality control that ensures consistent data accuracy. Quality control personnel work diligently to review all data, ensuring that the insights are clear and actionable. As a community of storytellers, Insight helps clients unlock the power of creativity with innovative and purpose driven campaigns. By utilising modern media, the agency establishes trusting relationships with today’s digital consumers. Its creative team understands audiences, crafting authentic stories that bring customers together and add value to brands. Through a data-driven strategy, Insight provides clients with reliable information about their business to help them deliver effective advertising and optimise their reach. Moving forward, the company will continue to create awe-inspiring campaigns to revolutionise the future of advertising. As Nigeria beckons in a new renaissance, we cannot wait to see what captivating stories Insight will unveil next. For its influential storytelling, we have bestowed Insight Publicis with this year’s award for Best Creative Storytelling Community. Contact: Inumidun Adeyipo Company: Insight Publicis Web Address: Best Creative Storytelling Community 2023