MEA Q1 2024

MEA | Q1 2024 Specialising in providing bespoke solutions and strategic investment services to a wide range of clients, Ethra Invest is a distinguished investment and private equity firm that has redefined excellence within the Middle East. At the heart of this immense success is its CEO, Saeed Al-Marri. With growth marked by a series of strategic roles and progressive responsibilities across the market, Saeed Al-Marri has established a well-deserved synonymity with industry fineness. Let us take you through his journey, and how his vision for the sector’s future has helped to elevate Ethra Invest to all new heights. ringing new solutions to the shipping, real estate, and structured funds sector, Ethra Invest is a firm that leverages its in-depth market knowledge to capitalise on lucrative investment opportunities. Delivered by a team of seasoned professionals, these solutions reflect the firm’s overwhelming commitment to meticulous, research-driven investment approaches – ones that unite diligence and forward-thinking to pave the way for a far more versatile method of operation. As a result, Ethra Invest holds the ability to navigate an ever-changing landscape to great effect, earning quite the track record throughout the industry. Whether it’s delivering consistent returns or mitigating risks, the firm has long since earned itself a reputation as one of the Middle East’s most trusted investment and private equity firms. Among its client base is a variety of entities – from high-net-worth individuals and family offices to institutional investors and corporations. Regardless, Ethra Invest prioritises tailored solutions, the likes of which are only made possible due to the guidance of CEO Saeed Al-Marri. Leveraging his wealth of experience in a multitude of fields – such as fund management, financial analysis, portfolio management, and deal structuring – Saeed’s role is by far the most prominent when it comes to Ethra Invest’s promises to its clients. Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri B Ethra Invest is a firm that embodies Saeed’s vision: “To be recognised as the premier investment and private equity firm in the Middle East, synonymous with integrity, excellence, and value creation.” And yet, to truly understand how he was able to even begin this journey in the first place, we must first look at the previous roles that have helped to characterise the type of CEO he is today. Initially commencing his career in banking and investment, Saeed actively went above and beyond to refine his skills in an array of fields. Over those years, his roles continued to advance until, eventually, he had his first experience with higher responsibilities. This manifested through the launch of the first ever private equity managed fund in the Middle East’s shipping sector. As CEO of an investment company in the Middle East, Saeed sought to deliver unique opportunities to investors. This primarily consisted of direct exposure to bulk dry cargo vessels – a domain that, up until that point, had been predominantly reserved for ship owners and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Having long since recognised the outcry for change within the shipping industry, Saeed quickly became the face of market evolution, with his initiative serving to bridge an age-old gap that no longer had reason to exist. Fundamentally, the concept focused on creating a private equity manage fund that allowed investors, regardless of investment amounts, to directly involve themselves in the inner workings of the shipping industry. Following its inception, this approach would come to define innovation, with its operations allowing investors to diversify their portfolios, whilst gaining access to areas they had never been permitted to have a part. As a culmination of the desire to inspire change, this venture bestowed an immense wealth of knowledge and industry capability upon Saeed, which he proceeded to take with him into his current role as CEO. With such a complex background in leadership and strategic planning, there truly is no man more equipped to navigate such a dynamic market. Combining a deep understanding of the industry’s flow, risk management, and the nuances that partner cultivating success-driven investment strategies, Saeed has fashioned a leadership style that reflects each of his strengths in abundance. Ethra Invest is in the business of tailoring its solutions to meet even the most unique needs of its clients, but it must first gather plenty of information about just what a project requires in order to thrive. Saeed spearheads this process, guiding his team of exceptional professionals towards offering a heightened level of service. Through analysing the proposed objectives, whilst taking into consideration both requirements and challenges, Ethra Invest demonstrates a prowess for understanding its clients inside out. Acting as the cornerstone of the firm’s success is placing emphasis on achieving long-lasting, mutually respectful client relationships. It’s what has granted Saeed and his team the opportunity to continuously grow to further expand their reach. Tailored solutions are Ethra Invest’s priority, and yet there’s an unapologetic dedication to fostering timeless bonds that brightly shine throughout the company’s practises. Partnered with an immense drive to consistently exceed expectations, Saeed has elevated Ethra Invest to represent the new standards of the industry. Saeed is a firm believer that despite his own expertise playing an integral role in Ethra Invest’s success, it wouldn’t be where it is today without its team. Saeed puts it best: “The success of Ethra Invest is a collective effort. I would like to highlight the exceptional contributions of our dedicated team. Their commitment, expertise, and collaborative spirit are instrumental in realizing our strategic vision and achieving the milestones that have led to the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards.” Saeed isn’t only devoted to his team and clients, however. By actively engaging in initiatives designed to uplift the wellbeing of the company’s communities, Saeed displays an immense amount of empathy. Regardless of whether this manifests through its environmental awareness, or through its dedication to social welfare and ethical business practises, keeping Ethra Invest aligned with the best interests of the local community is vital to Saeed. Not only has Saeed frequently defied the expectations of a typical CEO through perfectly tailored services, but by remaining mindful of the world around him, he has painted a comprehensive picture of exactly what the company stands for. Ethra Invest is a manifestation of his passion for providing constant forward momentum for his clients, but his attitude