MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 7 Mar22411 Best Global STEM Institution 2022 Launched with the aim to bring a new sense of innovative independence and learning to children around the world, Brainy n Bright has been internationally renowned for its educational efforts, changing the lives and minds of people as young as five and upwards to 14. Regarded as the Best Global STEM Institution of 2022, Brainy n Bright is dedicated to changing the future of the world’s children and is led by the motto ‘Ideate Innovate and Create,’ as its essential and core founding principles and educational structure. With its incredible recognition as the Best Global STEM institution of the year, Brainy n Bright is established as a Center of Science and Technology based in several locations such as Dubai, the UAE, and the USA. Additionally, due to its impressive offerings within the educational sector, Brainy n Bright have been described as the Educational Partner of Accure Inc, which is conveniently located in Reston, Virginia. Brainy n Bright conducts several services throughout these locations, such as classes, activities, and research sessions for students from FS to Year 13/ KG to Grade 12. In addition to this, Brainy n Bright also prepares its students for interactive and intellectual competitions, developing teams to collaborate in sessions such as World Robot Olympiad, FIRST Lego League, FIRST Global, and MakeX, to name a few. Moreover, Brainy n Bright offers online internships to students in various disciplines, reaching out to those who are passionate about their educational upbringing. Furthermore, Brainy n Bright takes its role in the educational sector very seriously, as its innovative efforts for the youth of tomorrow are entirely in the hands of its industry professionals. Therefore, the organisation conducts frequent seminars on various topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Cyber Awareness for its clients, staff, students, and parents. This way everyone is up to date and can benefit from its services. At Brainy n Bright, students and clients alike can learn from various professional members of staff who are well trained and gifted in their own rights. These trainers enable individuals to learn from them and gain the best experience and expertise. They are also highly regarded throughout the company as qualified academic scholars from some of the best universities in the world. Each skilled trainer is reputable worldwide and are described as game changers in technology – handpicked for their unparalleled intellect, drive and passion in this niche area and put through rigorous training and timely tested pedagogy to become qualified and unmatched engineers. Students can be mentored by the top academicians and industry experts at Brainy n Bright while being in a thoroughly safe and respected environment that encourages independence, growth, innovation, and intellectual freedom. Throughout the organisation, students will be able to expand their knowledge and train with the best experts in their field in areas such as AI, Coding, STEM, Space, Graphic Designing and Animation, just to name a few. As the Best Global STEM Institution of 2022, Brainy n Bright is shaping how children learn, grow, and live their lives, encouraging intellectual expansion through a wide variety of educational classes, seminars, and hands-on activities one-of-a-kind learning experience for one-of-a-kind children. Company Name: Brainy n Bright Web Address: