Best Eco-Friendly Waste Food Disposal Solution (MEA): LFC Biodigester


Over the past 15 years, Power Knot has proven itself to be at the forefront of the organic waste management solutions marketplace. This is bolstered by an ongoing mission to provide products that are environmentally friendly that can help to simultaneously reduce a company’s costs and carbon footprint. At the frontline of this is Power Knot’s multi-award-winning flagship product, the LFC biodigester. This has already proven to be demonstrably effective through its utilisation across the commercial, industrial, and military spheres, aiding those customers who are seeking to improve their operations and foster a positive impact on the environment.

Designed, developed, and assembled in the USA, Power Knot’s multi-award-winning food waste management system is renowned globally for helping to change businesses for the better. With nine different sizes available than can digest from 9 kg to 6,600 kg of food waste per day, the company’s well-established track record with the solution highlights its safety, reliability, and cost-effective nature. There are three notable case studies that truly highlight the effectiveness of the LFC biodigester in settings across the Middle East.

The first of these involves the company’s implementation of the technology at H Dubai, a luxury five-star hotel situated in the very heart of the city, that this innovative solution helped to attain Green Key Certification in January 2023. Since this luxury hotel comprises 230 rooms and suites, 11 dining outlets, and a nightclub, it garners a considerable amount of waste, something previously at odds with its view that environmental impact is a cornerstone of its core business functions.

However, since installing Power Knot’s LFC-100 biodigester, the hotel has significantly improved its food management and waste disposal. It was late in October 2022 when the biodigester was first installed, and just over three months later, news of the Green Key Certification from the Emirates Green Building Council came through. Impressively, in a little over two months, the machine had digested a whopping 1,830 kg of food waste, resulting in a total of just under four tonnes of carbon emissions being diverted from the atmosphere.

In a similar vein, Anantara Palm Dubai Resort’s 294 rooms and seven restaurants and bars make it a hub for waste, while its sister hotel, Anantara World Islands Dubai Resort, holds the proud title of being the only hotel in the country to offer over-water villas. This makes traditional waste management services either incredibly costly and time-consuming, or not possible at all. In the back half of 2022, Power Knot’s exemplary LFC-500 biodigesters were installed in both of these hotels. As a result, Anantara World Islands now no longer needs to hire barge ships to carry its waste back to the mainland, a method that was not sustainable in the long-term and drew a substantial cost.

The effectiveness of the technology in significantly reducing both cost and environmental threats is primarily due to the unique microorganisms in the machine, which digest waste and turn it into grey water. The grey water is then filtered through the hotel’s sewage treatment plant system and reused in the watering of plants in the immediate landscape. It is thanks to such methods that the Anantara hotels would both receive the coveted Green Key Certification last year, given for their implementation of this waste management method within an existing circular economy solution. Further streamlining is planned, with the teams at both hotels seeking to install solar panels to operate the machine, taking after Microsoft Dubai.

Finally, the concluding case study revolves around IKEA Jebel Ali, one of the largest stores the chain owns in the UAE at 35,000 square metres. IKEA has made significant leaps in demonstrating its commitment to sound environmental customs by leveraging Power Knot’s LFC-300 biodigester. An endeavour undertaken with a sister store in the country’s capital of Abu Dhabi, the biodigester has been integrated expertly across the many elements that make up these stores, from the bakery and café through to play area and warehouse. Combined, more than 66 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalency has been diverted from our atmosphere in a little over two months.

Since IKEA is a trailblazer on the world stage, seeing it adopt such a positive and proactive approach is sure to pave the way for other organisations to do the same at their facilities across the globe. Of course, the common thread linking all of this is Power Knot’s superb range of LFC biodigesters, which have demonstrable results through an all-in-one organic waste management system that is not only kind to the planet, but an incredibly cost-effective solution.

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Dubai Buildings

Unlocking Growth: The Strategic Benefits of Establishing An Offshore Business Presence in Dubai

Dubai Buildings

In recent years, an increasing number of UK residents have been drawn to the vibrant and robust business landscape of Dubai, seeking opportunities and a strategic base for their professional future. The appeal lies not only in the city’s cosmopolitan atmosphere but also in the host of advantages offered by the offshore business environment.

In this article, Turner Little will explore the key factors driving the surge in UK businesses establishing a presence in Dubai and delve into the specific benefits they stand to gain.

1. Tax regime and efficiency

One of the primary attractions of setting up an offshore location in Dubai is its favourable tax regime. The emirate boasts a low-tax environment with low corporate tax and no income taxes, offering businesses a competitive edge and increased profitability. Additionally, the efficient tax system simplifies compliance procedures, reducing the administrative burden on businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

2. Corporate privacy and confidentiality

Dubai offers a robust framework for corporate privacy and confidentiality. The legal system prioritises business confidentiality, protecting the privacy of corporate entities and their stakeholders. This ensures a secure and discreet environment for businesses, allows them to operate with confidence and security.

3. Asset protection

Establishing an offshore presence in Dubai provides a shield for business assets. The legal structure in Dubai safeguards assets against potential risks, creditors, or legal disputes. This protection feature enhances the overall stability and security of the business, allowing it to thrive without undue and mitigating exposure to external threats.

4. Regulatory framework

Dubai’s robust regulatory framework is renowned for its business-friendly policies. The government is committed to fostering a pro-business environment, streamlining bureaucratic processes, and facilitating ease of doing business. This approach minimises red tape and accelerates the setup and operation of businesses, contributing to a conducive atmosphere for growth.

5. Infrastructure

Dubai’s world-class infrastructure is a major draw for businesses. The city’s modern amenities, state-of-the-art facilities and strategic location as a global business hub make it an ideal base for companies looking to expand internationally. The well-developed infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity, efficient logistics and access to a diverse talent pool.

6. Reporting and record keeping

Dubai emphasises transparency and adherence to international standards in financial reporting. The regulatory authorities enforce rigorous reporting and record-keeping requirements, instilling confidence in investors and stakeholders, this commitment to transparency enhances the credibility of businesses operating in Dubai’s offshore jurisdiction.

Alongside the above benefits of establishing an offshore business in Dubai, there are several key factors that will influence any business owner’s decision to initiate the move to an offshore location. From our expertise, these are the four factors you must consider when deciding if this is the correct location for you and your business.

1. Speed

Are the processes for company formation and business operations swift and streamlined, ensuring that entrepreneurs and business owners can establish a presence rapidly and capitalise on emerging opportunities with minimal delay.

2. Privacy

Does the location offer commitment to corporate confidentiality and data protection and provide businesses with a secure environment. Sensitive information should remain private to help foster trust among clients, partners and investors.

3. Local tax regime

Does the location offer minimal to no corporate and income tax to increase the attractiveness of the offshore location, allowing businesses to maximise profits and allocate resources more efficiently.

4. Reputation

Is the global reputation of the location business-friendly and progressive, to help add credibility to businesses operating within its jurisdiction. A positive reputation can help enhance a company’s reputation and open doors to international partnerships and collaborations.

In conclusion, the rise of UK businesses establishing an offshore presence in Dubai is a testament to the strategic advantages offered by the emirate. From a favourable tax regime and corporate privacy to robust infrastructure and a pro-business regulatory framework, Dubai provides a conducive environment for growth and success. As businesses increasingly recognise the benefits of operating in this dynamic hub, the trend of establishing an offshore presence in Dubai is poised to continue on the upward trajectory.

Happy business people, handshake and meeting

African Businesses Overcome Funding Issues to Power Growth with Innovative Partnership

Happy business people, handshake and meeting

The Shoprite Group and Demica enable growth of 82 African suppliers with CredX supply chain finance program

In a collaborative effort to bolster the growth of African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Shoprite Group, Africa’s largest supermarket retailer, and Demica, a leading supply chain finance solutions provider, joined forces at the end of 2022 to provide accessible and affordable funding opportunities.

Over the past year, this partnership has already benefitted 82 suppliers, including Classic Food Brands, Rieses Food Imports, Pretty Bright Girls, and Mighty Meats, offering them a financial tool to not only survive but also accelerate their businesses.

A little over a year ago, Demica collaborated with the Shoprite Group to introduce the technology-led CredX supply chain finance program. Recognising that the sustainability of South Africa’s future hinges on the success of SMEs, the Shoprite Group identified cash flow as the lifeblood of its suppliers.

By leveraging Demica’s platform technology, CredX aids SMEs with easy-to-access cash flow, particularly those who might otherwise have limited access to affordable funding in South Africa.

Prior to the introduction of the CredX program, many of these suppliers faced challenges accessing cost-effective capital, which not only hindered their growth and investments but also posed challenges for the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Ashley Fuller, Business Owner of Profile Concepts, one of the suppliers to Shoprite Group using CredX emphasised the critical role played by this partnership during challenging times: “Covid-19 placed a severe strain on our cash flow, with the service CredX and Demica offers, we have been able to achieve the desired cash flow level to continue trading.”

Gerrit Kraaij, Accounts Manager at Full Basket, another business benefiting from CredX, highlighted the transformative impact of the program: “The product has made a significant difference in our SME’s cash flow and has allowed us the opportunity to grow by ± 50%. It took our business to the next level and gave us the opportunity to launch new products.”

The platform also helps suppliers overcome the peaks and troughs of seasonal cashflow often typical of food production. Willie Pieterse, Managing Director at Berkeley Foods elaborates: “By making use of the platform, our cash flow has seen an increase during winter. It would not have been a pleasant winter, if we had not explored this opportunity.”

The success of the CredX program can be attributed, in part, to its user-friendly platform, which enables suppliers to be onboarded and accessing cash within 24 hours without any additional KYC requirements being performed. The Demica Supplier Onboarding Tool offers a quick and intuitive registration process, automating supplier enrolment for Shoprite while enabling suppliers to efficiently navigate the economic landscape.

The platform’s robust analytics engine provides transparent, real-time reporting and transaction visibility, empowering suppliers to make data-driven decisions swiftly. Demica and the Shoprite Group remain committed to expanding the CredX service to more suppliers, further supporting SME development across Africa.

“Demica’s mission has always been to enable more businesses to provide and access supply chain finance, and our partnership with the Shoprite Group exemplifies our commitment to this cause. Witnessing the transformation and resilience of these African entrepreneurs as they navigate challenges and achieve growth is truly inspiring. We are proud to provide the tools and support that enable them to write their own success stories”. Comments Johannes Wehrmann, Manging Director, Corporate Solutions at Demica.

“At Shoprite, we’ve always believed in the potential of local businesses to drive economic growth and bring positive change to communities.” Explains Dolf Boshoff, Head of Credit Risk and Governance at Shoprite Group. “Our collaboration with Demica is not just about business; it’s about fostering a stronger, more inclusive future for South Africa and the broader African region. It’s heartening to see the impact on our suppliers, their growth, and the opportunities they’re creating. This is the spirit of partnership that keeps us moving forward.”

With a legacy dating back to 1979, the Shoprite Group has garnered over 40 years of experience in leading food retailing across Africa. The company boasts a vast network, comprising more than 2,791 corporate stores, 535 franchise outlets, and a dedicated workforce of over 153,000 employees. In addition to its core grocery business, the Shoprite Group encompasses various sectors, including furniture, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, ticketing, digital commerce, and financial and cellular services. This conglomerate stands as Africa’s largest fast-moving consumer goods retailer.

RAKEZ Offers Dynamic Business Solutions for F&B Industry at Gulfood

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is at the annual Gulfood exhibition, the region’s largest F&B event, which is taking place at Dubai World Trade Center through 22 February. RAKEZ is dedicated to offering global investors complete business solutions for establishing and growing their presence in the UAE’s flourishing food and beverage industry.  

The country’s F&B sector is experiencing a significant boom, driven by growing expat population, high disposable incomes, diverse cultural tastes, and a robust GDP. A Statista report highlights the industry’s bright future, projecting that per capita spending in the UAE’s F&B sector will reach approximately AED 14,000 by 2025. This optimistic outlook positions the UAE as a fertile ground for F&B businesses seeking growth and innovation.  

RAKEZ Group CEO, Ramy Jallad, said, “A new global chapter is unfolding in the future of food with great technological advancements being unveiled at Gulfood. It’s time to innovate for a more sustainable, thoughtful, and brighter future for the entire F&B ecosystem across the world. RAKEZ is committed to being at the forefront of this transformation, providing a nurturing environment for F&B companies to thrive in Ras Al Khaimah and seamlessly cater to the regional markets.”  

RAKEZ is home to nearly 1,000 F&B companies, spanning diverse sectors within the industry, including F&B trading, catering and F&B services, distribution and logistics, as well as F&B manufacturing, among many others. At this year’s Gulfood, RAKEZ is showcasing its tailored business set-up solutions designed to support over F&B 5,500 exhibitors and investors from more than 190 countries in leveraging the opportunities presented by Ras Al Khaimah’s dynamic economic landscape and the wider UAE market.  

RAKEZ’s regular participation in Gulfood is a testament to its ongoing commitment to the F&B industry, offering unmatched opportunities for businesses to connect, collaborate, and create a sustainable future for food globally.


Trakhees Processes More Than 50,000 Transactions During 2023

  • Abdullah Belhoul: To uphold the advancement of the world’s finest business environment in accordance with the guidance of wise leadership

The Department of Planning and Development – Trakhees, the regulatory arm of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC), completed more than 50,000 transactions carried out by the Trakhees’ Licensing Department during 2023, with a growth rate of (3%) compared to last year at the level of Federal Licenses, Free Zone Licenses, and Government Transactions in development areas. Private companies that fall under the supervision of the PCFC.

In this context, H.E. Engineer Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of the Department of Planning and Development – Trakhees, confirmed that this success is due to the mechanism adopted by the Licensing Department regarding facilitating commercial licensing work in the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to the continuous focus on providing high-quality and efficient services, which has contributed to enhancing customer trust by providing a distinctive experience across various channels.

The CEO of the Trakhees Department commented on this achievement, saying: “We are proud of the growth we have achieved over the past year, as it is evidence of the growing confidence on the part of our individual and corporate customers to benefit from all the services offered through our digital channels, available through the PCFC website ( or the smart application (Trakhees), which contributes to reducing the customer’s journey time to obtain services, and achieves their happiness and satisfaction”.

Abdullah Belhoul explained that the department is keen to implement the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which aims to bolster the economy and elevate Dubai’s standing as a premier global destination, renowned for its appeal to investments and entrepreneurial ventures.

He added: “Trakhees Department seeks to develop and expand the services it provides for the benefit of individuals and companies, such as issuing commercial licenses, issuing employment visas, and others, with the aim of keeping pace with the aspirations of entrepreneurs in the Emirate to ensure the promotion of the best business environment in the world and to make Dubai a global capital of trade and economy.”

He stated that the results related to Federal Licenses transactions indicate a high rate of demand for renewing Federal Licenses, reaching about 7,000 transactions, in addition to the reservation of more than 3,000 Trade Names, with 2,650 Trade Names for Federal Licenses and 646 Trade Names for Free Zone Licenses, during the year 2023 in Special development areas that fall under the supervision of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, which reflects the growing confidence of entrepreneurs in the services provided and encourages further development and growth in the future, as International City ranked first in the list of sites obtaining local license transactions with 571 licenses. Then Jumeirah Village Circle came in second place, followed by Palm Jumeirah and Dragon Mart.”

The final statistics issued by the Licensing Department of the “Trakhees” Department regarding free zone license transactions during the year 2023 indicated that more than 1,300 free zone licenses were renewed by the department’s clients, both individuals and companies.

Regarding government services transactions, reports indicated that the number of government transactions during the year 2023 reached 31,804 transactions, which was accompanied by a growth in the number of work permits issued by the department, reaching the approval of 7,417 work permits and the renewal of 2,045 work visas in Dubai, and progress was also made on the service of issuing a card. Facility to reach 1926 transactions.

Commenting on these results, the CEO of the “Trakhees” Department praised the efforts of the work team in the Licensing Department and its relevant departments, expressing his optimism for continuing to provide high-quality services and achieving sustainable growth in the coming years in accordance with the highest standards and practices, appreciating the tireless efforts made by the Licensing Department in The field of sustainable economy with the aim of enhancing the process of economic growth and achieving the corporation’s vision of strengthening Dubai’s position as a leading sustainable center to support the economic sector at the global level.

The Role of Arbitration in Resolving Breach of Contract Disputes in MEA

In the complex world of business, contract disputes are almost inevitable. One such dispute that often arises is a breach of contract, where one party fails to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the contract. In such situations, it’s critical to have an effective mechanism to resolve disputes and ensure fair outcomes.

This is where arbitration comes into play. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party, known as an arbitrator, makes a decision on the dispute after considering all the facts presented by the parties involved.

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, with its thriving business landscape, is no stranger to these kinds of disputes. Given the potential complexities of litigation in this region – varying laws, languages, and cultural norms – arbitration has emerged as a preferred method for resolving breach of contract disputes.

The following post delves into the role of arbitration in resolving breach of contract disputes in the MEA region, demonstrating its importance and effectiveness.

Understanding Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is a legal term describing the violation of a contract or an agreement that occurs when one party fails to fulfill its promises according to the provisions of the agreement. It’s an act of breaking the terms and conditions set out in a contract. The breach can occur when one party fails to perform on time, does not perform in accordance with the terms of the agreement, or does not perform at all.

The types of contract breaches commonly seen in the MEA region are no different from those globally recognized. They include minor breaches, material breaches, fundamental breaches, and anticipatory breaches.

The consequences of a breach of contract can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the contract and the breach. Generally, the law provides remedies for the injured party, usually in the form of damages to compensate for the losses incurred due to the breach.

In some cases, if money cannot adequately compensate, a court may order performance or injunction to prevent further breach. However, it’s worth noting that all breaches can lead to serious legal and financial repercussions, damage business relationships, and impact reputation.

The Role of Arbitration

Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes outside the traditional courtroom setting, where an impartial third party, known as an arbitrator, makes a decision after considering all the relevant information. It’s often used in commercial disputes and is a common method of dispute resolution in the MEA region, especially in breach of contract cases.

Arbitration works by allowing both parties to present their case in a less formal setting than a court. Each party has the opportunity to present evidence and arguments to the arbitrator, who then makes a decision, known as an award. In many jurisdictions within the MEA region, this award is legally binding and enforceable, much like a court judgment. The process is often quicker and more flexible than court proceedings, and it can be confidential, which can be particularly beneficial in commercial disputes where privacy is a concern.

The use of arbitration in breach of contract cases comes with several benefits. Firstly, it can be a faster and more efficient process than going through the courts, saving both time and money. Secondly, the parties have the freedom to choose their arbitrator, which means they can select someone with specific expertise in the area of law relevant to their dispute. Lastly, because the arbitration process is less formal, it can help preserve business relationships by avoiding the adversarial nature of litigation. 

Arbitration in MEA

Arbitration laws and practices vary across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, but there is a common trend towards reform and modernization. In the Middle East, countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have been updating their arbitration laws to align with international standards. The UAE, in particular, is recognized as a popular seat of choice for arbitration proceedings. Many of these reforms are influenced by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law, which is considered the gold standard in international arbitration.

The practice of arbitration in resolving breach of contract disputes has seen some notable cases in the MEA region. For instance, in the UAE, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) have emerged as leading arbitration centers handling complex commercial disputes, including high-profile contract breaches. 

While specific cases are often kept confidential due to the private nature of arbitration, it’s clear that arbitration plays a crucial role in the region’s dispute resolution landscape. It’s also worth noting that regional arbitral institutions are proliferating, demonstrating the increasing use and acceptance of arbitration in the MEA region.


Federal Tax Authority Earns ISO Certificate for Implementing International Standard In Its Innovation Management System


The innovation management system of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has earned a new international accreditation, in recognition of it implementing  global best practices and standards that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of innovation management.

The Authority has been awarded the ISO 56002:2019 certificate, confirming its success in implementing the international standard for innovation management. This achievement coincides with the FTA’s participation in the monthlong UAE Innovates 2024 initiative.

The certification was granted after experts from the certifying body audited the FTA’s system and verified the accuracy of all related procedures. The Authority passed the audits successfully, confirming that its system provides an effective framework for driving innovation. The certificate also demonstrates that the FTA’s performance ratings in terms of innovation have notably improved, ensuring the Authority’s continued support for regulatory reform programmes.

His Excellency Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, said: “The ISO certification for the innovation management system provides an added layer of assurance to the Federal Tax Authority’s systems, particularly in relation to the innovation environment and its growth. This also demonstrates the Authority’s commitment to establishing an institutional environment that fosters creativity and innovation, and prioritises the development of skills and talents of innovation management employees.”

“The objective is to encourage the generation of innovative and effective solutions to the challenges and opportunities, while employing innovative tactics to achieve sustainable financial diversification for the UAE for generations to come,” H.E. Al Bustani added. “The FTA strives to continuously improve and streamline procedures, provide high-quality services, and facilitate self-compliance.”

For his part, Jassim Al-Haddad, Head of the FTA’s Innovation Team, said: “Earning this international certificate in the field of institutional innovation is a testament to the Federal Tax Authority’s exceptional structure in the innovation sector, which adheres to the best practices in the field. Implementing the ISO 56002:2019 international standard further confirms that the Authority has successfully developed, implemented, and maintained a secure and effective system for managing innovation, in an effort to enhance its operations and continuously improve the system. This, in turn, helps in creating novel solutions to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders in the tax sector.”

The Federal Tax Authority has been consistently working to adopt international standards for its systems and processes, which includes the ISO 56002:2019 certificate for innovation management, as well as several other international accreditation certificates. The Authority has renewed its accreditation for the international standard for business continuity management system (BCMS) and disaster recovery with an ISO 22301 certification, in addition to earning the ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 accreditation certificates for information technology services management system, and the information security management system.

These efforts form part of the Authority’s comprehensive quality system, which was previously certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate. The purpose of this system is to enhance the performance of the FTA’s business processes in all areas, ensuring compliance with the requirements of an effective quality management system and a continuous commitment to it in all services provided by the Authority.

Engineer Standing to work with tablet Machines in the recycling industry

Kuwait Committed to Waste Recycling

Engineer Standing to work with tablet Machines in the recycling industry

Plastic bottles are collected inside the fish-shaped sculpture and are regularly removed

Kuwait’s Scientific Center stated that it is committed to recycling and sorting waste based on its type, providing containers for electronic waste, paper waste, and clothing waste, all with the goal of preserving the environment.

Speaking to KUNA, the Center’s General Manager Msaed Al-Yaseen said that the recycling program at the center is a key initiative to address the problem of plastic pollution, aiming to educate the community, particularly highlighting the risks it poses to marine life.

The center collaborates with various entities in the country to preserve the environment and achieve sustainable development goals by promoting environmental awareness through recycling programs and utilizing waste to generate economic returns for the state, he underlined.

Al-Yaseen clarified that in 2020, the center created a sculpture titled “The Last Catch,” resembling the iconic Kuwaiti zubaidi fish, serving as a collection point for plastic bottles, promoting recycling to mitigate the environmental hazards of plastic pollution.

He mentioned that the sculpture was a collaboration with Kuwaiti artist Jassem Al-Nashmi under the center’s sustainability program, an initiative that aims to enhance environmental preservation and awareness of pollution effects.

Plastic bottles are collected inside the fish-shaped sculpture and are regularly removed through a partnership between The Scientific Center and a local recycling company, he stated.

After collecting the plastic bottles, the company sorts, cuts, and washes them, transforming them into plastic pellets ready for use in various industries then exporting some of the processed material to other countries.

He emphasized that environmental cleanliness, particularly the oceans being free from plastic materials, is a global goal, pointing out that waste recycling and pollution control have become international demands due to the significant threat these materials pose to the seas and oceans.

He underscored the need to spread environmental awareness and community consciousness to preserve the environment from pollution risks, achieving environmental sustainability aligned with sustainable development goals.

Ethra Invest

Best Private Equity & Investment CEO 2023: Saeed Al-Marri

Ethra Invest

Specialising in providing bespoke solutions and strategic investment services to a wide range of clients, Ethra Invest is a distinguished investment and private equity firm that has redefined excellence within the Middle East. At the heart of this immense success is its CEO, Saeed Al-Marri. With growth marked by a series of strategic roles and progressive responsibilities across the market, Saeed Al-Marri has established a well-deserved synonymity with industry fineness. Let us take you through his journey, and how his vision for the sector’s future has helped to elevate Ethra Invest to all new heights.

Designed to bring new solutions to the shipping, real estate, and structured funds sector, Ethra Invest is a firm that continuously leverages its in-depth market knowledge to capitalise on lucrative investment opportunities. Delivered by a team of seasoned professionals, these solutions reflect the firm’s overwhelming commitment to meticulous, research-driven investment approaches – ones that unite diligence and forward-thinking to pave the way for a far more versatile method of operation. As a result, Ethra Invest holds the ability to navigate an ever-changing landscape to great effect, earning quite the track record throughout the industry.

Whether it’s delivering consistent returns or mitigating risks, the firm has long since earned itself a reputation as one of the Middle East’s most trusted investment and private equity firms. Among its client base is a variety of entities – from high-net-worth individuals and family offices, to institutional investors and corporations. Regardless, Ethra Invest priorities tailored solutions, the likes of which only made possible due to the guidance of CEO Saeed Al-Marri. Leveraging his wealth of experience in a multitude of fields – such as fund management, financial analysis, portfolio management, and deal structuring – Saeed’s role is by far the most prominent when it comes to Ethra Invest’s promises to its clients.

This promise is, of course, that each client will receive incomparable levels of empowerment from Ethra Invest during their collaboration. Saeed has constructed the foundations of a brilliant firm, and oversees all of its pursuits in order to ensure each client achieves their financial goals. This is often time realised through a myriad of innovative and sustainable investment strategies that have been built to last – ones that stand as a testament to the hard work and experience that Saeed has put into Ethra Invest. Thanks to his unique industry insight, it’s effortlessly found itself a place at the forefront of industry advancements, which has ultimately led to its clients benefitting from cutting-edge opportunities.

Ethra Invest is a firm that embodies Saeed’s vision: “To be recognised as the premier investment and private equity firm in the Middle East, synonymous with integrity, excellence, and value creation.”. And yet, to truly understand how Saeed was able to even begin this journey in the first place, we must first look at the previous roles that have helped to characterize the type of CEO he is today. Initially commencing his career in banking and investment, Saeed actively went above and beyond to refine his skills in an array of fields. Over those years, his roles continued to advance until, eventually, he had his first experience with higher responsibilities.

This manifested through the launch of the first ever private equity managed fund in the Middle East’s shipping sector. As CEO of an investment company in the Middle East, Saeed pursued this very venture in the hopes of delivering unique opportunities to investors. These opportunities primarily consisted of direct exposure to bulk dry cargo vessels – a domain that, up until that point, had been predominantly reserved for ship owners and ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Having long since recognised the outcry for change within the shipping industry, Saeed quickly became the face of market evolution, with his initiative serving to bridge an age-old gap that had no longer had reason to exist.

Fundamentally, the concept focused on creating a private equity manage fund that allowed investors, regardless of investment amounts, to directly involve themselves in the inner workings of the shipping industry. Following its inception, this approach would come to embody the very definition of innovation, with its operations allowing investors to diversify their portfolios, whilst gaining access to areas in which they had never been permitted to have a part. As a culmination of the desire to inspire change, this venture bestowed an immense wealth of knowledge and industry capability upon Saeed, which he proceeded to take with him into his current role as CEO. With such a complex background in leadership and strategic planning, there truly is no man more equipped to navigate such a dynamic market.

Combining a deep understanding of the industry’s flow, risk management, and the nuances that partner cultivating success-driven investment strategies, Saeed has fashioned a leadership style that reflects each of his strengths in abundance. Ethra Invest is in the business of tailoring its solutions to meet even the most unique needs of its clients, but it must first gather plenty of information about just what a project requires in order to thrive. Saeed spearheads this process, guiding his team of exceptional professionals towards being able to offer a heightened level of service. Through analysing the proposed objectives, whilst taking into consideration both requirements and challenges, Ethra Invest demonstrates a prowess for understanding its clients inside out.

Ultimately, this involves engaging in in-depth consultations, all so Saeed’s team of specialists can identify the exact outline of a client’s vision, as well as their financial goals and unique circumstances. Once this thorough analysis has been completed, the team progresses to the solutions structuring stage. During this part of the process, Ethra Invest aligns its strategies with a client’s overarching goals, while maintaining an approach that’s specifically designed to achieve their desired outcome. Only possible through the confidence that Saeed has instilled into his team, in tandem with its exclusive talent, Ethra Invest promises a fully customised result via finely tuned strategies.

Acting as the cornerstone of the firm’s success, placing emphasis on achieving long-lasting, mutually respectful client relationships is essential. It’s what has granted both Saeed and his team the opportunity to continuously grow to further expand their reach. Tailored solutions are Ethra Invest’s priority, and yet there’s an unapologetic dedication to fostering timeless bonds that brightly shines throughout the company’s practises. Partnered with an immense drive to consistently exceed expectations, Saeed has elevated Ethra Invest to the point where it has come to represent the new standards of the industry.

However, in order for a collective to continuously thrive, it must frequently recognise every individual who has helped to uplift it. Saeed is a firm believer in this notion, and expresses how, despite his own expertise playing an integral role in Ethra Invest’s success, it wouldn’t have gained even half of the acclaim that it faces today if not for its team. We believe Saeed puts it best – “The success of Ethra Invest is a collective effort. I would like to highlight the exceptional contributions of our dedicated team. Their commitment, expertise, and collaborative spirit are instrumental in realizing our strategic vision and achieving the milestones that have led to the Middle East CEO of the Year Awards.”

Saeed isn’t only devoted to his team and clients, however. Quite the opposite – with enough room in his heart to consider the impact that his company has on surrounding communities, Saeed goes above and beyond to commit himself to corporate social responsibility. By ensuring that Ethra Invest actively engages in initiatives that are designed to uplift the wellbeing of the communities within which the company operates, Saeed displays an immense amount of empathy. Regardless of whether this manifests through the company’s environmental awareness, or through its dedication to social welfare and ethical business practises, keeping Ethra Invest aligned with the best interests of the local community is vital to Saeed.

Values are exceedingly important to Saeed, and it’s clear that he’s fully focused on ensuring that these values are reflected throughout every aspect of Ethra Invest. Not only has he frequently defied the expectations of a typical CEO through the perfectly tailored services that his collective offers; by remaining mindful of the world around him, Saeed has painted a comprehensive picture of exactly what the company stands for. Ethra Invest is a manifestation of Saeed’s passion for providing constant forward momentum for his clients, but his attitude truly shines through his steadfast principles. The result is a company that actively seeks out innovation and adaptation, all to be the best version of itself for the world surrounding it.

Having spent many years investing in his own personal growth, Saeed has placed himself in the ideal position to pursue endless innovation. In doing so, he has secured a wealth of benefits for Ethra Invest – ones that directly derive from having a leader who is thoroughly equipped with all of the necessary tools to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities within the industry. Upholding continuous development is key to this process; it’s what has assisted Saeed in renewing the excellence that Ethra Invest captures, assuring clients that they’re in the best possible hands when working alongside the firm’s team. In essence, Saeed’s commitment to career development, aligned with his love for learning, has helped to forge a timeless collective whose invaluable nature will never dwindle.

Nobody ever stops learning, and Saeed is the model example of this notion. He holds a brilliant passion for lifelong learning that translates through both Ethra Invest’s services and solutions, as well as though the team he surrounds himself with. Be it educating himself on the newest emerging technologies, or updating his industry insight to devise new strategies for clients, there isn’t anything that Saeed isn’t willing to do in order to invite success into both his and his customers’ collectives. In short, Saeed demonstrates an unparalleled love for his field, and he’s certain that it’s this very passion that has played a large part in Ethra Invest’s growth throughout the years. Partnered with the brilliance of his team, Saeed is constantly raising the bar in one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

In this vein, it’s important to mention Ethra Invest’s unshakable determination to set its sights on the future. Saeed has always been an expert of seeing the bigger picture, and places focus on, not only working on present successes, but also proactively leveraging his long-term vision for what Ethra Invest could become. Committed to building a legacy of excellence, integrity, and sustainable growth, Saeed is constantly moving Ethra Invest towards a future that’s simply filled with evolution, while delivering meaningful contributions towards the investment and private equity sector. After all, with the accomplishments that the company has seen over the years, it’s only natural to expect that the blueprint Saeed has created will continue to be followed for years to come.

It isn’t often that you come across a man who has the ability to reshape an entire industry’s idea of what excellence should be. However, Saeed Al-Marri, with Ethra Invest as a catalyst, has completely redefined what clients should expect from an investment and private equity company. Saeed has successfully created a new face for the market, and it’s this very achievement that has continuously justified his position as an award-winning CEO. Ethra Invest is such an ambitious collective, and we simply can’t wait to see where its eye for innovation and longevity takes it as CEO Saeed Al-Marri guides it into 2024.

For further information, please visit

Trading Global Oil Volatility: Top 5 Effective Strategies for Success

Whether you’re just getting into trading or you’re a seasoned professional, knowing how to diversify and manage your portfolio is something you must be doing well. It’s estimated that roughly 18% of British adults trade stocks in the UK, proving just how popular it can be.

However, putting all your money into stocks doesn’t always guarantee a big return on investment. One asset you could trade instead is the global oil market and while profits aren’t guaranteed in this market either, there are several strategies you can incorporate into your trading to give your chances of success a boost.

So, if you want to add a new asset to your portfolio, our guide below is filled with top tips for you to try when trading the global oil market

Why should I trade oil?

Oil is great to trade because of its high liquidity and volatility, which gives traders an opportunity to trade any fluctuations to return a potentially huge profit. Some of the best oil instruments that you can trade include Brent and WTI, which we’ll cover later on.

How can I successfully trade the global oil market?

So, if oil seems like a commodity you’d like to add to your trading portfolio, make sure you take the right steps to give yourself the best chance of being successful. Some of the ways you can do this include:

  1. Learn what moves crude oil – Understanding what impacts the supply and demand of the oil industry can help to make more informed decisions.
  2. Understand the people that invest in it – The oil market is heavily invested by retail traders who tend to put money into assets when they make front-page headlines. This can subsequently lead to high climaxes and collapses, which can put your money at risk or lead to huge profits.
  3. Inspect the long-term chart – Take a look at the long-term chart of the oil market to see when it tends to rise and fall, and what may have caused this. This can help you make more informed investments should something happen in the world.
  4. Use a funded trading platform to develop your knowledge and skills – This can help you understand when to trade oil and when to avoid buying, making your investments safer.
  5. Choose between Brent and WTI Crude Oil – Pick the one you’d prefer to trade and become an expert in that particular asset. Brent is typically used as the benchmark of two-thirds of all oil pricing and WTI is the preferred pricing model in the U.S.

Ready to start trading oil? Get started today and begin reaping the reward of your well-informed trades!

Happy caucasian female job seeker shake hand of smiling male hr manager being accepted on vacant place.

New Trailblazing Recruitment Agency to Transform the Way Businesses Recruit in the UAE with a Unique Cultural Approach

Happy caucasian female job seeker shake hand of smiling male hr manager being accepted on vacant place.

Serial entrepreneur, Ryan Jackson, has today launched the revolutionary recruitment consultancy, Culture First Recruitment, in Dubai, promising to redefine the rules of recruitment by placing ‘culture’ at the forefront of talent acquisition.

Unlike traditional approaches, Culture First Recruitment believes that cultural fit is the driving force behind an organisation’s success rather than purely focusing on a candidate’s academic or experience credentials. In a world where ‘culture’ often remains a buzzword, Culture First Recruitment is rewriting the narrative and positioning culture at its heart to build high-performing teams – propelling businesses to new heights.

Culture First is already working in the education sector in the UAE to deliver exceptional talent to meet the needs of education providers. The business also works to find culturally aligned Emirati citizens to meet inclusion figures.

Ryan Jackson, CEO and Founder of Culture First Recruitment and internationally recognised serial entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, said on the launch of Culture First Recruitment:

“We are delighted to see Culture First Recruitment already thriving in Dubai. As a business, we are committed to creating a future where cultural alignment becomes the cornerstone of recruitment.

“Culture First Recruitment is driven by the belief that a workforce united by shared values and a common cultural vision, becomes a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and overall excellence.”

Jackson, who relocated from the UK to Dubai in 2022 after spending two years in Bali, has two children currently experiencing the UAE education system with outstanding results. Jackson commented “At Culture First, we recognise just how important finding the right fit, is. And this is none more prevalent than in the education sector. With a mixture of cultures, faiths, languages, and backgrounds, finding the right talent to work with such a varied room of students is imperative. I’ve seen first-hand the amazing education system on offer in Dubai and I’m excited to be able to work within such a growing sector to bring even more talented individuals to the forefront.”

The mission of Culture First Recruitment is clear—to elevate the recruitment game and embrace a future where cultural alignment reigns supreme, revolutionising the hiring landscape in the UAE.

As part of Culture First Recruitment’s launch in the UAE, the founder, Ryan Jackson is offering businesses the opportunity to join a FREE webinar every Wednesday on how to master talent acquisition. To sign up for the free webinar, please visit here.

Culture First Recruitment invites businesses in Dubai to experience a recruitment journey like never before. For organisations looking to build teams that not only excel individually but also seamlessly collaborate as a cohesive unit, Culture First Recruitment is the partner of choice. Please visit for more information.

For those looking to find a new career with a business that values culture, please visit:

Empowering Construction Projects: Konnect&Co, A Women-Led Supply Chain Management and Procurement Company

In the dynamic landscape of construction, efficient supply chain management and procurement play a pivotal role in ensuring project success. Meet our women-led company based in the GCC region, Konnect&Co specializing in connecting clients in the construction field with international factories to source ready-made and bespoke fit-out products. Through collaborative partnerships, we have established a strong network of reliable manufacturing partners. Our strategic management skills and extensive organizational ecosystem allow us to cater to diverse fit-out packages across multiple projects simultaneously.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional results, our company stands out from competitors in the industry. We not only focus on connecting clients with international factories but also prioritize collaboration, innovation, and client satisfaction. By integrating design works services into our company, we have further enhancedour capabilities and improved the overall client experience.

“Our unique and detail-oriented approach has proven to be a success in all our delivered projects,” says Aline Daoud, Managing Director of Konnect&Co. “Our commitment to timely deliveries has fortified our relationships with our recurrent clients whose satisfaction has always been our top priority. We are proud that our reputation is only spreading better in the region thanks to our clients’ word of mouth.”

According to the Senior Procurement Engineer at Konnect&Co, “Konnect&co’s distinctive additions to the procurement process have proven to simplify the follow-up process on our clients. A bi-weekly progress report showcasing real progress pictures, thorough videos, and ideally, factory visits with our clients have been at the forefront of Konnect&co’s success and distinction from competitors.

In the busy day-to-day construction world, our clients confirmed how Konnect&co’s exhaustive reporting has been instrumental in assisting the fast advancement of site works.”

Furthermore, our constant pursuit of innovation drives us to explore new technologies and strategies, streamlining the supply chain and reducing costs. This not only helps us stay ahead of the curve but also fosters long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and suppliers. In fact, the trust we have gained from both of them since our inauguration is the loudest reward of Konnect&co’s success track record.

With a commitment to continuous improvement and a keen focus on meeting client needs, we are well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of supply chain management and procurement, delivering outstanding results to our valued clients.

At Konnect&co, we believe that our only competition is our own past success and thrive to continuously do better than our last performance!