UAE Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 17 remain with guests for years afterwards. Therefore, the outbreak made a significant impact on the industry and the companies that make their living within it, with almost all events being either postponed until further notice or cancelled completely. Thanks to the quick actions of the Government and the seriousness with which the industry as a whole has handled the crisis, however, things are slowly beginning to recover. Even2 is seeing the eventing sector begin to get back on its feet bit by bit as restrictions lift, and the company is responding by ensuring it has better safety standards than ever in place for the future, taking every precaution to ensure that the current trajectory towards the world economy healing continues along a positive path. The Even2 team have all undergone rigorous training, and René and his team are keeping their finger on the pulse of recent developments to ensure that the company’s own roadmap back to normality aligns with the rules and regulations set forth by the government. Consequentially, Even2 currently foresees a bright future ahead for events development in the UAE region, and is confident that recovery will continue to let normal businesses resume sooner rather than later. The next big project the firm will take on is the Dubai EXPO which starts in October, an event that will carry on until the end of March 2022. Even2 is eager to work on the projects they have in the pipeline for the EXPO, looking forward to many more events that will come up during this time and preparing for a flood of events as those that were previously cancelled or postponed get the green light to go ahead once again. Even2 is sure that the UAE will be amongst the first regions to fully recover from the impacts of Coronavirus, due to exemplary work from sectors across the country prioritizing health and safety. The company has seen the proof that it needed that it is in the right place and the right industry. Even2 is therefore keen to prove how they and their industry are coming back bigger and better than ever, and are excited to see what the future of events engineering will hold for the world as a whole. Company: EVEN2 – The Rigging Specialists Contact: Natalie Gerber Website: