UAE Business Awards 2021

16 MEA MARKETS / UAE Business Awards 2021 , Best Events Equipment Installation Specialist - Dubai Even2 is an events engineering specialist that has been developed globally and is renowned for being dependable, technologically top-class, and absolutely safety conscious. At the heart of their operations, Even2 prioritises their people – from their staff to their clients and their end users – in amodel that is not only a pioneer of the events industry of the UAE but that has established the firmat its best, internationally. Specialists when it comes to the rigging, staging, and engineering of temporary structures, Even2 has been operating at the top of the Middle Eastern events market since their inception in 2007. Even2, which was founded by seasoned expert of the global events industry, René Karnahl, today predominantly serves a client base made up of companies in event services and event organisers. Many of these clients have been with the firm for over a decade and have consequently developed a trusting relationship that can be relied upon time and time again for exceptional rigging installation and maintenance services. Even2 supports their clients from their initial thought of an event to the realization, often as a subcontractor that is trusted to put together the event effectively and efficiently. Their dedicated engineering office starts by calculating the statics and designing the temporary structure or stage in close coordination with the client – making sure, that everything is up to their expectations. Once the engineering sketches are approved, the equipment will be organised, and a schedule will be set for the installation and dismantling of the structures. As the first dedicated rigging company of their kind in the region, Even2 knows the market well, having filled a significant gap in the market for clients looking for a company that they could rely on to support the delivery of bespoke events. Even2 knows that no two events are the same, and as such, no event management programmes should ever be the same either – every element requires its own unique tailoring to be fit for purpose. From honest consultations to hard work and dedication, as well as a steadfast commitment to each project as though it were their own, Even2 funnels significant effort into ensuring that the goals of their clients are catered to. Even the strictest expectations are met and far exceeded, thanks to a process that takes a client seamlessly from the initial consultation right through to the implementation of their vision. Indeed, the German heritage of Even2 that makes the firm so unique is also instrumental in maintaining the high standards of service that they have become globally synonymous with. Both the team and their clients can be confident that all installations are up to the highest safety standards and technological qualities, thereby aligning with Even2’s strict safety standards that always takes precedent above the bottom line. In tandem with this, the company takes the maintenance of its reputation very seriously – Even2 is known for their dedication, great performance, punctuality, and reliability, and is committed to ensuring that every client experiences these exceptional attributes at each step of the Even2 process. This is also reflected internally. Even2 has developed communication methods between staff and between departments that ensure everyone is on the same page, working to the same specifications and standards and with the same amount of vigour and enthusiasm. This keeps interaction concise and encouraging, cultivating a productive yet relaxed working atmosphere for the Even2 team. Moreover, René, with his management team, proactively encourages and supports the Apr21048 unit to participate in regular training to upskill the team. This has resulted in recurring growth. Even2 continues to prioritise the care and wellbeing of their staff as they make plans for the future, beginning with the firm’s move to a much bigger office, with a larger and better equipped recreation area for staff enrichment. Despite the onset of Covid-19 and its disruption to the global hospitality and events industry, Even2 has been fortunate to take on several major projects over the last year, including the production of the New Years’ Eve KISS Concert at Atlantis The Palm Hotel earlier this year. The team has also installed several events setups elsewhere, such as the Noor Riyadh Festival in Saudi Arabia, and has already started the ball rolling with its EXPO projects. However, for the most part, Even2 has seen a great deal of disruption to the events sector of the UAE and the rest of the world. Before Covid-19’s impact was felt in the industry, the events sector was booming in the UAE. Especially in Dubai, the region is known for staging spectacular, memorable, stunning events that