MEA Q4 2021

14 MEA MARKETS / Q4 2021 , Jul21399 Connecting manufacturers to small retailers, BetaStore is an AI-powered B2B last-mile retail platform that helps small retailers source inventory and simplifies route-to-market for manufacturers. BetaStore’s mission is to improve the livelihoods and financial resilience of small retailers by leveraging technology and data to simplify access to goods and essential services. Focusing on quality and great customer experience, BetaStore prides itself on its transparent supply chain, ensuring that it provides a service that its customers can trust. Best AI-Powered B2B Marketplace (West Africa): BetaStore BetaStore is an AIpowered B2B lastmile retail platform that leverages technology and data to connect small retailers directly with manufacturers and financial providers. Providing three key services, BetaStore remains retail-centric, keeping its customers firmly at the center of operations. It offers a demand-driven supply, meaning retailers can order products at any time via AI-powered channels and promptly receive delivery to their stores. Manufacturers are able to leverage much needed granular market insights to make data-driven decisions to scale up their business. In addition, BetaStore supplies smart financing for business growth, which relies on fact-based data to grow small retail businesses. Each sector of the business runs based on BetaStore’s core values, from remaining frugal to being value-oriented, with the overarching aim to remain focused on small retailers. Studies have shown that in Africa approximately 90% of Retail has remained offline, and that the top-10 brands are unavailable at many outlets. Inspired by a lack of access to essential products, BetaStore connects retailers to manufacturers, which in turn reduces the cost of sourcing for retailers, and reduces high cost-to-serve for manufacturers. Furthermore, it provides efficient delivery and ensures products are available on demand, increasing small retailers’ business sales, customer acquisition, and profit margin. Providing such a service supports retailer’s sustainability, boosting their business activity, and accelerating economic growth among small communities. As a start-up, BetaStore has faced numerous challenges since it began operating, however, it has adopted a fastpaced, problem-solving culture. Perhaps the most recurring challenge is seen within logistics and fulfillment. Due to the rapid growth of the company, it has had to create innovative solutions in order to meet the high demand. About 76% of our retailers are women-led businesses and they order almost five times a month on BetaStore platform. For the last 12 months, BetaStore grew over 10x and for the next 12 months, BetaStore aims to grow exponentially, covering five countries in West Africa, and create more sustainable social and economic impacts. BetaStore is a trademark of SimpleMarket Inc., based in California, USA. Company: BetaStore by SimpleMarket Inc. Web Address: Contact Email: Leo Armel Tchoudjang [email protected] Steve Dakayi-Kamga [email protected]