MEA Q4 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q4 2021 15 , Jul21845 Founded in 1997, Wetpaint is nowmore than 22 years old and consists of a tight knit, multiskilled teamof creative strategists who value quality over quantity by generating groundbreaking ideas that provide smart and flexible advertising solutions to clients. We find out more fromPetraMcCardle in the wake of the firmbeing awarded an African Excellence Award 2021. Most Innovative Integrated Marketing Agency – Greater Johannesburg Wetpaint is a needs analysis and performance-based agency, having had 24 years’ experience within the industry. It currently has an African footprint of 14 countries, as well as an international footprint across Europe and the United Arab Emirates. “We are a new breed of agency in the age of the connected consumer,” explains Petra McCardle, the firm’s Managing Director. “With the blurring of channels and devices, the old, siloed days have gone. Wetpaint works across all mediums without preference or prejudice, delivering strategy and execution via all channels that brings you closer to your target market than ever before. Our core values have not changed since inception, and we believe this is what has allowed us to have such a staying power in a fickle industry.” The agency’s services are plentiful, and it offers its clients all manner of marketing tools to enable them to succeed, including digital technology, strategic planning, integrated marketing, animation, lead generation, and video and sound generation, and more. Wetpaint serves any business looking to grow its brand awareness and performance goals, and its approach is based on strong deliverables of KPIs and return on investment. This is something which Petra believes differentiates the firm’s offer as it focuses on deliverables first and works backwards to what it needs to do and create in order to achieve these. “Our industry is currently pushed for higher performance and return on investment,” says Petra, speaking of the current post-Covid environment. “Campaigns are focused on deliverables and not so focused on brand awareness. Generating leads and gaining clients new business is a higher priority due to the pandemic and how its devastated business.” Consisting of a core team of 20 employees, with extended members working on a project basis, the staff at Wetpaint are integral in the company’s success and culture. “We breed a culture of proactive and outspoken action at Wetpaint,” elaborates Petra. “This leads to constant ideas and innovation, as ideas are generated at all levels and are not just pushed down from the top. This breeds passion for what you do, as your opinion always counts.” Recently, the firm was rewarded for its hard work with the prestigious title of Most Innovative Integrated Marketing Agency – Greater Johannesburg, and Petra tells us a little more about the company’s plans for the future. “Wetpaint has a strong strategic plan for 2022, that will assist international businesses gain a footprint into the African Continent. We act as the stepping stone for brands needing to get to the African consumer.” Contact: Petra McCardle Company: Wetpaint Web Address: