MEA Q4 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q4 2021 13 , Jun21211 Launched in 2013, McD Squared is amarketing, communications and digital agency specialising in IT and telecommunications. It provides strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations, marketing advice, and social media communications services to local and multinational organisations that want to position themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields in the South African, broader African andMiddle East markets. Best Social Media and PR Communications Agency 2021 – MEA Owned and managed by Lizelle McDermott, the agency has provided communications services to a variety of local and multinational clients. Its strategic partnerships with other small specialist agencies, locally and in the Middle East enable it to provide different strategic, creative, and innovative communications across traditional, digital and social media platforms that are beyond the scope of traditional communications. McD Squared stands out from the rest in that it is small and agile, and works as an extension of its clients rather than an external agency. The company’s full-time headcount comprises of Lizelle and her partner in crime, Irene von Buddenbrock. They are very flexible and work with various other small agencies and specialists when extra manpower or more specialist skills are required for a specific project. Right from the outset, McD Squared has chosen to specialise in specific industries to allow it to build in-depth knowledge and as a result provide valuable communications services to its clients. Speaking about her team, Lizelle said, “People are often surprised when they hear we are such a small team. For us, it is all about teamwork and working closely with clients to drive success. As we celebrate turning eight as an agency this year, I have to say that Irene is an amazing partner in crime and without her as my rock and sounding board, we would not have come this far.” We asked Lizelle if her company has faced any specific industryrelated challenges recently. She said, “The industry is constantly evolving and so should agencies. We believe in ongoing learning and staying abreast of industry developments so that we can change with the times. Many agencies were hit hard by COVID-19 – We were blessed in that we managed to grow during that time. McD Squared has always operated as a virtual agency, which means we have always worked remotely, therefore local lockdowns had no impact on us and we could continue working as usual.” Lizelle and Irene are now looking towards big plans for the rest of 2021 and beyond. As with all businesses, they would like to continue their growth trajectory, while maintaining top service for clients as they always have. They will also continue to learn and adapt as the industry evolves – both their own industry as well as those that their clients operate in. Company: McD Squared Contact: Lizelle McDermott Email: [email protected] Website: