MEA Q2 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2021 7 Best EMS Gym2021 implemented when it came time to reopen once more. Although its previous safety measures and hygiene procedures were already top of the class, it ensured that these had been reworked to suit the current paradigm, with antiviral disinfectant processes in place and social distancing rules observed in its establishments. It also took its time in making sure everyone felt safe. When welcoming customers and staff back into the exercise space, it ensured to listen to the comments and concerns of both in order to ensure that everyone’s comfort levels were being met. This has allowed My30 to pull through the trials of the pandemic and continue to offer its exemplary services to its clientele. Additionally, this clientele is a truly diverse audience. This is something that My30 is incredibly thankful for, and mainly accredits to their base in Dubai – and the Emirates in the wider sense. With the region being such a hub for international activity and a melting pot for cultures and perspectives from all over the world, it comes in contact with all types of people both in the business world and in its clientele; this is something it considers an indispensable feature of what has allowed it such success. My30’s staff is also just as diverse, and the people who take the brand name on through opening more franchised establishments mirror this, allowing My30 to accumulate a vast range of perspectives and exercise techniques that is shared within the wider company. This has meant international growth and exposure, as well as learning from the exercise techniques and technologies of other countries and cultures, incorporating them appropriately. My30 has since become known as the most premium EMS fitness brand in the world. With the best service and trainers available, recruiting a great collection of talent who each handle client interactions with charisma and professionalism, it has established a reputation amongst its industry for both incredible customer service and effective fitness solutions – a combination resulting in a trajectory that is not slowing down anytime soon. Furthermore, its training of its staff is something that it takes great pride in. Being the most premium EMS fitness brand has meant keeping a finger on the pulse of wider industry and ensuring that its work can remain competitive. One of these methods is through education and upskilling; its staff benefit from being sent on copious courses and shown myriad new ways to help clients achieve their fitness goals, being taught the proper form across a variety of exercise types. Its team therefore go on multiple courses, including an intensive certification that awards My30 an edge over the competition in its rigour. Its facilities are also 5-star in nature across every single establishment, and it aims to keep client satisfaction at the core of its business in another way with its accessibility. Fundamentally, My30 staunchly maintains that everyone should be able to access fitness and reach their goals, and so its establishments are always in prime locations that are easily accessed for its clientele. The My30 family takes the atmosphere cultivated within as a point of personal pride – it is one of mutual support, encouragement, dedication, and trust, with every new employee being introduced into a culture where a good work ethic and attitude is key. The onboarding for new hires is one that allows them to demonstrate they will fit in with this kind of atmosphere. Implementing the training and education of its people is something that My30 will always pride itself on being able to do, as it is far harder to train the correct attitude, and so during the hiring process it finds it more important that a potential new team member gels well with the rest of the team. In this way, My30 has developed a network of individuals that are welcoming to new clients, excellent at encouraging them towards their goals, and selfmotivated when it comes to tackling their work for the day. It also looks for people who have a desire to grow and reach the next stage of their career in the fitness industry as precedent, seeking personnel who will get the most out of the training that it offers. At present, My30 has 9 branches that span the regions of the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Germany, and the USA; a list that is soon to be growing and expanding even further. It is planning to open 5 new studios in the next coming few months of 2021 alone that will further contribute to the expansion of the company. Clients can look forward to these popping up in Egypt and Turkey, as well as a few other choice locations across the UAE region. The overall goal of My30 is to branch out into every Major City in the world, and to empower more people through fitness, mirroring how the founder of My30 was inspired. In the year of 2011, the CEO and founder, Mehdi Ayari, weighed in at 157 KG. After searching and shopping around to find a way to lose weight and increase his overall health and wellbeing, he was finding it difficult to locate one that truly meshed with him and fit around his busy lifestyle. He came across the concept of using EMS training in fitness when he was in Germany, and it gave him the idea he needed to begin the ideation process for My30; despite initial exposure to the technology leaving him thinking it had to be too good to be true, he soon experienced the results himself. Across the course of the first month had lost 12 KG – and after a further 10 months had passed, he had lost 60 KG in total. Thus, he resolved to bring this to yet more people worldwide. Upon Mehdi Ayari’s move to the UAE region, he brought the principles of EMS with him, and began to refine it into the recognizable business model that My30 uses today. Since then, there have been many more success stories than just that of the founder himself that have come out of EMS training, and My30 has been the fitness company behind many of these. From the toning of muscles to the retraining of muscle strength, the loss of weight, and the rehabilitation of old injuries, EMS has changed the lives of many since My30’s inception – and it is excited to continue to do so long into the future. Company: My 30 Minutes Personal Fitness Training Contact: Mehdi Ayari Website: