MEA Q1 2023

MEA / Q1 2023 14 Jan23615 Best Boutique Events Agency - Dubai Brand promotion is often the backbone of any business’s success. However, how better to get word of your brand out there than doing so through the most creative means possible? If you think that may be a tricky task to take on, then Team71 is the best business to turn to. With a passion for telling the stories behind its clients’ brands, Team71 will be sure to bring your business to life in a unique way. As experts with a passion for events, entertainment and film, the wonderful individuals at Team71 have created possibly the most creative way to promote the story behind your business. With a team filled with dedicated people, each as invested in the world of entertainment as each other, rest assured you’ll be working alongside a team beyond capable of representing you and your business. Additionally, the team at Team71 will ensure that you feel as involved in the process as you’d like to be. Team71 strives to enter into a partnership with its clients, and sees them as an extension of its own team. It recognises the importance of sharing a strong bond with its clients in order to truly understand what it is that it’s representing, and how best to portray your business through the medium of entertainment. At the core of Team71, there is an undying fascination with any brands that it works alongside, and it makes it its sole goal to uncover the brilliant stories waiting to be told behind every brand. In order for clients to connect with businesses, they must first understand how that business came to be. Team71 believes that these stories should be brought to light and work tirelessly to do so to a quality that is simply spectacular. With such an extensive array of experience, it’s little wonder that Team71 has been awarded the title of Best Boutique Events Agency – Dubai. Every event that it creates is a passion project, with the connection between the team and the client at the core of the experience’s inception. And with such a focus on presentation and innovation, Team71 is able to conduct some of the best pieces of entertainment for any client. As the award’s title suggests, Team71 follows a boutique mindset. Anything it produces is catered specifically to the client, so you can be sure that, if you have a story to tell about your business, Team71 will have all of the correct tools to do so. Since the team have worked with a myriad of clients, from government and private organisations, to celebrities, you know that you’re going to receive the best possible service available to you. Collaboration and quality are definitely what drives Team71 to continue adding to its stellar repertoire of films and events. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, it didn’t let its passion and adoration for the field dwindle, regardless of how difficult times got. And, as a company, it emerged with an unparalleled strength, and a heightened resolve to get back to doing what it enjoyed. After all, as long as there are clients looking to have their narratives encapsulated in beautifully crafted ways, Team71 will be always there to lend its services to them. So if you’re looking for a business who can propel your story to your audience, Team71 are undoubtedly the best for the task. With an immensely talented team, and an aspiration to keep creating entertainment, you’d be hard-pressed to find another business quite like it. Take your business to the next level with Team71, and let them entertain you. Contact: Bushra Ezzeddine Company: Team71 Web Address: