MEA Q1 2023

MEA / Q1 2023 13 Jan23623 Best Lab Management Software Solutions Developer – MEA Finding the support we need for laboratory operations can appear shrouded by an influx of confusing information and unclear outcomes. However, Labmin provides its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions to fit all possible needs. Its vast array of clients all benefit from its years of experience and fool proof plan to action. We talk to its Founder and CEO, Vernon Brown, as it wins this prestigious title from MEA Markets. Labmin LIMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that always approaches its clients with their best interests at heart. Its LIMS software solution was designed and constructed to manage and support modern laboratories as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution – to elevate software and alleviate any pain points that the client may be experiencing. Founder and CEO, Vernon Brown, tells us, “In 2010 I stumbled across a software solution that was very frustrating for me. It was then that I consulted Brendan Stroebel to assist me in building my own laboratory information software solution. We, now have several software solutions that we offer to clients related to the laboratory industry.” Specialising in microbiology, pathology, serology, geology, haematology, virology, molecular biology, immunology, chemistry, cell culture, research laboratories, and more, Labmin has swiftly become an unstoppable force as well as a supplier of the perfect solution – every time. Helping laboratories to go paperless, Labmin guarantees solutions that are digitally advanced, efficient, sustainable, and, ultimately, irreplaceable. It helps to streamline batching and grouping, electronic signatures, certificate and report generation, method SOP process management, and so much more, so that laboratories can be more organised, competent, and digitally sophisticated. Labmin’s team is the driving force of the business, ensuring each client receives exactly what they need to be able to flourish. The team balances their family, work, and social lives in order to stay focused, relaxed, and happy. This is deeply encouraged by Vernon as he believes that people work better with balance and support from where they work. Always working together as a team, they lead the way for other businesses to come and, leaving no stone unturned, their example sets the standard for SaaS solutions everywhere. The future promises an exciting growthspurt for Labmin as it expands into the US and Europe. Vernon shares, “The market is very ready for a solution like Labmin, as it is uniquely different and very extensive in its ability to enhance the service that you provide for clients. We have a Super LIMS in Labmin that makes clients very happy.” Its work to increase accuracy in data and the timely operation of each business has won it Best Lab Management Software Solutions Developer – MEA. We are sure to see Labmin expand at an exponential rate as it generates bespoke solutions for even more new clients – whilst still collaborating with its existing partnerships. Continuously cutting out its clients’ worries, issues, and delays, Labmin’s solutions are a matter of the future, today. Contact: Vernon Brown Company: Labmin Web Address: “Software Driven by Passion.” “We are super proud to be the first Laboratory Information Management Software solution with a full ISO 17025 Quality Assurance solution available.”